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And those Obama Admin hits just keep coming

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Reporting: And those Obama Admin hits just keep coming
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RE:collusion/conspiracy' ties
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Boy, have you guys got a liberal spin

on that statement.

Watch the actual video and you will see that he said he would LISTEN to what a 'foreign' informer (his example was NORWAY) and if he thought it 'wasn't right, he would call the FBI'. He factually replied to George that he would "DO BOTH"....take the call AND call the FBI.

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RE:and if he thought it 'wasn't right,

HE has to "think about it"?


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At least he didn't say he

would PAY for that info and then USE it covertly to eliminate his competition. SHE didn't even THINK about it.

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RE:At least he didn't say he would pay

Tell everyone HOW you know that. Given that you only know what DJT tells you. Do you know what HE tells HIS sources?

When you make a deal with the devil you don't have to say you'll's understood.

DJT would be "be holdin"

DJT be cavorting with the enemy?

Russian warships harassing US warships?

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RE:(his example was NORWAY)

And that makes a difference?

Certain countries CAN interfere in US Elections?

Judicial Watch? I see their motto is "No one is above the law"...Do you think this also applies to DJT?

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"Certain countries CAN interfere in US Elections?"

Did you say the same thing when BO took US taxpayer money AND sent members of HIS administration over to ISRAEL to affect THAT election outcome because HE didn't like Bibi? Of course not....

And if you think that other countries haven't tried to influence our elections for DECADES, you're dreaming. In FACT, BO was warned in 2013 by Nunes that Russia was an active player and warned again in 2015, and did NOTHING because he was so convinced that HILL would win that it wouldn't matter.

That motto ALSO applies to BO, HILL, et al. Or don't you think so? Do you know that BO can be IMPEACHED even after he's left office AND can be PROSECUTED if Barr's investigation points in his direction since he and Biden were BRIEFED about the dossier early on along with a number of his 'close' administration members like Jarrett....BY BRENNAN.

Also, did you know that although Kamala publicly has stated that SHE would indict Trump after he leaves office if she wins the Oval, she should KNOW as a prosecutor herself, that that won't be possible BY LAW because he's already been declared to NOT have committed any prosecutorial crimes by Mueller, Rosenfield, and Barr? That's not the case with BO et al. Even HILL CAN be prosecuted because an actual prosecutor never let her off the hook....COMEY ISN'T authorized as a lowly INVESTIGATOR to make that declaration. LYNCH never let her off the hook.

You can try to deflect all you's not working anymore.

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RE:deflect all you want

Deflect ALL I want?

DJT brought NORWAY into the discussion...and YOU want to talk about Hillary, Lynch and Comey....everybody but the POTUS.

Neither NORWAY OR Hillary are players.......except in YOUR mind.

RE:BO can be IMPEACHED even after he's left office

Plant THAT bug in TheRUMPs ear....TELL him to run with it....

For what purpose?

IMPEACH him so he is no longer POTUS? He's already gone.

HE already IS NO LONGER IN OFFICE>>>>Seems kinda' pointless, trying to impeach someone that is no longer in office....I guess if you have nothing else to's a great time-waster.

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government .... In case of a successful impeachment motion a president's constitutional term of five years would be terminated and an election called within 60 .

RE:COMEY ISN'T authorized as a lowly INVESTIGATOR to make that declaration.

FINALLY!.....Thank you very much. That's what I told you weeks ago....Charging POTUS was above Comeys pay grade....

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YOur last sentence

makes NO sense at all....COMEY has nothing to do with charging POTUS. HE wasn't authorized to make a decision to charge or not charge HILL. And I was the one who told YOU that over two YEARS ago.

And Trump CAN'T be charged after he leaves office because he's already been CLEARED of the bogus crap Mueller and the Dems are attempting to now make a case for. The ONLY option they have IS impeachment, which will NEVER happen.

And you absolutely go ballistic when I point out all the actual CRIMES that have been PROVEN against HILL, Brenner, Comey, et all and perhaps even to Biden and BO (ALL of whom CAN BE prosecuted).

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RE:And Trump CAN'T be charged after he leaves office

AND Obama CAN be impeached AFTER HE has left office.

the universe according to Toni H

RE:And Trump CAN'T be charged after he leaves office because he's already been CLEARED.

He hasn't been CLEARED.

And there is nothing to say that "new evidence" won't be discovered....HE just hasn't been "cleared".

RE: And I was the one who told YOU that over two YEARS ago.

You told me that DJT was CLEARED two YEARS ago AND the inquiry was over 3 months ago? You made a prediction?

It dominated headlines for two years, but in March 2019, special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election came to an end.

Someone put the cart before the horse.....

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not the facts!

As I understand it, the "bogus crap" Mueller found was neither - not bogus because Trump admitted, on camera, of a "deal" with Russian operatives and claimed that was "OK" because nothing was ever 'finalized' or no documents were signed. Not crap, because 10 instances of obstruction of justice were noted, crimes that if committed by _anyone_ other than a President would have resulted in prosecution and with testimony extant would have virtually guaranteed imprisonment! Manafort, Cohen, et al can attest to how well lying to the FBI works out for *most* people.

Do you refute that? Or do you believe the rules are different for a President when he is 'viciously' attacked or whatever other superlative you've used here before - there's been so many I admit I can't recall your favourite. And also, if a President can be charged with impeachment after leaving office, what's to prevent that from happening to Trump? His squeaky clean record? Ha! I'd imagine you are correct though - but for another reason, that being voiced by Pelosi recently - he should be in jail, not "fired" [which is sort of ironic, given that's part of his trademark phrase from his "reality" show.]

Jeeze Louise, Toni, can the man do no wrong in your eyes? To me, I really don't care if he gets away with his crimes - but they should be acknowledged so that possible future abuses of power do not occur. It sets a very bad precedent for future leaders - here and around the world - if such manipulation of the rule of law is allowed. Surely you can see that?


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Aww, you broke up the Toni and Bill show.

So I guess I can jump in, too.
How's this?
"And those Obama Admin hits just keep coming" ... two years too late.

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(NT) It's never too late to get REAL justice.
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To most people- 'the man in the street'-

"REAL justice" involves reparations, sincere apology, repentance (lit., 're-thinking'). Hey! That's also the Bible's take!
Do you see that happening, with Bush's Guantanamo and Obama's, and with Trump's welcome mat?
Has that happened with the two year old collateral damage in Chicago? (The teenager was aiming at her 15 year old brother.)

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For what and to whom?

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The comment s/w used by many sites gives me snapshots of many topics I wouldn't usually see. I've noticed something about the comment counts.
The "ordinary" topics might gather 5 or 50, or maybe 200. The Breitbart-hosted topics and on similar venues often show over 1000. Routinely.

So, are there more loonies than sanies? Or are the same five alt-brainers writing all of them?
Or are the Russians ... No, don't go there.

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Of course, he can do 'wrong'

but only so far in the eyes of the liberals because he does things DIFFERENTLY than has been done in the past....and the 'past' ways of doing things haven't WORKED. They've just been ACCEPTED for so long that people have become blind to most of it and when done by DEMS, they've become the 'norm' until THEY decide to go a lot further.

You can't possibly be happy with how far left the Dems have gone....even to the point that they are no longer happy with moving that needle a little at a time and instead are leaping into areas that are completely unacceptable to a rational society. Trump, in many ways, has tried to rein that in. Crudely at times, admittedly, but in terms people can actually understand and agree with, which is why he's actually got so many supporters....perhaps even more than he had before.

You've called him a racist, along with a ton of liberal media commentators, but there is NO actual proof of fact, the opposite is true if you look at his history and his accomplishments as President. Bits and pieces of comments he's made have removed parts of his entire speeches or even sentences in order to make their points, or a slant/spin has been put on his words to put assumptions of what he 'meant' into play, but you never give that same 'editing' of liberals and Dems to show how racist THEY truly are.

There are many instances of total fabrication on the part of the media and Dems that I can state, including the Charlottesville comment. There were actually THREE groups of people at that crap show....Trump's words were and still are being bandied about to show his 'love' for 'white supremacists' when in fact, he was referring to the SCHOLARS who were there trying to preserve our history. Because two other groups made the decision to turn it into another riot, was not his fault, but the media et al refuse to give him any leeway.

I can give you plenty of instances, however, where BO deliberately set groups of people against each other and I don't recall you criticizing any of them as racist or biased or anything else that would hint that he was a piece of crap as a leader of this free country.

Nearly FIVE years ago, at a Trump rally, he stupidly made the comment that he would pay for the attorney fees for his supporters if they were arrested for beating up a rioter......and it's STILL being touted by the media as intentionally being inciteful. How many times did BO ENCOURAGE the riots, including destroying public and private property....and do it publicly....without a single critical word said by the media or talk show hosts? How many cops were killed or maimed in those 8 years in record numbers because of HIS open hostility against law enforcement...and continue to this day without criticism from the liberal media or Dems who are actually encouraging refusal to comply with our laws that THEY passed?

To quote you, "Jeeze Louise, Rick, can the man do no wrong in your eyes?" Can the man do no RIGHT in your eyes? Can the DEMS do no wrong in your eyes? You say HE sets a bad precedent for FUTURE leaders.....can't you see that BO's administration was an administration that ENCOURAGED bad behavior just to further their agenda and destroy an opponent who was legally ELECTED to replace him and continued it well into that president's time in office? It didn't just STOP at the inauguration, Rick.

Even Muller's report, contrary to what you say, could find NO conspiracy with Russia.....and as far as his BELIEF that Trump possibly has 'obstruction' actions borne out of frustration at being accused of crimes he DIDN'T commit, according to Mueller, there is NOTHING that even comes CLOSE to the crimes HILL et al committed (deliberately destroying SUBPOENED evidence). He could have fired Mueller any time he wanted to (and that wouldn't have stopped the investigation anyhow because just like with Nixon Mueller would have been replaced with another counsel) but he didn't, and he gave Mueller every single thing he asked for except a personal appearance and Mueller was OK with that. He never invoked Executive Privilege during that investigation even ONCE compared to BILL C, GWB, and even BO who all invoked it repeatedly.

You don't have to LIKE just have to acknowledge that he's NOTHING like what he's described as. Even when you bring up the "Russia deal" that never went through....It was a BUILDING for God's sake. It wasn't a takeover of the USA like it's being made out to be. He walked away from that deal LONG before ANY accusations were ever made against him 'colluding' with Russia.

And now, JP can come in and cherry pick a word or two from this entire post to try to 'dispute' because he's real good at attempting divert and deflect when he has no real argument to make.

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RE: There were actually THREE groups of people

There were actually THREE groups of people at that crap show.

There were fine people on BOTH SIDES......

THREE groups have TWO SIDES?

English Second Language?

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Did you know that Lee had to take

a second job to buy more server space for you?

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(NT) and I just ensured that possibilty! :^)
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Did you know that you

need to rethink that comment? Go back a minimum of 30 days and see how often I've posted compared to you, with your constant replies to YOURSELF because you can't seem to have the ability to put your thoughts in order and have to keep posting as you think of new stuff a few minutes apart.

I think his money would be better served to fix the new software format where posts don't let you know who or what post you are actually replying to anymore. Arrows don't cut it, Lee.

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Already asked Lee

To put back the line so you could see what post you are replying to.

The response was to use the arrows.

I don't think the folks that write this software use the forums much.

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The best software

change they made was at least 15 or more years ago.....but the mods weren't actually listened to and it was changed again about a year later. Going downhill ever since.

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CBS could rewrite. It has $120 million

it didn't have to pay Moonves.

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First, I often self-reply because I can't edit SE

on my smartphone. No one here knew that until just now, right?
Second, you once said you don't originate many threads. True. You originate few if any that don't involve BO or CWO. You're entitled to both, but mine cover many more topics. Read Lee's invitation to SE.
Third, mine usually involve present and future events, by definition involving "this just in" replies.

I fact checked this post before submitting: Obama is still out of office.

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Oops. forgot this.

Chill, baby.
Grinnie etc.

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As usual

when you have nothing to contribute, you babble then you realize you have more nonsense to add so have to reply to your reply numerous times. Get a laptop or tablet....'smart phone'? I don't think you're getting your money's worth.

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Phone, desktop, internet, no wifi cost.

I have everything I need. Cheap.

While I'm here, I can share some information. My wife has some kind of Obama care, well within our old folks budget. Good local doctors; even pays for part of her acupuncture. I get VA*. So he's OK with us.
Trump son-in-law bought most of our Brooklyn property at good prices, so he's OK too.
We're easy to please.

* You may not know that some Witnesses object to those of us who get VA benefits, as getting in bed with Caesar. That's a conscience matter, as we call it; I'm fine with it. Earned it before I was a Christian.

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so, you have a

selective conscience and jw obedience.....interesting

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Response (Long, grab a coffee maybe!)

Hi Toni,

Trump does things differently, all right! He does things other Presidents have rarely ventured: ill-considered, off-the-cuff comments that show his vitriol and hatred nakedly. His fondness for tweeting attacks on the press, opponents and anyone he considers a threat to his self-styled autonomy have been regarded by many as his way of circumventing formal procedures such as press conferences and such that previous Presidents of America routinely used to convey matters of policy and subjects of interest to their populace. To me, it is alike to children in class passing coded messages to each other on slips of paper so as to avoid censure by a teacher. With the difference that his messages are unencrypted, and the teacher(s) are his staff - sometimes expressing frustration at his bypassing chain-of-command protocols: witness the leaders of the military branches shock when he issues statements without their prior knowledge concerning troop movements/deployments. Also witness a gaffe revealing elite Seal team members' identities > .

I'd opine the past ways _have_ worked - just not in the direction you yourself desire, maybe? As for the Dems going too far left, some have, as I noted in another thread - the "We'll see" one, I think. A "rational society" is of course a very subjective term - The Greek and Roman societies are regarded by historians as quite rational yet they both deemed slavery an acceptable practice. The British Empire can likewise be considered a rational and 'modern' society and had/has many laws we now incorporate into our American system of adjudication including large tracts of common law, etc. Yet they subjugated entire races, permitted crimes against humanity that nowadays are rightly considered heinous and horrific, and even set aside an entire continent (Australia) as a holding tank for prisoners and other "undesirables". So one persons 'definition' of a rational society can and will change according to time and circumstance, and may clash with another person's definition at even the same time and place.

There's no proof I'm not racist either - I think everyone has some remnants of aversion to "the other" - such being "hard-wired" into the species as a defense against warring tribes - but I think as we educate and familiarize ourselves with those different from ourselves either in appearance or
custom or mores we recognize the vast amount of things we all hold in common. This to me is the crux of the best features of us as **** Sapiens - we learn, we get new data from science that shows our innate leanings and "gut level" instincts are not always correct or even "rational" - some are strictly "reptile brain" functions that work most of the time to ensure our survival, but don't apply so much or even at all in our modern, densely filled society.

As for me criticizing President Obama - if I recall correctly, during the time he was Pres. I mostly was not here on S.E. - I 'd 'dropped off the radar' here for various reasons, one being the constant political "flaming" going on. I can't recall exactly when - I think it was shortly after 2002 though too many moons have gone by for me to be sure. Anyway, though I might not have expressed dislike/contempt for some of Obama's deeds and maneuverings, I was not always in support of him. I was not aware of his "hostility" towards law enforcement, just that he wanted some changes made in police matters concerning racial issues predominately > . This covers the subject evenly, I think.

No conspiracy ? Maybe so, technically, but does it not strike you as "fishy" that so many of his operatives such as Kushner (who is also "receptive" to foreign info, many say such being illegal) and Manafort, Cohen, and others involved in the scandal have been sentenced to prison for dissembling and outright lies? To the frickin' FBI?

You are correct I don't like Trump. I don't hate him though, I think he's the product of a tyrannical father and upbringing that encouraged his bullying, "take no prisoners" worldview and behaviour. Particularly his notion of "winners" and "losers" - you're either one or the other in his mind, no gradations at all. Fits in perfectly with his "zero-sum game" policies also - the idea that _someone_ has to lose in a deal so someone else - preferably him, can "win". This may apply in business deals, or not - many "deals" are satisfactory to both parties, such being the norm in "modern society". I think he truly enjoys "screwing" the other party in his business deals - witness his many non-payments to contractors in his buildings and properties. Such being technically legal, mostly, but also mostly immoral. He got a reputation in the real estate biz as a "welch" at worst and a "slippery guy" at best, which is telling of his moral code or lack thereof. Witness also his joy at not paying taxes - he crowed he was "smart" for doing so and getting away with it, which is similar to such that happened with GE and other corporations who were deemed too important for the economy to be allowed to fail naturally in a rough time for the businesses - the auto manufacturers here in the U.S. have been given "passes" on their taxes for that reason in the past. Does this make him a smart cookie or a charlatan? I'd say the latter. His bankrupt casinos and "brands" such as Trump University were bailed out, almost gratis to him, for the sake of perhaps getting more money out of a solvent business in the future rather than a broken "empire" which in my opinion should have been allowed to collapse. Maybe then his charade of being a successful businessman would be apparent to all and we would not now be enduring his tenure as the Buffoon-In-Chief he has become...

Rick "Maybe a record for post length, for me!" Jones

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