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And they call this guy a sculptor?

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Poor man's Stonehenge?

We build 'em better here, AND drag the stones from Wales to England.

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And the stones turn blue in the cold?
I was amazed that
1. It stayed together for years in Canada without glue or fastenings of any kind.
2. The broken arm stayed put for a while after being replaced- the wrong way!
3. After an idiot tourist (probably a Yank) broke it, the heavy duty brain types "fixed" it so it was wrong and potbellied, as we say.
4. The originals stay together for generations, marking trails for their people in the Arctic storms.

BTW the stone and wood henges are interesting, but only in the sense of curiosities or artifacts, no matter how difficult to build. They represent worship of gods who aren't around any more.

OTOH the inukshuks still serve a useful purpose, the same as a mundane roadmap.

Speaking of which, don't get me started on the Antikythera device!
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The Druids will "get you" for that, Mr. P !

Seriously, "curiosities" ? Sure they were meeting places for ancient "priests" of a religion you appear to have contempt for, but they are often
found to have profound significance as astronomical aides.

Plus, they are awe-inspiring. I consider myself honored to have seen them " in the flesh " when I was a young boy. Truly magnificent. And quite ancient examples of man's ingenuity.


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It's Jehovah who has the contempt.

As with the Babylonians, the aid was astrological rather than astronomical. Their only interest in the stars was as objects of worship and as givers of omens. There's as much that we don't know about the Druidic culture as what we do know, but all sources are agreed that Druid meant a pre-Christian priest of Gaul and Britain.
The stones were no fort, not with those gaps, but they did locate the major points of the Sun's journey. Not needed for navigation nor for agriculture. Religion, and defunct at that.

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Lintel stones
"The stones were no fort, not with those gaps"

Those gaps probably had other stones between them, but easy enough for others later to carry them off to build with elsewhere. For example the say was done for the facing stones on the pyramids near cairo. The spaniard did in south america with the smaller stones, leaving only the megalithic ones alone. What is seen at StoneHenge today is only what's left after 3-4,000 years later. It probably had a wooden roof over it at one time with all those lintel stones, and yet most of those are no longer on top either.

If you want to understand how it probably appeared before, read the story of Samson in bible and how he brought the building down with the two main center pillars, just like the center main taller pillars one can see at StoneHenge.
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Nobody knows for sure what

they were used for. I tend to believe they were defensive structures like forts, which makes more sense to me. I get tired of archaeologist always claiming something was a center of worship when they have no clue it was such at all.

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Not just worship, but false worship.

Not much of a fort, either.
Archaeologists investigate more thoroughly than you do. That's why I look to them for information.

I'm as interested in the henges as anyone, but I don't get wrapped up in them.

As a religious person yourself, you no doubt know about the Magi of Matthew. That's a Persian loanword that gives us our "magician". They got to Jerusalem, you'll recall, by 'following a star'- which they thought would lead them to the prophesied Jewish king. Instead it led him to Herod, the insanely jealous false king. That in turn required intervention from Jehovah. To "undo the works of the devil".
But you knew that.

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Wow, what a twist of Scripture!

That wasn't a "star" in the sense of a sun out in the cosmos. It was an angel of light in the sky. It moved, It could turn off it's light, it could come to a stop over the manger area, it visited shepherds in the field, it spoke, etc. Anything that was a light in the sky was referred to as a "star". I never thought you'd fall for all that mythical distant star Christ birth in December sort of stuff.

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From my Interlinear.

"Where is the one born King of the Jews? We saw for_of_him the star [his star] in the east." Star for astera, the common Greek word. Mt 2:2.
V. 9 is your 'wanderer'. Good catch; right there in scripture. We're so proud of you.

Let's see what we have.
The Bible would have directed any interested parties to Bethlehem. Micah 5:2. Even to the correct Bethlehem. There was another in Micah's day, in the territory of Zebulun. His prophecy specified the southern one, "of Ephrathah". Neither the "kings" of pagan lands nor the nominal "King of the Jews" knew of it. V.4.

Indeed, stars follow a predictable course in the heavens, rising east and setting west. The astrologers knew that. They called the wanderering ones planets. They knew of the existence of planetary conjunctions. They knew of comets. They would not have been fooled by any of these, as conjectured by modern speculators.

They followed a star- a point source of light. Once in Palestine it began to move oddly. They didn't care because they were following the instructions of their religion, a religion that was the motive for their science. This led to the kind of collateral damage Satan revels in. V. 16.

Paul knew of an angel of light. 2Cor 11:14.

"mythical distant star Christ birth in December sort of stuff."
That's weird phrasing even for you. Paul says you should supply a translator when you talk like that. 1Cor 16:27,28.

You're welcome.

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"false worship"

Sez you! I know what you mean - false gods and all that. Though to me, whatever gives one guidance and perhaps solace in life is ok - I don't care what other people believe in.


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Do you understand that different gods

give different guidances?
We've gone all in on the Bible only, to our great benefit, we feel.

An example, of many.
HIV came into the world ca. 1978. (Just when man had eradicated smallpox, a great victory for him.) It was limited to a couple of subcultures of society. Now it's so common in our collective bloodstream that innocent family members and first responders can get it from a needle stick. Sad.
BUT, before that it wasn't possible to get it from those who followed a few simple commands in the Bible, a very old book.

When bad guidance comes with religion, we call it false religion. Does that seem reasonable?

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your example shows

a very narrow view. STDs don't discriminate. So, not having sex at all, ever, no blood transfusions, ever, no contact with bodily fluids, ever - doing all that would (probably) ensure protection from HIV.

So it is not a "lifestyle disease" even if you like to think it is. Saying you can only get herpes from prostitutes would make as much sense...


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Here in New Mexico we have the remains

of the Chaco Canyon culture. They made virtually an entire town of solar markers. At the equinoxes and such all kinds of things happen with shafts of light. Quite impressive. It's amazing what folks can do when they put their minds to it.
All before the Spaniards came, all gone now except the structures. They packed up and left; no one knows why.

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