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Analog 5.1 hook up

I have an older receiver(Denon AVR 589) with pass through HDMI
I am looking to optimize sound, by using the analog 5.1 cluster for lossless audio. I will likely be hooking a Blu-Ray Panny DMP BD85 analog the Denon analog in. I am having trouble finding anyone who definitively knows about this connection, or cables. Has anyone hooked up this connection; who knows anything about the RCA cables? Is there anything special about the RCA cables? Will any decent shielded RCA cable work? Is there a bundle cable, for this analog 5.1 hook up? I can't find anyone who has hooked it up this way; and have not come across any bundles yet. Any help thanks.

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Reporting: Analog 5.1 hook up
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Regular shielded RCA work fine

I probably wouldn't use the oldest RCA cables laying around the house Wink, but most of them should suffice for short runs. You could probably find a bundle in the neighborhood of $30-50 online give or take for basic multi-channel analog cables. More info-

The less expensive cable bundles are getting a little bit harder to find of late with HDMI being so much more common in the marketplace, but you should be able to find at least one set under $50. Most seem to hover around $100, which is way overpriced for shorter runs IMHO.

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What is wrong with

5-RCA component cables? Sure, they are color coded for AV but they have the bandwidth and shielding for any audio work. Find those for a dime-a-dozen, almost, now that HDMI is the rage.

To the OP, google 5-RCA cable and if you pay more than $10, you've been had!

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Correct, those would work too. cheers (n/t)


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I am guessing,

no one know for sure is because the AVR589 seems to have some strange connection (looking at the spec). Maybe not strange but different. What does the manual tell you? RCA cable are fairly inexpensive. Buy some and give it a try.

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strange specs?
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This is what I was referring to;
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I thought about component cables

If I understand correct, your talking, the standard five cable RCA component bundle (RGB video and 2-YELLOW FOR STEREO)will be fine for my five channels of analog HD sound? The RGB video cables have an even higher band-with, and compare better than the composite stereo cables? So it should make no difference, that I am using the video cables for the audio channels. If anything the signal would be better? That makes sense. I don't trust my eyes and ears, from day to day. I like to go specs first, then confirm later. I screw around behind the cabinet for hours without sleep, with the squid and octopus back there; hearing and vision can change.....especially if I am cursing a lot Happy I will use the RGB for center and front sides, and surround on the yellows. Just ran down one of the last Sony 46" LED sets at Sams; and can't wait to get my new Panny Blu-Ray hooked to it. Thanks for the help; I just wanted some confirmation from someone who has done it. Cheap and easy, can't beat that.

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There's nothing wrong with the Denon specs

It's more of an issue w/ how CNET displays them all IMO. 'RCA phono' is just a standard (old school) way to describe that particular connector type. Look at the PDF online and you'll see it's pretty run of the mill stuff with no surprises.

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It helps if the post gets the standard colors right
Sad For some reason I thought I was looking in the store, at composite(RGB) with two yellow. Of course yellow is composite video, not audio; and the red/white would apply here.I am going blind, and looking at the wrong cable packs. I am going to need the sixth cable anyway for the base; so I think I have got 3 good pair of RCA stereo cables in the mail. This answered my questions, and I learned something about cable compatibility and band-with....which is a whole new topic of interest to pursue later. The backwards compatibility of cables. I imagine a digital audio coax cable(RCA orange) could handle about anything? Six of those would really get the job done. RCA connectors are the only place where this is much use; because most everything else is prioritized. I assume you can plug a digital video coax cable, into a standard RCA jack. Yeah I have done that before, using coax digital audio cable, for composite video; and now use the same coax cable for digital audio. I wonder if they make a good crimp tool, for RCA connectors? I could turn every RCA connected cable, into coax. If they did; I could crimp my own custom cables to exact length. ya got me thinking. Then again, all that RCA stuff, is going obsolete; so I guess it does not matter too much in the future. Interesting thought though. Sure seems like I have seen RCA connectors similar to an F connector; that will crimp on to a RG-6 coax, with a good crimp tool. There are also some turn around connectors, from coax to RCA.
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Why bother?

If inexpensive cables work fine why go to the trouble of rolling your own(?)

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