Me again,

Sorry to reply to myself but I thought I would add a little more info. First, the image quality could be improved by me adding more light to the room but I always prefer to practice in a semi-dark atmosphere, as you can see, I also have lights flashing on and off as well. On Youtube, the image quality seems to default to 360p but if viewed on full screen, it should automatically adjust up to 720HD.
I guess the main reason for posting is to demonstrate the very reasonable sound handling from those tiny on-board mics. It certainly makes producing these musical 'sketches' very simple indeed, even for me who can't spare the time to be messing around with all kinds of technical stuff for hours, ha,ha.

I also tried ones in black and white and also in the sepia effect which both came out pretty good. I sometimes use a looper to give myself a backing track to play to. I mention this because this then includes a simple drum beat and also bass which the Lumix seems to cope pretty well with also.

Ok,enough said for now.

I'll let you be the judge.