Del what you uncovered is pure cyber gold.

Pat Brady is an example of a true hero. Kerry isn?t. The General?s selfless actions as a young man were truly ?in the highest tradition of the military service?. Kerry?s actions as a young man, under oath and in front of Congress, were not. Gen Brady sees, as many of us do, that Kerry clearly gamed the system to leave Vietnam eight months early, leaving his Band of Brothers behind for a cushy Admiral?s Aide ?featherbed? job.

A true hero like Pat Brady, brought ?51 seriously wounded? of his Band of Brothers back to safety in just one day, and stayed there for ?364 days and a wake up.?

Kerry has no shame, and has demonstrated he?ll ?do what it takes? to win the Presidency. His use of ex-POW McCain is another example. Kerry?s use of the Bush - McCain Election 2000 Primary in-house Republican ?family mud fight? to say that it follows that Kerry?s war story doesn?t smell, just won?t hold Mekong River water.

John McCain, who while afflicted with numerous broken, improperly set bones and enduring regular torturous beatings, when offered a chance to go home by his North Vietnamese captors turned them down out of true loyalty to his POW ?Band of Brothers.? McCain would take no offer to go home early, that all in his Band of ?Hanoi Hilton? Brothers weren?t offered as well.

Navy ?Newbie? Lieutenant (Junior Grade) John Forbes Kerry?s loyalty to his Band of Brothers faded fast. He bailed out on his Swiftee brethren, as swiftly as he could run the transfer request paper work through. Any one familiar with the Navy in Vietnam knows Kerry clearly ?Boston lawyer?ed? his way out of combat duty eight months early using an obscure, little known and little used Military Regulation.

Pat Brady?s, ?Kerry may be the only person in history who took advantage of a Navy regulation that allowed him to leave his command after 4 months for 3 purple hearts, none of which ever caused him to miss a day of duty? statement also shouts this out loud and clear.

Deciding to vote for Kerry vs. Bush is one thing, but doing so because one believes that some how Kerry and McCain are Vietnam ?hootch mates? is fallacious.

Vietnam Vets everywhere shout out a Band of Brothers ?OO-RAH? to Gen Brady for taking the time to share his assessment of John Forbes Kerry?s fitness for commanding the Band of Brothers and Sisters who live ?across the fruited plain? and ?from sea to shining sea.?