AMD A8 to AMD 10 upgrade help.

My son has this motherboard: GA-F2A55M-HD2

With a AMD APU A8 6600K Quad Core Processor

He wants to upgrade it to a: AMD A10-6790K Quad Core

He's got a EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 Graphics Card with a 850w power supply. So apart from the CPU he's happy with his PC. So my questions is:

Do you reckon his choice of CPU upgrade will make much difference (ideally, I think he wants Arma3 to work better) or would you recommend something different, or general advice would be good all the same Happy

His budget is £150

I hope this post has all the information you need to help. I'll gladly answer further questions if I've missed anything or you're unsure of something..


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Reporting: AMD A8 to AMD 10 upgrade help.
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Don't do that

The cpu's are so close together it will be a wash.
No bang for the buck.

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WOW, the A8 won this round!!! Check it out.
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What would you suggest then?

Considering his motherboard and current graphics card. What CPU would you guys suggest in order to improve on his current A8. The board can only take AMD btw Sad

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Even if I move to a newer A10
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Yeah , but.

The 980 was slightly out of my price range when I got him the 970. It took weeks to research and get a decent card for my pound. The 970 can be overclocked though, do you reckon that's worth trying? Happy

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That's what games lean on (the GPU)

Given the 100+ bucks you are willing to put into the CPU, that should have gone into the GPU. I can look at benchmarks on the 970 and it seems pretty nice but one may have to pull back on effects and settings.

There's also the fact that the A8 is pretty much up to the task of driving the GPU. Here's a quote about the CPU and GPU interplay.
"Our tests demonstrate fairly little difference between a $225 LGA 1155 Core i5-2500K and a $1000 LGA 2011 Core i7-3960X, even when three-way graphics card configurations are involved. It turns out that memory bandwidth and PCIe throughput don't hold back the performance of existing Sandy Bridge-based machines. ",3106-4.html

OK, so here we are with the A8 driving a single card. My bet is the settings of the game graphics need to be pulled back.

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That was then, this is his money.

I bought the card for him last year with my own money, all I had to spare back then. It's now a year later and he's got his own money that he wants to spend on an upgrade. So I totally agree with you, GPU is key in gaming, the bigger the faster the more expensive models give better performance overall. So we're back to the drawing board Happy

He's got 8gig RAM . Do you reckon doubling that will improve performance? I'm assuming it will , but thought I'd throw that in for your opinion too.

Every other game he plays is flawless, even on maximum settings. It's just Arma that gives him issues. He's pretty smart with computers these days, he's done his homework and gone through the tweaks etc, but he's found that the higher graphics settings in Arma give him the best performance (I've seen it with own eyes and he's right) . Arma is a bag of lag!

Thanks for your advice and feedback. Appreciate it Happy

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Based on the cpu support list for that mobo.

Cpu....your a8 is about as fast as it gets leave it alone.

Gpu.....your 970 is a nice card leave it alone it's an expensive upgrade.

Ram....if it was me I'd fit the machine with a 2x4GB@1866 kit.
It's the fastest ram the cpu will support in native mode.
At least feed the thing at it's maximum speed.

From what I'm reading arma3 can be cpu intense.
If that's true your kind of stuck since you can't upgrade the cpu.

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What would you recommend from this list?

Hi Bob. My son insists on going for a 16gig RAM upgrade. We ran the Crucial scanner on his pc and got this list of recommendations:

He's thinking of getting the CT4205371 option.

What do you think, if this was your call and you only had £90 , what would you go for? Thanks for your help and advice Happy


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Looks nice

That should get you dual channel and the maximum ram speed.
Do you need 16GB? me but won't hurt.
I'll assume you have a 64 bit OS.

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Yeah, he has 64bit Windows 7.
Thanks for your help Bob, much appreciated Happy

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Let's hear what FPS you are getting in ARMA 3
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My son has an AMD A8 powered laptop. Was 8GB now 16GB

Why? Because we could and I didn't want to talk about it at any length.

Gain? Maybe a percent point faster. If you install a SSD, it's a good move. Why?

To really get a speedup overall we popped in a 500GB SSD as no path for other speedups were going to pay off.

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Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help R.Proffitt. My son has gone for a 16gig upgrade in the end.


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