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"Always look on the bright side of life .... etc."

Look at it this way:

Whilst nearly everyone in the "West" no longer has a clue about obtaining food, water, shelter, clothing and other fundamental needs at first hand, i.e. we all rely on someone else to do all that, a whole new "information economy" has grown, with more than sufficient problems to keep people busy and pre-occupied, e.g. not bored, and it revolves aroung computers and the internet.

For example: if this hadn't all arisen, then those of a devious mind-set would not have invented Trojans, Malware, diallers, tracking cookies, virusses and so on .... in which case there would not be industries dedicated to combatting such renegades (even criminals).

In short: wrong-doers are VERY necessary to generating cash-flow and employment ... even if none of it produces the the very essentials of life.

"Isn't it ironic, don't you think?"

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Re: "Always look on the bright side of life .... etc."

You may have a point.

It's a bit like policing isn't it.

Us "honest" citizens like to see the Police around our neighborhoods, it gives us a good safe feeling. And when something nasty happens, we call on the Police to help us. There are hundreds of thousands of Police officers around the world who make a living carrying out their duties..

But still, wouldn't it be nice if there was no need for Police?


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Re: "Always look on the bright side of life .... etc."

Or maybe life would be boring ... imagine no cop shows on TV and no latest "shock horror" to read about.

And what about unemployment rates and the impact on the economy of not having police, prison officers, courts, lawyers, insurance companies and so on.

By a similar token it might be nice if there was no illness, but then what would doctors, nurses, researchers and countless others do.

On a more deeply philosophical note: if there were no events in life which we legitimately see as "bad" - or even "evil" - then we could not know "good" by contrast and we could not have the pleasure of trying to make things better ... this forum is a case in point.

Ironic, aint it!!

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On the other hand, you also have to wonder what humans as a species would be able to accomplish if it weren't for all those things.
Maybe the brilliant guy that became a doctor because his mother died of an illness when he was young would've become a nuclear physicist and invented a new propulsion technology that'd allow space travel. Maybe the guy that writes your antivirus or anti spam software would've been the one that lead the project to create the first artificial AI.

It's arguable whether good can exist without bad.
If a someone devotes their life to helping the needy, it makes them 'good', right? Does that automatically make everyone that doesn't 'bad'? People that would rob the needy or somesuch would definitely qualify as 'bad', and would therefore be the antithesis of the 'good' guy....but they're not strictly necessary to recognize the inherent good in what he/she does.

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To be strictly accurate, Paedil, I don't place much store by what is called "good", "bad", etc., because most, if not all things one can think of turn out to be a bit fuzzy on closer examination.

For instance: would it necessarily be "good" if a doctor had taken up nuclear physics instead?

One sure point is that it is precisely problems which get us thinking and becoming more aware - which seems to be one of the few distinguishing features from other animals.

So whether or not it is actually good that we seek knowledge on account of problems/things going wrong, it don't seem that we have much choice in the matter.

And, looked at a certain way, this is a bright spot in life.

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Keyhoti, This Isn't Really Appropriate For This Forum

Although there's nothing wrong with this discussion, the "Computer Newbies" forum is a "General Help" forum for computer problems. There is a CNET forum specifically designed for these types of posts. Check the link below:

CNET's Speakeasy Forum



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Re: Keyhoti, This Isn't Really Appropriate For This Forum

Sorry Grif,

As I made my last post I thought, "Maybe this has gone far enough."

It started just as a throw-away and jokey thing, but sorta took off, so delete if you like.

Sorry again.

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