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Alltel Customer service (beyond bad)

by bjwhaw / February 2, 2006 10:18 AM PST

I have had Alltel for less than a week. The phones we got did not work in area (rural northern louisiana). We called customer service, and were told to bring our phones to an Alltel store (not a both in Wal-Mart or an authorized dealer). We did, and after were refused any service because we bought the phones and service from We told them to cancel our service because we were dissatisfied with the customer service already. Again they refused to do so. We called customer service again, and were told again to bring the phones to an Alltel store. After explaining what had happened, they asked if we wanted to file a complaint about the store we dealt with (in Natchitoches, La), and they said that if we called the corporate office and filed our complaint, that the store would be dealt with more harshley then just with customer service. So we called the corporate offices and filed a complaint. The Supervisor we talked to said if you have any problems then to call her and she would deal with them. We also called the customer support for the website ( and said that we were well within our rights to take our phones to an Alltel store and get btter phones. So we did (minden, la) and again were refused any service to replaced the phones with ones that work (we were trying to by phones that cost $100 more a peice), and again I told them to cancel the service, and again they refused to do so. Telephone customer support is A+, but the personal service is beyond bad, and actually Illeagel (beyond any breach of contract). I am filing a breach of contract lawsuit against Alltel, along with a criminal lawsuit, filed with the DA's office.

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I'm SUING Alltel (under precedent) & would like2make C/A!
by snoopysdad / February 12, 2006 3:16 AM PST

I'm hoping You will email me as You case concerns mine greatly (& visa versa), & it's a shame You aren't in MS. instead of LA., as the AG's office is on a 1st name basis w/the dirtbags at Alltel for similar reasons to Yours...

My story...
In 3/01 wife & I signed up for 3 lines thru alltel cellular, they were the ONLY ones providing reliable coverage at our home, and most of the places both of us traveled. WE DID NOT agree to a "contract" & were on a month to month plan (per Clark Howard suggestions) & all was good until 09/04. My wife red'd a phone from work (also Alltel), & we'd previously dropped our 3rd line. We disco'ed her line, & then comes the october bill.
I owed a mere $1186.65(!), up from $235. a month(welcome to FLORIDA Rates).
After 3 hours on the phone w/customer service, the entire former bill was "wiped out", as per C/S, once we'd dropped 2nd line we didn't qualify for our former month to month "family plan" & I'd been billed @ Roaming rates for ALL minutes(nights, weekends, momible to mobile, etc.), HOWEVER, the "catch" was that we HAD to enter into a yearly contract.
(ALL on the phone mind You, nothing MENTIONED about an early cancellation penalty, NOTHING Signed, or rec'd to sign, etc.).
Bill was supposed to drop to $149. a month; What fool would say no to that?
Costs keep increasing & finally "stabilize" @$239. a month.
Then comes the infamous 04/05.
Due to "Z1/1Z?" technology, Alltel can't get it in a pile with 5 backhoes with headlights. Service(Coverage/signal, whatever You care to call it is non-existent!) I literally have 50 DROPPED Calls a DAY, sometimes that many in an HOUR!. I go to the retail store in Gainesville, FL. & am told they are experiencing technical difficulty's while they reconfigure towers...should be done & fixed by May. My (& WIFE'S) minute usage PLUMMETS from 3200 a month to < 1k(& that's a GOOD Month)thru SEPTEMBER...Promises made & not kept by the retail store MANAGERS in: Gainesville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lake City.
About 20 times I'm told, "just hang in there, it WILL get better again". July, August & September come & go, & Finally I call 1 last time in desperation..."sorry, It'll be the end of October before we have all of the tower issues resolved". Meanwhile my home phone service (ALSO Alltel..imagine that 1) has risen over $100. a month because of ALL of the long distance I can no longer make on my/our paperweights, aka alltel cell phones. On the 27th I Finally say heck with this, cancel service & Migrate (port) numbers (Mine & mother in laws) to SPRINT, even though alltel advises that I will have an early disconnect fee for 2 contracts(?) that we never signed nor were advised of at time of inception, for 2 phones that we OWNED (NOT Purchased thru alltel), AND here's the best part, we would also owe for October Service (they always bill 1 month ahead, not arrears), as well as September.
All the screaming, ranting and raving in the world won't change their postion.
A literal multitude of phone calls AFTER we leave, everybody is "gulp, You never SIGNED contracts?"; "nope" all on the phone. wasn't advised that there was a charge for ending early until AS we were ending early, not to mention...lets see, 6 months PAID on NOTHING in return....don't contracts work BOTH WAYS? Where would be my compensation for 6 months of thrown away money? What about $600.+ in additional home phone bill costs? October goes with lots of promises for returned calls from "higher levels" within the customer resolutions departments...NOT 1 returned call, EVER. Just more flunkies going...."You gonna pay up or what"; each time they get an hour long earful with dates, names, times, & places. Each time more promises for a call back & "resolution". Nada.
November, same same.
December...we get a call from Nationwide collections, our account has been assigned to them. I tell the story again, 4.5 years, same company, 6 months of uselessness, & all of the whole story. They mail a copy of the collection, I file a small claims action against alltel & find out while doing research that my situation is anything but unusual! Alltel has LOST a class action in Florida for FAILING to provie copies of contracts, FAILING to adhere to the terms OF THEIR OWN Contracts, FAILING to provide Service, Prematurely turning accounts over to collection agencies, and attempting to collect "early disconnect fees" from folks that never SIGNED those contracts... They also LOST on appeal! Seems my little $2k lawsuit is being now handled by big guns brought in from outside to make an example of me...I'm citing state precedent, supported by the 1st circuit court of appeals, and let them go deal with that. Contracts work both ways. You fail to provide (ANY) service or feature that I CONTRACT with You to BUY, YOU are in BREACH. It's that simple.
No rocket science required.
I doubt very much that with precedent already set and them already EMBARASSED in Tallahassee that they'll appeal a judges decision in our favor. Not only am I NOT GETTING Screwed ever again, I WANT MY MONEY BACK for failure to deliver goods & SERVICES as promised! Customer loyalty can be counted on when Customer SERVICE returns (and service/signal of any kind along with it).
We deserve to get what we pay for.
We deserve the right to LEAVE when the provider KNOWS they can't provide what we are paying for.
Extortion in the form of a financial penalty for departing their "contract" should be a criminal offense.
FYI: again, we were with alltel cellular for 4.5 years, endured no service for short periods after hurricanes and violent storms & never complained. didn't ask for a discount or anything else. Ever. We literally BEGGED for them to fix the problem.
After 6 months, if finally gave up, & it ultimately proved to be the smart choice.
See wife's company furnished alltel phone STILL Doesn't work HERE, or practically anywhere else(!), and now it's FEBRUARY, 2006. We go to court on Valentine's Day...I can hardly wait, armed with court records from class actions where they lost for this same CRAP, and literally REAMS of paper documenting their unethical (and occasionally illegal) S.O.P. behavior in our and apparently MILLIONS of other customers cases.
Never pee on my head & tell me it's raining again.
I'm done w/alltel cellular...for EVER.
And by GOSH I Want MY Money back!
-Mick & Marge
PS:IF You have been treated like this, overcharged like this, had Your credit damaged like this, or been extorted like this, PLEASE email me, a class action gets ALL of us some of our money back! Wink

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alltel milking us for $$$$$
by peaches1964 / March 7, 2007 12:03 AM PST

I myself have been dealing with the pains of alltel for the last 6 months. Including but not limited to...shutting our phones off (early) having to pay the reconnection fee. Changing our plan with out telling us, then having to sit on the phone for hours to get the proper credits and return us to our original plan. Needless to say, they never credited our phone properly, and we just paid the balance to be done and over with. This also does not include the dropped calls. I recently read on the internet that alltel may not keep paper contracts. I have not signed a contract in forever. The latest venture is a $341.00 phone bill, I did use it alot, but the phone number I called was suppose to be mobile to mobile (free) as well as my son ( who is on my contract) He ordered a game for $1.99 which he has on his phone now, and got charged for like 6 or 7 that he never ordered. We just want out. I am looking for someone to contact me that is currently sueing alltel,I need more info as I may sue them myself, due to the agrivation itself.

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Please tell me
by jendianne / April 12, 2007 1:03 AM PDT

Please tell me where to start. I've gone 'round and 'round with Alltel. From in store service to customer service to billing. I've literally spent 10-20 hours a WEEK on the phone with customer service and gotten no help. It all stated on Feb. 9, 2007. It is now April 12, 2007 and my account is STILL not correct.

Did you get any relief? If so, please tell me where to go, who to contact ANYTHING.

Thank you for your help!

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by weebo438 / June 23, 2007 11:19 AM PDT

I too have a cell phone that does not work properly. It began when we got the phone and I have repeatedly called alltel asking them to help me with the phone. They have credited some roaming charges. The phone is constantly roaming in the home area. They keep saying watch for the light. blah blah. They did finally send us a replacement phone which did not work any better, in fact it was worse AND now its not working at all. It will not take a charge wont work even when the phone is plugged in. Repeated attempts to get alltel to help us with this have failed. Now I am stuck with a huge bill and having to buy a NEW phone. Basically I can pay the termination fee of $200.00 or buy a new $139.00 phone which may or may not work. I feel they should terminate the contract with no fee since they have been in breach of contract since the phone NEVER worked.

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by birdmantd Forum moderator / June 24, 2007 12:20 AM PDT
In reply to: I hate ALLTEL

While I do feel you have grounds to get out of your contract w/out penalty, don't try to use a breach of contract argument when you s/w cust svc. No carrier guarantees coverage.

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come and get your love , ya right!
by davidamason / March 31, 2008 1:09 PM PDT

my alltel nightmare started last week, i have started receiving phones back that were exchanged months ago,they are totally busted but when i sent them in they were in excellent condition except for internal i am on the hook for over 300 dollars for the so far 2 phones that have come back and then add on the cost of cancelling my contract for 2 phones.i was treated very rudely by the jerk "supervisor" that i spoke to that basically told me too bad.there is no way i would ever trust alltel again.they just lost a very long standing customer.come and get your love indeed.davidamason

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by techefreak / March 7, 2007 1:30 AM PST

I Agree, Ive Had Them For 12 Months and I had to get 6 Replacement phones, then the guy scamed us and extended my contract.

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Nothing But Trouble From Alltel
by losin_myself / March 21, 2007 5:57 AM PDT

We've had Alltel phones for a couple of years now and have had nothing but problems from the local store. The service has been fairly fine but the customer service at the local store is awful. When we first signed up it was for a 500 minute family plan with four phones. We get home only to realize they gave us the 900 minute plan. We stressed to them what we wanted and they still gave us the wrong plan. It was finally corrected. Later we asked if we could have each individual users name put on the outgoing caller id instead of the name on the main account. We were told we could. It never happened. We had to replace one phone due to it being dropped in water. We asked alltel if we could purchase a prepaid alltel phone from wal-mart and bring it in to have it switched over to a regular phone. We were told we could. We buy the $40 phone and the alltel employee messed with it for a while and said he guessed he was wrong and it couldn't be done. We were out $40 in addition to the $120 for the new regular phone. We had to recently have another phone replaced. We purchased the phone and later realized the employee threw in a car charger and charged us an addition $30. We did not ask for this and took it back and they said they credited our account. We get our most recent credit card statement and instead of crediting our account, the charged us AGAIN. We took the statement in and they say they credited our credit card again. We'll see I guess. The problem hasn't been with the service. It's been with the employees either a) not having a clue as to what they are doing or b) the employees just being shady. Needless to say we will not be renewing our contract as we have now switched over to a month to month basis since the original contract expired. Stay away from Alltel!!!!

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I also am right in the middle of my own alltel horror story!
by turboinferno / April 26, 2007 10:49 PM PDT

I'm experiencing problems much like those stated above .I rather not go into details .Basically my problem is a lot like everyone elses. I spend everyday I have off talking to their CS reps for at least an hour.I cant stand it any more. I've contacted the state of Alabama regulatory commission, the district attorney ,and I've set up to met with a law firm about this problem.the email I'm listing is for anyone that has been wronged to contact me with any help on this subject.Please , I've tried everything!!! I live in the lower Alabama area if you want to join to form some form of local voice about this I WILL help anyway that I can !!



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You guys are HATERS!!!!!

I have alltel and we have 3 lines, 1400 min. and 20 my circle numbers. We enjoy this service for $150!!! We have never had a proablem and stand firm by this company. You obviously need to move to Florida!!!! Stop crying about alltel, the other companys are FAR worse!!!

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(NT) There is no cell phone provider worse than Alltel.
by F59PHI450 / April 4, 2008 7:25 AM PDT
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by SkipperLee / April 6, 2008 11:13 AM PDT

We have had Alltel since way before they became Alltel. We usually have good service, reasonable rates, etc. But recently we purchased an accessory from a local Alltel store which had to be ordered and sent to us. We did get it but it did not work for us. The info said we could return to ANY Alltel retail store. The 1st one refused to take it, even though we had the original packaging, were within the time frame, and had the receipt. They said we had to go to a company store. If Alltel is going to authorize people to open these stores, they need to be able to handle all Alltel problems. Also, we were trying to find a phone that may have a stronger signal. One store will say we have one with the best signal available and other stores try to sell us new phones (at full price since we are still under contract) telling us they are better than what we have. We do not know what to believe.

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ALLTEL customer service it TERRIBLE and UNACCEPTABLE
by kdflanagan / December 18, 2008 10:46 PM PST

As a professional, and having worked in call centers and fraud account analysis - the customer service reps from Alltel should be held accountable for how they speak to their good customers. I have been hung up on, threatened to be referred to security for "harrassment" and told that managers do not take phone calls. (Probably because they receive too many complaints) A very simple issue could have been resolved - but it took hours of calling and finally looking up the corporate office on the internet - and it is still not resolved. My dad's phone was shut off by Alltel because my mom has been hospitalized for 3 months. They assumed fraudulent activity - because we have been calling family and have used the phone (I might also say - they spoke to my dad when he paid the bill) But Altell never called to verify that is was him using the phone - and turned his phone off. He is 80 yrs old and driving back and forth to the hospital in ice and snow. My mom is on a trach and cannot speak - they cannot speak to her, I am not asking for account info - just turn the phone on that they have paid for!!! Unbelievable - they're are plenty of companies out there that would love their business - it is just a shame that young smart mouth punks ruin a business due to their lack of respect. I will be filing a formal complaint - especially since I was threatened by a young (refused to give a name) disrespectful punk. Alltel - you are losing business - you better start doing your audits - if you are recording messages for "training purposes" it obviously isn't working

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I am not sure if
by cltmte / February 3, 2009 12:06 AM PST

any of these goes far enough in stating just how bad Alltel can be. First, I have been an Alltel customer for over 15 years. I needed to upgrade to a phone for business (email, etc). The Alltel customer rep recommended a phone which turned out to be the worst phone on the market at the time. It was so bad I could not get email and the phone would lock up/reset, you name it, whenever it felt like it. Even in the middle of a call. After 3 or 4 replacements, I finally demanded a new model. I was refused. I was told I could however, upgrade my phone through my son's contract by two more years and get a new phone (great tie me and my son to two more years of poor service). I finally decided to take the $200 hit and cancel my contract but leave my son on the plan until his ran out. Made the switch. Then when my sons contract ran out, switched his. Unfortunately I did not read the fine print in the contract (yes I should and it is my fault), and I switched him over on the first day of the new billing cycle. Yep, you guessed it, there is no prorating of the bill. I just paid $104 dollars for 1 days use of the Alltel plan. I was fleeced hard by Alltel and then fleeced again when I tried to get away. I know they will be combining with Verizon, but if you are reading this and are not under contract with Alltel, run!! Run as fast as you can!!! Don't look back.

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Please if anyone has a response please do so.
by dannialnelson / February 7, 2009 12:35 AM PST

I had Alltel in Virgina for one month. I planned on moving to Florida so I paid the shut off fee to terminate my contract. Well, 3 years later on my credit report Alltel states I owe 1800.00 dollars for one month of service and I never terminated my services. What am I to do? Alltel sent this to a creditor and there is no way they can bring up my information, why is that? How can they submit my information to a creditor and that creditor have no proof of my bill or anything? What do I do? If anyone has any answers for me email me.

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