Hi Billy,

I've read your previous post and discussions with Bob. When you mentioned 0xC00D1199 this pointed to a WMP 10 player error code at Microsoft's knowledge base. The actual error code is C00D1199 but entering 0xC001199 also brought up this reference.

To have a look, go here;

That's why Bob initially concentrated on the WMP issue.

Since then, Bob has concentrated on the File Associations problem. WMP is trying to open your program files, (and perhaps other files like images, eg .jpg etc?), because WMP has been "associated" with those files. What you have to try and do now is associate program files to open correctly.

Program files are xxxxxxx.exe files, where xxxxxxx is the program file name. Bob gave you a link to Doug Knox's web site where you can select individual registry fixes to reset association settings back to default.

The web site is here;

Look down for EXE File Association Fix, and download the zip file, unzip it to your desktop, and double click it. This will "import" the registry fix to your exisiting registry and re-associate .exe files. You have to click Yes when it asks if you want to Import it.

Now, it is quite likely that you will be unable to upzip the file if WMP tries to open the zip file. But Doug Knox has thought of that. He has provided a registry fix to allow zip files to be unzipped as well. The zip file fix is at the bottom of the list. To use it, click on the "Zip Folder Association Fix" and the browser window will open with the contents of the file. Goto Edit > Select all and click. Goto Edit > Copy and click. Minimise the browser.

Then, open up Notepad, (if you can't do this on your computer you will have to find a computer where you can do it and copy the file to disk). Goto Edit and select Paste. Then Save this file to your desktop. You "must" save the file as a reg file. This means in the "Save as type:" you must select "All files", and then name the file with a name ending in .reg EG zipfix.reg

Then, find the file on your desktop, and double click it to import it to your registry. That will allow you to unzip zip files after you have rebooted the computer.

But "as a precaution", before you do any of this, you should backup your registry to the C drive root directory, (ie not in any folders), in case you need to restore the registry later.

To backup the registry, goto Start > Run, type in "regedit" (without the quotes), and click OK. The registry editor will open. Make sure that "My Computer" is highlighted. goto File > Export. Navigate to the C drive and give the file a memorable name. Make sure that "Export Range" is set to All, then save the file.

Then you can start making changes to the registry. You will need to reboot after each change.

Good luck.