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Alienware Horror Story!

by MoroseNYC / April 15, 2005 1:07 PM PDT


Delivery Speed was poor (took a month to deliver), Customer Service Was Horrible (Everyone I Talked To Sounded like They Were From India using names like Carlos and Frank), Overall Satisfaction, Not Good! I bought an Alienware Area-51m 7700 with 2 Gigs of memory and the whole works, I packed this baby with everything I can put in to it, the entire system ran me over $4,000.00. Not less then a month, that's 30 days of owning this machine, things started acting weird. For one, the LCD display stopped working. I called tech support; the tech that barley spoke English made me open the system myself even though I have a 1 year on-site warrantee to find out that the 17Inch LCD blew! Yeah Blew! They told me that it's going to take 3 weeks to fix it, even though I use this for my business and there is a major project underway and that's why I bought this. but no comments were given, They said they were going to reformat my entire system which means all my work will be gone. I hit the roof at this point! All this for an LCD display! Ummm who hit you on the head and gave you a job? I told them I have a 1 year on-site warrantee that I paid for which means you have to come here to fix it! Of course he told me about the fine print which on-site in their language is not what we know it means. Good thing I didn't buy the 3 year on-site warrantee! What do they do on-site? I smell false advertising, what a waste! I then asked them about a refund on the system and they said I would have to pay them 15% of the entire order to restock it. That's $700! How are you going to charge a customer $700 to restock a defective laptop? This is an unfair practice; I should have gone with dell for all my web/video/media needs! I rather give my business to people who at least work for my business. They also gave my company and myself the run around and would not give us names of their supervisors. When we asked to speak to a supervisor the rep put us on hold and when he came back said his supervisor didn't want to talk to us. Umm, ok... but you took our money though right? We had to argue just to speak with a supervisor, and they transferred us to some other department to speak with a supervisor. They would not even compensate us for this huge inconvenience of taking our $4,000.00 for a piece of crap product that only lasted a month. Also note the other weird things we seen was clicking of the power adapter, "We were like what the hell is that noise, its loud!" I could fry an egg on it that's how hot it gets. The second thing is that the pc itself gets very hot where your hands start to ache from the heat! What's with that? I thought this system was suppose to be the best on the market? The system gets to hot for a laptop. Where the vent is on the left side, the plastic started to dis-color from the heat, turning a slight dark color. I though maybe it was form my hand but after wiping it off with a damp cloth we see it was the body itself turning.

To sum it up. We are stuck with this, and we sent it back on 4/8/05 to be fixed. I will update more here when I hear of anything. Man did we get ripped off!

4/15/05 NEW UPDATE...

I emailed Alienware's customer service yesterday to find the status of my repair, my company's media project is on hold due to this bull and my client is freaking and want his product. I got this email back from alienware saying they could not help me. So their customer service email address does not give customer service?

Their Email:
Thank you for contacting the Alienware Technical Support Team.

For this type of issue, you will need to contact our Customer Service Department directly. They will gladly provide you with all the information and help regarding this matter.

So after this email, my day was to busy, I would not be able to call them that day, so I figured I'd call them the next day. Then at the end of that same day I got another email from the same support email address saying it has been sent to their shipping department! What's the deal? No one told me nothing, no notifications, multiple emails saying they can't help and now its done? Does the entire company have some sort of communication problem?

Their Email:
Thank you for contacting the Alienware Technical Support Team.

I am very pleased to inform you that your system has been diagnosed and returned to perfect working condition and been sent to our shipping department and is ready to be dispatched back to you.

Should you need additional information please go ahead and contact our very knowledgeable and supportive Customer Service Team. They will be more than glad to help you.

Well I'm happy its fix! So I guess the customer service email address was correct! So is it a mood thing? Does the person who answers these emails have to be in the mood to answer a question? So yesterday I wrote them back asking what the issue actually was, and will this happen again in the future! I heard back from them today on the 15Th saying the following, and also I did notice a little attitude in this email, or maybe its just me? You decide...

Their Email:
Thank you for contacting the Alienware Technical Support Team.

The problem was traced down to a faulty &#147inverter board&#148 that has been already replaced. There is no reason to think that something like that could happen to your system again.

We hope the above information proves to be helpful.

If you have more questions or any technical issues regarding this or any other topic do not hesitate to contact us again. For fast answers and tips you can visit our &#147Knowledge Data Base&#148 at

Ummm, right! So you put in some magic alien beans or an alien anal probe so your faulty product will not break again? These people must be joking, come on! I've been in the computer business since I'm 15, I've built my own systems from all OEM products, nothing is guaranteed. not even a fancy laptop from a company that can't even sell descent products. That's like me saying the sun is actually green, or the moon is purple... Will you believe me cause I know about computers? Not! But anyway that's it, a faulty inverter board. I guess their quality control people are on vacation, and the quality control checklist they send out are computer generated. When I get the system back we will see how long it will last before there is something else wrong and requires me to send it back. I only purchased this for its horsepower but the system seems to be a mule after all.

After reading the past reviews, I hope I don't receive my laptop back with scratches on it or features missing as other's experienced. I will update more upon arrival of my $4,000 defective alienware product in a few days.

My company spends a lot of money on a lot of new high powered computers and servers that hit the market, and I think alienware is still to small and amateur to be ranked as a good company in any way, or placed in a category where real working companies like ourselves can use their products in a manner that would make us productive. Lets put it this way, this company also sponsors adult sites. I've seen a site listed on their sponsor list that does web design and media but has a message board that has major adult images where people post adult items, pictures, and videos, foul language, etc. Are they hurting that much where they have to give some guy a free pc to get advertised on an adult message board? Very unprofessional for a company that deals in custom computers. If you want the link just look on their sponsor list, you'll find the media company icon posted with a quote from the site owner on it! Alienware seems very proud of who they sponsor/advertise with! lol

Tom Allen / President /, Inc.

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If its on credit, you can challenge the charges
by theding0 / April 16, 2005 12:08 AM PDT

If you're paying on a credit card, don't forget that many credit companies will withhold payment if you have major problems with the payee, usually on request. Its the only way to GET service from them, sometimes. (Alienware, in this case, not the credit card companies...though they suck too, in their own way)

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you are what the 4th?
by keybordp / April 16, 2005 5:02 AM PDT

I think you are the 4th angry person to tell CNET about Alienware. HAS ANYBODY HAD A GOOD EXPIRIENCE WITH THEM? I'm not surprised about the heat though, I mean what did you expect with a p4 in a little laptop case? The thing is designed to go in a DESKTOP case with desktop fans lol.
Hence why I'm getting a Centrino Sonoma system.

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Actually there are a lot more!
by MoroseNYC / April 20, 2005 11:18 AM PDT
In reply to: you are what the 4th?

You can see a lot of reviews on
It was a real horror. I had to also call mutliple times just to get someone who can answer a question on the status of the repair. But from the looks on the net everyone will see more bad stories as alienware sells these systems...

Tom /

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Count me in
by Crowleybo / May 2, 2005 6:27 PM PDT

I just returned my Alienware computer. I returned it before the 30 day warranty. I have contacted my credit card company. My experience was awful with Alienware. I had problems from day one. They had improperly wired the power supply to the graphics cards. I couldn't get anyone to fix the problem. They just kept telling me to wait. I waited for 2 weeks and still I couldn't get anyone to help me. I wrote customer service....still nothing. They offer an ear 24/7 but anything above that...forget it. They just couldn't seem to pull it together to fix my machine. Crowleybo

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Wow that's bad!
by MoroseNYC / June 15, 2005 1:09 AM PDT
In reply to: Count me in

Ever since I got my laptop back its been acting weird. It just sits in a corner desk now, we rarly use it since it is a $4,000 piece of crap. Alienware runs all these ads about how they rock but recently I read in Video Magazine a review on their system and they even had problems... Its funny how if you have money you can advertise to make yourself look good but when the customers statr forums like this, you hear the truth.

Ever since my problems I just stopped using it. We lost the money on this investment but Alienware will never get our business again.

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WidowPC makes a great P4 based laptop
by gamerdad / April 26, 2005 7:34 AM PDT
In reply to: you are what the 4th?

I have a WidowPC Sting 9096 and I love it. I can play World of Warcraft and Half Life 2 with it and it doesn't get too hot. It's actually much quieter than the last laptop I had as well.

Check them out at

My specs are as follows:
- 64 bit P4 3.6Ghz 660
- 1 GB ram
- 60 GB 5400 SATA drive
- 8x double layer dvd burner
- Tv tuner
- ATI x800 mobility video card

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by cdearie / April 24, 2005 6:53 AM PDT

I would just like to say that I am happy to have found someone else with a similar experience with Alienware. After dealing with them I can truley discribe their business as shady. I work for a reseller in Washington and had to purchase a 7700 for a customer who wanted to buy the system through us because of our customer service. Anyway, our customer wanted to take advantage of the 500 dollar rebate and it was my job to purchase the notebook. I recieved a call the next day saying that they need to verify the credit card account and ask a couple of questions. No big deal I thought. Well two weeks later I recieved an email saying that the system will be delayed another two weeks because they were out of stock on the system. It takes them two weeks to figure this out? Another thing is that I know for a fact the system is actually manufactured by Clevo and is the same system you can find from Sager and was also available through our Notebook vendor we have build our notebooks. Stock was not a problem for them. Anyway, while reading this email I discovered the rebate was not applied. I called and was told that the system was not invoiced the day I ordered it and was invoiced the following day when they verified the company credit card and the rebate would not be back. Well I took a lot of hear from the salesman and manger in my company. But we had to keep the order becaue we had allready promissed it to a customer. But it doesn't end there. I recieved another email on the day it was supposed to really ship saying that is was being built and that it would move on to the testing phase. Shippment would be another few days! At this point I hated the company. I have never experienced such crappy service. I went online to look at there policy they display when you order and noticed that the rebate was back. I decided to call them up and demand the rebate and was told that I would have to cancel my order and reorder because of "the process" and that it would take another 2 weeks to ship. I sort of told the customer service guy that we can't do business with a compay like this and I would call back after I see what the salesman wanted to do. Well I concinved the salesman to cancel the order. I hated these people at this point. We are a small computer company working our *** off for our customers and I hated dealing with this successful company that doesn;t care at all just because they have some fancy looking cases and they have everyone fooled into thinking there is anything different about their PCs. Well I called they guy back and said we wanted to cancel the order and he said it was no problem and he would take care of that and asked if I wanted to put the new order on the same credit card. I said "Hell no. I want to cancel the order completely and deal with another company. He imeadiately asked me why. I sort of laughed at the question. He went on and put me on hold while he said he was going to check with his manager and after 5min came back and said that we did not have to cancel the order to get the rebate and all was well. Thats my experience. I hope someone reads this and realizes they are no different from any other computer company. If you are willing to spend $500 on their sexy case and wait 3weeks than maybe it might be a good idea. But if you are looking for the most performance for your dollar, and a company that cares about satisfying their customers, than look elsewhere.

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RE: Notebooks forum
by MoroseNYC / April 25, 2005 12:37 AM PDT
In reply to: Alienware

Yeah thats what I said when they messed with my company and the product lasted a month. I recently

Update from original post:

Well I received my Alienware Area-51m 7700 laptop a few days ago and well, quit frankly I'm disappointed once again! My laptop showed up without its original box, it was poorly stuffed in a thin brown box, the laptop bag itself was crammed in the box outside the laptop box, all my papers I sent were missing (Good thing I made photo copies), The battery was hanging off the system, so apparently they did not screw it on and just stuffed everything in a plain box to send back. So after screwing the screws tight myself (got to love the warrantee service you pay for) I then turned it on and the display worked. So hopefully this will last longer then a month. But in a month or so I'm going to buy some dells. I need some real computers, not some over heated piece of junk probably made in Mexico.

Tom Allen, Inc.

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by Xe12o / April 26, 2005 5:10 PM PDT
In reply to: RE: Notebooks forum

Well it seems like your a pretty well rounded pissed off notebook consumer. But heres a problem with dell, if your a kind of person who flushes out your system every couple of months or so, DELL does NOT send over the ORIGIONAL Operating System CD with your Notebook. It is some weird frigging rule they put in any new system. In addition to that, if your pretty advanced, and you would like to partition your drives though the operating system Computer Management programs though the Admin controlls, for some odd reason, the Dell "user friendly" disease ridden softare, will NOT allow the user to create new partitions. There is a lot of problems with the DELL laptop already.

My Dell system: **Notes Problems
1.73 Pentium M
**(A)Windows XP
17 inch UltraSharp? Wide Screen UXGA Display with TrueLife?
**(B)4Yr Ltd Warranty,At-Home Srvc + Nights and Weekend
2x 9-Cell Lithium Ion Battery
128MB X300 Mobility

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??? realy i got the cd????
by 101Ares / June 20, 2005 9:18 PM PDT
In reply to: NO TO DELL

i got the cd with my p4 notebook it wasnt oringonal but it just had a diferent cd cover thing. but i agree dells friendly software was annoying. and a question dose if you uninstall quickset dose it mess up the computer ty.


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Alienware is a terrible organization
by nkirshenbaum / May 14, 2005 6:36 PM PDT

I purchased TWO systems from them. Each came broken. Each was over 7 THOUSAND dollars. They make you fix everything yourself. They are liars and cheats - do not be fooled by great specs. They look good on paper but do not function in reality. They will not come on site, they will not do anything for you. They exist in legal lymbo and leave you in cyber purgatory. Ive never been so nagry at a company in my life.

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what a shock
by keybordp / May 14, 2005 9:25 PM PDT

what a shock. yet another person is pissed of and extremely angry with Alienware screwing them. Who will buy alienware next.
Has anyone had GOOD expirience with them?

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Alienware Horror Story! (Original Posting: UPDATE)
by MoroseNYC / May 25, 2005 1:31 PM PDT

4/21/2005 UPDATE

Well I received my Alienware Area-51m 7700 laptop today and well, quit frankly I'm disappointed once again! My laptop showed up without its original box, it was poorly stuffed in a thin brown box, the laptop bag itself was crammed in the box outside the laptop box, all my papers I sent were missing (Good thing I made photo copies), The battery was hanging off the system, so apparently they did not screw it on and just stuffed everything in a plain box to send back. So after screwing the screws tight myself (got to love the warrantee service you pay for) I then turned it on and the display worked. So hopefully this will last longer then a month. But in a month or so I'm going to buy some dells. I need some real computers, not some over heated piece of junk probably made in Mexico.

If it breaks again, I will update more here...

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Since I last posted this post above
by MoroseNYC / July 9, 2008 8:08 AM PDT

Since I last posted this a few years ago I since switched my entire company to macs. Great customer service and everything just works. Thanks to Apple I never deal with these off the shelf PC companies again...

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