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Airport Extreme suddenly won't connect to internet

by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 7, 2008 5:32 AM PDT

It could be a firewall setting. It could be a software update. Whatever it is, I cannot connect to the internet using Extreme (it does connect to the internet using just plain old wifi). This is a sudden problem--it worked fine last week.

I'm using OS 10.5.2.



Tom McKnight

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(NT) Is this related to your other post?
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 7, 2008 9:44 AM PDT
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by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 7, 2008 11:48 AM PDT

No. Nice catch. But I have two Macs cooking here in the office, one on each of two different floors. One is a MacBook and the other is a MacMini. Haven't been without a Mac at my side for 21 years, even though the main machine is a PC. My Macs never let me down, well, until now.

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On the extreme,
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 7, 2008 9:46 PM PDT
In reply to: Response

do you have NAT turned on?
Also, is the Extreme set to hand out IP addresses independently of the main DHCP server.

ie. If you connect via ethernet, will your IP address be in the same range as when you connect to the Extreme?
Airport usually pushes out 10.x.x.x IP numbers while wired Routers use 192.168.x.x numbers.


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by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 7, 2008 11:58 PM PDT
In reply to: On the extreme,

Hello hero,

Honestly, the only thing I know about NATs is down the street here in DC at the Nationals Stadium.

What is a NAT and where do I find it?

Also not sure what to do to locate the IP addresses.

I'm betting you have the correct solution in sight.

Looking forward to seeing your answer.



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IP addresses
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 8, 2008 5:39 AM PDT
In reply to: NAT

You will find that in the Network Pane of the computer that is connected to the Airport Extreme.

NAT. Network Address Translation. More on that when I get back to a Mac after work.

Do you know what IP addresses are used on the rest of the wired network machines?

On Windows: Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig This will show the IP address of that winbox

On the Mac. System Preferences, Network, Airport. You should see the IP address.

Compare them. The only differences should be the numerals after the last . (dot)


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Cannot compare
by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 8, 2008 7:19 AM PDT
In reply to: IP addresses


The Airport Express works only on or for the Macbook and no others.

The IP address for the express as viewed from the Macbook is This seems to be an odd address. Normally they have a pattern as follows:


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that's a good address.
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 8, 2008 7:55 AM PDT
In reply to: Cannot compare

for a wireless base station.
The normal pattern is, three numerals for each octet. Mostly though, you do not get to see the spaces all filled with numerals. I have and up, as do millions of other home network users.
Technically, the Airport Express works with any wireless enabled device but I'll accept that you only have Macs connected to it.

Do you only have a wireless network?
If there is a wired network as well as the wireless one, what sort of IP address do the wired machines get?
Is the Extreme the Router on the network? If it is not, then you may have two DHCP servers on your network. Turn off the DHCP broadcast from the Extreme and see what happens.

Is the WAN side of the Extreme getting an IP address from another router on your network? If the WAN side shows 192.168.x.x then you have two DHCP servers running.


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Yes there are two
by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 8, 2008 8:09 AM PDT
In reply to: that's a good address.

The second one, which is the primary WIFI network in the house, is

The Macbook can easily work through this network. Until recently the Macbook worked very well with both/either. Then suddenly the internet would not function through the Extreme.

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Reset the Extreme to Factory Defaults
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 8, 2008 11:34 PM PDT
In reply to: Yes there are two

and start again with it.

The manual will explain how to do that.

To configure the Extreme you will need to be connected to it via ethernet, not wireless.

Once it is reset, configure it and it "should" work again.

If I understand you correctly, you have two networks, both with wireless capability, in the house and NONE of the computers are connected to the routers via ethernet cable. Is that correct?

Are these two separate networks or are they both connected to a single Router and Modem?


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two networks
by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 9, 2008 1:41 AM PDT


The signal arrives into the house via cable.

Then it goes to the DLink wifi. The DLink has a port in which the Extreme is attached. Both wireless networks operate simultaneously. Both are capable of n signaling. Both worked fine until last week when we unplugged everything because of an impending thunderstorm. There were no electrical hits and all equipment in the house appears to be fine. Well, except for this. Remember, the Extreme is visible and connects to the MacBook just fine, except it cannot deliver the internet connection.

My son set it up about a year ago. How do I access the controls of the Extreme? Hardwire, ok. Then what?

And many thanks.

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by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 9, 2008 2:06 AM PDT
In reply to: two networks
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by Thomas Kerns McKnight / May 10, 2008 12:39 AM PDT
In reply to: AHA!!!

I went into the Extreme controls and redid them, frankly like they were before. Voila! Extreme now connects to the internet. On the Mac Mini, I just switched it over to the extreme and it works fine. I never could shake the old password in the DLink wireless connection, even after I erased the link in Utilities. No need to chase it down because I'm a happy camper.

Thanks for all the help.

Macs really spoil us. In all these years of having Macs at my elbow this was the first time I ever had to rummage around the guts of the settings.

On we go. Nice also to know that CNET is the place to go for expert advice.

Have a grand weekend.


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Same Problem
by txupham / August 14, 2008 11:44 AM PDT

Bob, I'm having EXACTLY the same problem. And I have EXACTLY the same set up. 2Wire wireless modem/router which sends a WiFi signal I can receive on my Mac wirelessly. But then an Airport Extreme cabled into it that "used to" broadcast a transmitted wireless signal but no longer shows up. Just stopped. It used to be that I could access either or. Now all I have to choose from is the 2Wire. The green light on the Airport Extreme is on, it appears "happy" but no signal is appearing to come from it. And I'd prefer to link to it. When I scan for the "Airport Utilities" under the Utilities Control Panel I get, "no device found." So, I can't change the Airport's settings. I can't reach it. How did you get into the Airport's controls? I have hardwired it now via Ethernet and it shows an ethernet connection through the Airport but it still will not pick up on a scan and will not allow me into the utility for its settings. How did you access the controls? Thank you!!!

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Almost similar problem here
by Japanesedave / August 17, 2008 4:44 PM PDT

I have a similar, but not exactly identical problem.

My set up:

Wired Buffalo Hub connected to Optical Fibre internet.
MacPro plugged into one connection off the hub.
Epson wireless print server plugged into one connection off the hub (it won't connect wirelessly so is used configured for wired operation.)
Dell connected to the last connection off the hub.
Airport Express connected to another connection off the hub.

Connected to the Airport Express are:

Wired - Airtunes Speakers, USB Printer
Wireless - G4 Powerbook running 10.4, MacMini Running 10.5

In addition, the MacPro also connects to the Airport for inter-machine file-sharing and iTunes.

My problem lies with my MacBook Air which was perfectly happy to connect to the internet through the Airport until this week when it suddenly stopped, even though it is connected to my Network (Password protected, WPA2 encryption.) I have not changed anything, added anything nor updated anything between everything working swimmingly and everything not. All software is at the latest version, as is firmware.

The status is now:

All machines can see the network.
All machines can see the printer and Airtunes
All machines EXCEPT the Air have 10.x.x.x IPs from the Express by DHCP with NAT. The Air has a self assigned IP.
All machines except the Air can connect to the Internet wirelessly, including the MacPro when I tell it to use the Airport link as its connection.

It seems that the Air is either not requesting an IP address, or not recognizing the answer when it gets one, or the Airport Express is ignoring it. The Air connects perfectly well through the USB LAN adapter or off every other WiFi spot I have tried it on, all with the same Network, Firewall and Little Snitch settings. I have rebooted, reset and re-anything else I can think of the Express and the Air. If I turn the Firewall and Little Snitch off on the Air I can, maybe, get a connection, but not every time.

I am assuming there is a corrupt preference file somewhere on the Air, but I don't have the first idea which one it would be.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Cannot connect to internet; airport extreme has green light?
by family8675309 / January 9, 2009 1:36 PM PST

So, I am in desperate need of some help! My family and I are currently living overseas and cannot for the life of me figure out our problem. Of course, the language barrier (russian) and the lack of any computer tech's who know about Mac's is very frustrating...Here's what is going on:

1. We have internet through satellite (no cable connections here). It seems just as fast as it was when we were back in the US.

2. There is a coaxial cable that comes into the house, which connects (using an ethernet end) to a small black connector. It basically plugs into this connector, which the internet company told us is the "modem." This small black "modem" has a power cord which plugs into the outlet and another ethernet end that plugs into the computer, or in this case our airport extreme.

3. We can connect to the internet no problem when it is directly connected to our MacBook Pro.

4. When I plug this "modem" into the airport extreme, we get a green light on the airport and our MacBook recognizes our network (full strength), but for some reason we cannot connect to the internet.

5. I have the airport set to use DHCP.

Is there a simply fix to this problem, am I just overlooking something? My family and I would be very thankful if there is anyone out there who may be able to help us figure this thing out!

~Without wireless in a country that doesn't understand Mac!

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Reset the Extreme to Factory defaults
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / January 9, 2009 9:55 PM PST

The manual will tell you how to do this.
Once done, configure the Extreme again. You should be connected to the Extreme via ethernet cable while you are configuring it.
Once configured, access the internet while still connected via ethernet cable.
If successful, you are safe to move onto the wireless setup.

Let us know how you get on


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We are connected!!!
by family8675309 / January 10, 2009 6:20 PM PST

Thank you very much for the recommendation...Once the settings were reset, we established a "new wireless network" and bingo we are now up and running on our MacBook Pro...Unfortunately, we are now experiencing problems connecting our second computer. It recognizes the airport extreme network, but for some reason cannot connect to the internet. Not sure if we need to do something with the extreme settings, but definitely is frustrating. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for your help, it is nice to know there are people out there who are still willing to take a couple of moments to help another person out! Take care and hope to hear back from you.

Warmest Regards,


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by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / January 10, 2009 10:55 PM PST
In reply to: We are connected!!!

When you say "recognizes", do you mean that it can see the Airport network but cannot connect to it
That it can connect but does not go any further forward than that?

Take a look at the Network Settings and see what the IP address of the Mac is. It should NOT start with 169.

You may also need to shut down the Mac, the Airport Extreme and the modem and restart them in this order. Modem, Airport Extreme, Mac. Wait until each device is up and running before moving on to the next one.

Good Luck


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cannot connect to internet
by family8675309 / January 11, 2009 12:39 AM PST
In reply to: Airport

Thanks for the advice...The Mac does connect to the airport extreme, but will not connect to the internet...I will check the ip address, that may be the problem...I'll let you know what happens! Thank!



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Airport Extreme got green light, but NO Internet connection
by enohsan / March 22, 2011 3:17 AM PDT

I bought an AirPort Extreme Wireless-N this weekend and hooked it up to my cable modem at home. I used the Airport Utility to set up the base station and create a wireless network. At first I used DHCP to set up but got an a yellow light and a message saying that the internet connection was not working. So I hook my MacBookPro directly to the cable modem ethernet port and got all the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router and DNS information from my ISP, Cox Cables. I then connect the AE to the cable modem ethernet port and used the Airport Utility to set up the base station again. I chose manually set up this time with the IP address I got from ISP. I got it working without any problem and my MacBookPro was able to detect to the AE. However, I still can't access the internet. The light on the AE itself is solid green, but there is no connectivity to the internet. I'm at a wits end as to what to do next. Any help will be appreciated. I'm using Mac OSX v10.6.6.

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