Even though it looks like I am just a big APPLE hater and over-hyping the AV500 on forums and opinions, I do not hate APPLE and have owned an ipod and felt it was great.

Now, to the AV500 vs. Zen Vision....

Size....AV500. It is very much smaller. Although it may not look it, The AV500 is pretty small. I'd say the smallest PVP I've seen next to their GMINI seriesAbout the same HEIGHT as the 20GB IPOD 4th GEN.

Capabilities....AV500. Recording, need I say more? The first and ONLY (up to date) PVP that allows you to record from a VCR, DVD, and/or TV. Beautiful interface, very vivid and bright screen. As for video quality, I cannot say because I do not own a Zen Vision, but I'm pretty sure even IF the quality WAS better, it wouldn't overshadow the AV500's long list of features....I do not even know why we're having this discussion, AV500. PERIOD.