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After Election Day 2010 Hangovers. What's yours?

Mine is seeing casino slots coming to the state's largest mall near me. The other is seeing Harry Reid from Nevada going back to remain Senate Majority Leader.

My happiness is knowing there's a lot more hangovers with Democrats the morning after.

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Reporting: After Election Day 2010 Hangovers. What's yours?
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Massachusetts didn't get the message...

But New Hampshire is red again!

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Red again.

Certainly a good day for the Republicans, even if there were a few surprises.

I often wonder about that 'red' and it makes me smile!

Obviously the US is as far to the right in world politics as the USSR and China were to the left, especially in the Cold War years. But most of Europe, and I suspect other nations around the world, always considered red to be the flagship color of Communists. In the UK for example, the Conservative party were considered right-wing and uses blue, (True Blue), and the Labour party were treated as left-wing, and chose Red, although in recent years that color has faded considerably and many die-hard Labour supporters bemoan the passing of their beloved left wing party. Of course, neither party anywhere approaches the anti-communist stance of US political parties.

So, that "Red" for the Republican party always surprises me.

Who was it who said, "Better dead than red"? Happy


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I agree

I'm not even sure how the color difference started. Now there's a Green Party, although full of kooks mostly. Will there be an Orange one coming? Actually, the Democrats this last time should have gone from blue to purple.

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Orange = Liberal Democrats in the UK
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Isn't Orange the color of...

The Protestant right in N.Ireland?

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Ahh, you could be right.

The Orange Order, I had forgotten that.


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In America
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Somehow red got made the Republican color...

Which is fine. No reason to cede it to the commies. "Better dead than Red" apparently goes back to WW2.

When Reagan won, Republicans were "blue" for the media. One commentator likened his landslide depicted on the map as a "suburban swimming pool."

"Of course, neither party anywhere approaches the anti-communist stance of US political parties."

That's unfortunate.

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Wikipedia says it was Tim Russert who first

used those colors during election coverage though, as you say, those are the reverse of representations elsewhere. Since no state is 100% loyal to either party, I'd say we're all shades of purple.

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Yeah, I was disappointed in Mass too, saw that last night

BBC and CSpan had some of the more sedate coverage on the night. What was Koppel doing over at the BBC? O'Malley in for guv in Maryland. While I voted for him, it wasn't really for him as much as to make Ehrlich move out of the way and let someone else run the election show next time, hopefully one more committed to Republican values. Too many fell in lockstep behind his positions, as if that would gain them something. The one person here who did run on strong Republican values won, RINOs lost. Slots coming in the state's biggest family mall down the road a bit from my place. Huge amount of gaming industry funding to push that stinking Question A at the gullible. I knew Wargotz would lose against Mikulski, not enough contrast between rich older man's money and her well oiled liberal campaign chest, nor even in appearance. If Rutledge had won the primary, he'd have made a better family values contrast with his wife and children against Barbara Mikulski. I've not checked up on Barney Franks yet. Hmm, for some reason when I think of Mikulski, I think of Barney.

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