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advertisements keep popping up even with protection!

hello, i am a noob in computer and i wish to learn more about how to use and protect my computer properly.

i currently have a problem with the pop-up advertisements. i own a windows 2000 version and i use a high-speed internet modem. recently i keep getting popups, and sometimes programs that "screws up" computer by shutting down all my running programs and hogging my cpu memory. i use AVG(anti-virus)and spybot(ad-killer) that are constantly updated. but the advertisements never seems to stop even though that i have detected and deleted the ad softwares and trojans that are in my computer. can someone plz explain to me why and tell me a way to solve this problem?

Thank you

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Reporting: advertisements keep popping up even with protection!
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Things To Use...
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And Why

One antispy/antivirus won't catch or cure everything your pc can catch. Grif's recommended two more applications, both a good idea. Make sure your internet settings are optimised for security also, particularly in the "restricted sites" zone.
Another on-demand anti-trojan scanner that detects a lot of spyware also is A squared. Frequent updates, good detection rate, good "kill" rate. Personally I prefer Avast antivirus over AVG, but there's not much between them. You can also immunise your computer somewhat with SpywareBlaster (and Guard) from Javacool, and Winpatrol (BillP studios).
Read lots of software reviews on applications before installing them. Especially if you've never heard of them b4. There are heaps of good freebies available. Amazing, really.

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Seamonkey for POPUP protection
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Its always better..

use more than one anti-spyware program. Its always better to use real time pop up blocker like spysweeper and microsoft windows defender that will help you getting away from those annoying pop ups.

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Go FireFox

I had a similar problem and I switched browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, that is probably where the problem is. I had to reload my OS (XP professional) making sure my internet modem was off. Then I downloaded firefox and installed it. Next AVG, Spybot and Ad-aware. Make sure Firefox is your default browser and don't let any programs change that. I did this last March and regularly run full scans with all three of the software packages and I am still clear of popups.

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Your system is possibly still infected!

You most likely still having something on your computer that is causing the popups! Go to and download the new EWIDO scanner (free version) and run that. I'll bet it will find some ''critters'' on your computer, get rid of them, stopping the popups!

By the way, using just one anti-spy/malware product IS NOT ENOUGH! While Adaware and Spybot are great, you need more help to keep this garbage off your system. I use Ewido, but I also scan with both AdAware and Spybot to make sure nothing gets missed. Keeps my system clean and working great. I also own an IT company that cleans up other folks machines and do the same for them.

IMHO, keep using Internet Explorer. While Firefox is neat, IE works on all sites. You just have to make sure your system is protected while doing so! Happy

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Ewido has been merged with AVG and Ewido 4.0 is now AVG 7.5 FYI

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virus protection and pop-up software

I just purchased a new computer. It was installed with eTrust Pest Control and eTrust Internet Security Suite. Also the e-mail has a folder that I can go to and either read or delete without opening each.
So far I have had no problems. I used to have Norton Virus Protector and Spybot, but Spybot usually only picked up cookies. Are any persons using this protection and if so, what are your comments.

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Disable windows messenger

Windows messenger can also be the source of your popups. This is the messenger SERVICE built into Windows, NOT MSN Messenger.

Make sure you're logged on with an administrator account, Go to START then RUN and type in "services.msc" without the quotes. Scroll down the list on the right to MESSENGER and check the startup type column. If it says disabled then disregard this post as it's not an issue for you. If it says AUTOMATIC then you need to disable it. Right-click on MESSENGER and select properties. In the startup type drop down window select DISABLED. Click on the APPLY button. Click stop now, or changes take effect on reboot.

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(NT) (NT) Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 and install Lavasoft Ad-Aware
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re: advertisements keep popping up even with protection!

It might be best to format your hard drive and start from scratch. Since you are using Windows 2000, you may have a rootkit installed which are almost impossible to remove from your hard drive. If you have the install disks, you should back up any important data and start from scratch. If you go this route, install antivirus and antispyware programs before going anywhere else on the internet. Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Defender are not available for Windows 2000, so you will have to rely on free third party products like AVG and Spybot. Or you can purchase an Internet Security Suite from any number of software vendors.

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Re: Popup protection

I used to have the same problem on my computer. Like you, I tried many different programs, but still had popups. This continued until my partition became corrupt. When this happened, I almost decided to abandon Windows and start using SUSE Linux or maybe getting a Macintosh, since popups or viruses rarely occur on those platforms.

Fortunately, I saw Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 in a software store. The package said that there are significant security improvements including a firewall. I decided to give Windows XP SP2 a try. I also started using Avast for antivirus protection. I have not had any popups or sypyware problems in the 6 months I have used Windows XP SP2. Although Windows XP is not cheap, it is a worthwhile investment. This is especially true if you consider the cost of downtime. Avast is a free program. You can download it from

Another thing you should consider is getting a broadband router. Many of these routers have built-in firewalls for protection against outside attacks. If possible, block the UDP protocol. It is also possible to activate web filtering. Some firewall settings allow specified web site URLs to be blocked. If you are aware of what sites send spyware, you can enter their URL in the list of sites to block.

My final suggestion is to disable file and printer sharing in Windows. Also, all user accounts on your computer should have an assigned password. The above suggestions should make your computing life much better.

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windows 10

I'm having the same issue but mines the same ad showing up saying instant support call some 8668185310 is this a virus? I belive it opened a bunch of programs I have over 120 programs running at once right now can anyone please help?????????? its an hp 15 windows 10

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Yep, Most Likely Malware..

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