ADSL router modem

I bought a new DSL N12E ADSL Modem Router.
I have a ZTE modem router now. I assume it is a modem router since I only have one such device from which my phone is connected to and I also have wifi. It has a DSL slot(into which I insert the phone cable)

When I insert the phone cable into the asus it seems to not fit. The slot is backwards so I turn the cable backwards which seems to work but I can;t tell if it;s a perfect fit since my cable switch thing(that keeps the cable from falling out is broken). But it still doesnt seem to fit and I have no idea why.

The slot on the ZTE is DSL, on ASUS- ADSL.

Will this be a problem?

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Reporting: ADSL router modem
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Because you have a broken cable with the missing tang, it will continue to give you fits.

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It works on the ZTE.
Apart from the tang, it should work?

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So you are asking me

If there are problems because it works now?

Phone cables are pretty cheap so your choice to use what works with the missing tang or not.

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it works now on the old modem router

I;m asking you if the cable will work on the ADSL slot asus modem router that is upside down. The old router modem has a DSl slot which is not upside down.
I will try to send a pic if you can;t be sure?

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These jacks

Come in all orientations. Should be fine. But without that tang, it could pop out and you may find that annoying at times.

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If I plug in the power and phone cable into the new one

and know if it works w/o having ISP info?

If it ''registers'' it?

Would this possibly compromise my new modem router if the old router modem and network was compromised as the old router will still be turned on w/o dsl cable in.

Probably no to both questions, but I gotta check. Happy

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NOPE. Now dead.

Almost all the DSL modems I encounter require the ISP information.

As to dead, until I "field" or program the DSL modem it will not connect to the ISP and no Internet. This is how it works today. When you get a DSL modem (or modem+router) from the ISP they set it up before you get it.

I just read something about COMPROMISED. That is troubling since I've never found replacing modems to fix compromised gear. There are folk that don't understand how networks and PCs work and will start buying new things without good help.

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I;m trying to be specific :D

I know it will require the isp info.
Is there anyway for me to check if the cable fits w/o providing info. If I power it and put cable in will there be any sign?

If I do this can I can sth transfer from old modem router and pc to new one. Just plugging into power and putting in dsl cable while old, possibly compromised modem router is still on, but w/o dsl cable

I don;t know what you mean. the old modem/router could be compromised. I wont use it anymore and will use new one..


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Have to answer no.

You can't test it without the modem being fielded (programmed.)

I've yet to find a compromised modem/router that we couldn't just factory reset and if need be update the firmware. Only a very new tech or a shady seller would tell you to replace gear in this instance.

Someone seems to be misleading you.

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Really tired..

I meant to ask if I can turn on the power and plug in phone cable into adsl slot of the new modem router w/o connecting it to my pc and of course not providing isp info.

Will sth light up if the cable is a match?

And can this affect my new modem router badly as old one will still be plugged in just with dsl cable out.

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Said they could configure modem router remotely. Do i have to give them access to PC if they do this?

How do they do this?

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I've never had any ISP do this via my PC.

As to how they do this, that's too deep a conversation.

But the short version is that many modem+routers have remote management baked in.

Why? Because with millions of users not all have IT skills.

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How I share pictures.

I just put them up on and then share the link here.

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The cable top is OK I think

just the tang. So I;m hoping that it would work if used carefully. If it;s not the wrong slot.(Dsl before on old device, adsl now on asus)

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Look in the slots

Maybe the "tang" is in it, blocking you, or something else in the slot blocking it.

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