First thank you for your loyalty and patronage to CNET, we love you too! Happy

The big ads on CNET homepage is what our advertisers request and pay for. To be honest with you I personally much rather have those ads than multiple flashing ads plastered throughout the entire page or one those crazy skinned ads that break up the page for a moment before you can do anything on the page. To me these big ads are easily navigated away from with a quick scroll of the mouse wheel. Don't you agree?

As you stated above, you already know that in order for us to keep the lights on here at CNET we have to have ads, it's simply our business in order for us to deliver you quality content that you can enjoy.

It is inevitable that folks will complain about ads -- small, larger, or too much. However, I'm curious to know if you or anyone else has any ad recommendations, beside removing them of course. Put yourself in our shoes, what would you do to not only satisfy your advertising clients in order to make money, but equally as important keep your readers such as yourself happy?

I'd love to hear to your recommendations or suggestions and look forward to them.

Thank you again for your feedback!