Adobe Flash Player Update Message

In the last couple of weeks I have been regularly getting a pop up that says:

"Adobe Flash Player Update Service 11.3 r300 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Then there is the usual option of whether I wish to send this error report to Microsoft.

I've repaired Adobe reader a number of times under its help tab but the above pop up keeps appearing.

Can anyone tell me what is going on and what course of action I need to take? Thanks.

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Reporting: Adobe Flash Player Update Message
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Adobe Flash

I'm having the same problem. Apparently Adobe does not like Firefox. If you find a fix, please post.

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Adobe Flash Player

My default browser is IE 8 but I also have Firefox installed for over a year. Funny thing is that this message did not start popping until a couple of weeks ago.

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Adobe Flash

Did it stop crashing on IE 8 or Firefox. I do not use IE.

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Adobe Flash Player

There is no crashing, all that happens is that the pop up as described in my original post appears. I can be in the middle of anything whether it be checking e-mails or using a installed program and it just pops up. I quess I wasn't very clear with my reply of July 8. I have both IE 8 and Firefox installed and have had both since I got my current PC which was in 2010. IE 8 is my default browser. I do however sometimes use Firefox. The pop up just started appearing about 2 weeks ago.

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Just to be clear

is Flash crashing on both Firefox and IE?

We know that there are problems at the moment with Firefox v 13, and the latest version of Flash as described here;;threadListing

For Firefox the fix seemed to be to upgrade Firefox to 13.01, but I understand that the problem still persists for some users, but if you haven't upgraded to Firefox 13.01 yet, try that.

If you have and Flash still fails, I would use IE for now if that doesn't fail, or if it does, I would suggest downloading and installing Google's Chrome. Flash is installed differently in Chrome and there have been no reported problems there.

I hope that helps.


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Adobe Flash error

Just so you don't think it is a Firefox related issue. I have this problem on a machine that does not even have Firefox installed. So beware of thinking that's the fix.

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Adobe Flash error workarounf

I merged these from another site and the combonation seems to sork (so far).

So far this is what I've done.
1. Opening the Flash Player control panel in the Windows control panels
2. Selecting the Advanced tab
3. Clicking "Change Update Settings"
4. Choosing "Notify me to install updates"

and then in the 'storage' tab I opened 'Local storage settings by site' and removed individual websites that I didn't know.

I'll let you know if this workaround continues to work. Adobe has not published a fix (that I know of) yet.

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Adobe Flash Player error message solved (I think...)

I am so happy to have found this thread. I've been having the same Adobe Flash Player message pop up continually for 2-3 weeks and have "reported the error to Microsoft" about 50 times. I do not have Firefox and did not have Chrome. I use IE8. I had previously tried uninstalling, then reinstalling Adobe Flash Player but that didn't stop the error messages. Here's what I have done that seems to have solved the problem - at least on my computer.

1. Uninstalled Adobe Flash Player
2. Did a shutdown and restart
3. Re-installed Adobe Flash Player - accepted "Chrome" but told it to notify me when updates occur rather than doing it automatically.
4. Another shutdown and restart.

Almost 24 hours now and no further annoying messages woo-hoo! I should also mention that on the affected computer I have Windows XP. My laptop has Windows 7 and it never encountered the Flash Player error messages.

Hope this helps others,

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Adobe Flash error

Thanks, That is exactly what I was thinking. If it affects IE then maybe they will get around to fixing it sooner than later.

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It's been popping up on my screen for about two weeks. I have Chrome.

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You'll get that notice when

Flash may need to be uninstalled in order to avoid that update notice. I don't want to upset you by going over how Flash in Chrome differs.

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Flash Player 11.3.300.265, 10.2...crashes

I have repeatedly changed flash players, with Firefox it does no good. I have been 3/4th's thru the crossword puzzles on different sites when it happens. It says it sends a report. I have Chrome also loaded and use it with the same results, although Chrome has it's Plugin downloaded with the browser. I have tried the older flash player plugins. All with same result. I am thinking that since I won't use IE that Microsoft has written some interference for it's competitors browsers, this is JUST conjecture. May be time to try out an Apple Mac. Adobe doesn't want any contact and may not work with Mozilla to fix their problems, this could also be true of the Chrome browser....Toshiba L755 Windows 7.. 64 bit IE unchecked, Google Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m, Fire Fox 14.0.1.

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As it's just the crossword.

You begin to wonder if the code in the flash script is busted.

But for now I'd like to read about your decision about Flash's Hardware Acceleration. I turn that off. What did you decide?

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Adobe® Flash® Player Update Service 11.3 r300 has encountere

I do not have Chrome, Firefox or anything, any answers now?

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I have to go with no.

Given the clues so far I could only guess at the causes.

For many I've had to take Adobe's support document on how to remove Flash then install Chrome to sidestep having to charge the client hours of troubleshooting. A few pay and common causes are malware, the simple uninstall, install routine and some overbearing antivirus that is interfering.

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Flash Player Update Message

I have run my anti-virus program, Avira and I run my malware program, Malawrebytes at least every second day and I am still getting the same error message. Its just annyoying more than anything else. Hopefully Adobe provides a fix if enough people are experiencing the same problem and complain. Thanks to everyone for their comments and feedback.

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I see folk are having issues but I continue to fix it with the usual causes and fixes.

For now on the ones I can't access and help we uninstall Flash using Adobe's document and use Chrome.

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solved for me!

I solved that problem using task scheduler, one task is Adobe Flash Player Updater, ive set the right to everyone not it works! So, control panel, task scheduler, right click over Adobe Flash Player Updater, properties, security, add EVERYONE

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Question About Solved

When I right click on properties I do not see "security". The tabs I see at the top are "Task", "Schedule", and "Settings". I am using Windows XP.

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simply delete this task it's for updating adobe flash player, the update can be done manually.

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Flash Player Help / Installation problems
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How to fix it

1. Go to and download the uninstaller
2. unintall adobe flash player from you computer
3. start installation of newest flash player for you system
4. (It will start downloading Chrome) "X" out of installation when the flash player is complete
5. it will ask of you want to stop installing all products, choose "yes"
6. choose finish and it will not install Chrome and the message goes away.

I cleaned "Google" out of my registry. I attempt to stop anything 'Google' from invading my machine.
I use to search the registry. you can choose any search you want.
Google wants to know everything about you and I am not willing to share.
I use an anoymous proxy ahead of the internet search. I don't show my real IP to anyone. I move my DNS to London.
Chrome or google will not operate under circumstances where they can't see your computer. Won't stop the government, but it will stop "google"
I don't need their help with my lifestyle or preferences. My life is good without 'Google' or 'Yahoo' in my registry.
Change your search to something other than 'Google"
First time cleaning the registry, you will see how invasive it is. JUst Delete everything 'Google"' Your system will still perform without it.

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I meant Search The Internet,

you use regedit to search the registry.

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