I'm going with no on this one. You could try Dell Docs on this but it looks like the raid controller is a simple one. To get a SATA controller that you could put a bootable OS on removes those 20 buck controller cards and has us looking at Adaptec's solutions. Why? Because we need a boot rom for the controller.

http://download.adaptec.com/pdfs/user_guides/aar1210sa_ug.pdf writes "Your Adaptec 1210SA is a bootable controller. If your computer
already contains a bootable hard drive with an installed operating
system, you can set up your computer to boot a second operating
system from the new controller.
To add a second bootable controller, you may need to enter Setup
and change the hard disk boot sequence so that the Adaptec 1210SA
heads the list. If Setup does not allow this change, your system BIOS
may not be configurable to allow the Adaptec 1210SA controller to
act as a second boot device."

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