Actor Jason Biggs disgusting tweets

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Reporting: Actor Jason Biggs disgusting tweets
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I never heard of Jason Biggs.....

.....and I never would have heard of him if you hadn't posted this.

I would hardly compare him with Rush Limbaugh in terms of celebrity status or the number of people he reaches.

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Do little kids listen to Rush, Josh?

Maybe YOU haven't heard of Biggs, but KIDS are fans of his and Nick was directing them to Biggs' twitters. And Biggs' insults and disgusting remarks are far worse than anything Rush said. Leave it to a liberal to 'excuse'....I mean 'explain'....away the pig.

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I didn't see the actual comments

The article refers to them but doesn't quote them, so I have no idea what he said. Do you?

Of course one difference is that Biggs was (apparently) not thinking. Rush knew exactly what he was doing, and not one leading Republican had the cojones to condemn his remarks. And why would they; the guy is a hero to them. The closest anyone came was to question his choice of words.

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(NT) Limbaugh vilified Fluke for 3 solid days on Air. Rob
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try reading Josh's post again

He didn't explain away anything. He said your comparison to Rush is ridiculous... and it is.

Now if you want to get upset about how crude the guy is, then you are absolutely correct. Is there a political significance? There is ZERO political significance.

You reached so far with this one, that you fell off your chair.

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lets see, the comments were made before nik linked to the...

... comments were made before Nickelodian linked to the account.

Pretty stupid on Nik's part to not parse the guy's account before telling a bunch of kids to go there. it contains...

According to John Nolte at BigHollywood "Nickelodeon directs your children to [Biggs's] Twitter account filled with sexist talk of bleached ***holes, incest, "****," photos of dildos, and Chick-fil-A trashing."

That is far from what Rush said about Fluke. Biigs is not a political pundit, does not make his living off of commentary about politics and in fact, is best known for being in a movie where he has sex with an apple pie.

Congratulations Toni. You get the prize for searching out the Most Obscure Celebrity Award ! The guy has a high school mentality and a potty mouth. He did his generations' version of PORKYS. He now does voices for cartoons. His political clout is ZERO. Rush Limbaugh should search you out and dress you down for insulting him by comparing Rush to this guy.

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He's the kid from "American Pie?"

I have to correct myself then; I have indeed heard of him, having seen that movie.

I wonder how many kids were at the Ted Nugent concert where he called Hillary a b***h among other things from the stage. Come to think of it, probably not many; his audience likely consists mostly of aging rednecks.

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(NT) Nugent has more political significance than Biggs does.
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Know what would be fun?

To go to a Ted Nugent concert and count the mullets.


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Why is it whenever liberals are confronted with a situation like this the first thing they do is bring up what someone else has done like that makes it OK.

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Welcome to SE and I'll answer that for you

but that characteristic isn't limited to people of any ideology. Consider that it starts with children who use that argument against their siblings when about to be punished. It's how they say "no fair!" If it works, they continue with the same lame practice into adulthood. The same goes for temper tantrums. If mom and dad give in, they learn that kicking and screaming is how to get one's way and continue doing so into adulthood. It's just that adult tantrums are better organized and sophisticated. They require meetings and planning.

I'll leave it at that...don't want to get on roll here. Come back and enjoy the fun.

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I see you haven't gotten around.......

......to reading Toni's posts yet. Wink

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where did anyone say it was OK ?

Being trivial... yes. The actions of a third rate celeb... yes.

Being OK... nope, I don't see anyone saying that at all.

As for your other point, it was the OP who began the thread by making a comparison. I would say the so-called liberals just pointed out the comparison was outright silliness.

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Remember when Jason Biggs......

......was made an honorary member of Congress, or when he was a guest speaker at an RNC conference?

Me neither.

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(NT) ^_^
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I remember Fluck

who wanted to ---- and to do it on someone else's dime. She's at the DNC. I think she made a speech there, but darn it all, I must have missed it. Wink

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Evidently you didn't notice or note

the disgusting comments he made about Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ryan....and contrary to Josh's comment that Biggs wasn't thinking........he must not think ALOT because he's been doing for nearly two weeks already. Comparing his comments to Rush's evidently makes it all okay because Rush's were sooooo much worse, right? Just like all the trash said about Palin and her family was okay, too? God help any conservative who would trash BO's family, including his kids though........

You guys are getting weirder and weirder every day here because you just keep defending outright pigs because they're all liberals.........happy days.......

Oh, BTW....I guess free birth control isn't enough now for Fluke.......now she expects sex change surgeries to also be covered by healthcare. Gimme a break from the stupids, the entitled, and the liberals.........

Thanks for all the nice words coming my way in this thread, Josh...........

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Biggs has no credibility as a social leader...

... nor does he claim to have social or political influence. I give Limbaugh a compliment by admitting that he does have social and political influence.

To compare the one mans influence to the other is just ludicrous.

As to the question of did I notice the mans' comments? I provided a link that gave more details than the link you gave.

Really Toni... you need to pick and chose your battles. Biggs comments has the same political and social importance as a gnat farting during a hurricane.

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And how much coverage

do 'non influential' celebs like Rosie, Angelina, Cher, RoseAnne, etc. who spew absolute trash in support of BO garner? Biggs and the rest are pigs BUT they get TV exposure for their statements.........and yet Rush gets vilified for calling Fluke a '****' and everyone who is on the left trashes with relish liberal women, and liberal women with HIGH profiles like the potential FIRST LADY and TWO potential VP wives and they are let off the hook. You wanna pick a battle? Wasn't it BO in an interview while running in 2008 who said "MY FAMILY IS HANDS OFF" when it came to attacks? But a Conservative's family is FULL ON?

You may not like my battle over Biggs....but I haven't heard ONE liberal in here yet who has defended Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ryan.........you're all to busy boo-hooing over Fluke and Rush........If a Conservative attacked that 'I'm taking away your food' control freak "Mom-in-chief" of the FREAKING USA instead of JUST HER OWN HOUSEHOLD Mrs. First Lady Obama, how would you react?

Just once, I would like to see a liberal in here actually lambast another liberal for being a pig and demand an apology toward a Conservative woman.

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(NT) BTW, Toni, Rush has currently LOST 44 sponsors so far.
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Not very much

I don't see why you keep trying to deflect or mitigate what Rush Limbaugh did. It was disgusting, and now he has the chutzpah to claim credit for the added fame that Sandra Fluke got as a result.

Cher? Seriously? Angelina Jolie has involved herself in charitable/humanitarian causes. AFAIK she has not taken to the airwaves to attack anyone. And I don't know of anyone who takes Roseanne seriously or ever has.

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The fact that Biggs has SOME kind of following

since he IS an actor and a 'contributor' to Nick gives him 'credibility' regarding his tweets......

And still no condemnation from the group here.....Rush may have gone over the top with the '****' remark about Fluke, but Fluke was a virtual NOBODY until BO decided to jump onto her bandwagon and make her an instant star, Josh. BIGGS, on the other hand, already WAS/IS a star in his own right and has made horrific statements, comments, etc. about a possible future FIRST LADY and her husband's VP's WIFE.

Are you guys for real? I'm not deflecting to Rush.......I'm questioning YOU and YOUR moral outrage that seems to be sorely lacking when it comes to Conservative women, and yet liberals and this administration claim that the REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES are the ones waging war on women. Evidently that war is only seen as one when it is regarding the OTHER side of the parties, and only when it concerns conservative talk hosts because there has been NO evidence that Republicans or Conservatives are against women....we are only against giving ANYBODY anymore freebies and want to stop funding Planned Parenthood and using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions. NOBODY wants to reverse Roe v Wade no matter what the prez and his cohorts say on the campaign trail......we're just tired of PAYING for it.

As for Fluke......she has birth control already free or cheap......and IF she and others CHOOSE to sleep around, why should the taxpayer have to foot the bill for her contraceptives or her abortion? I thought you guys were all for PRO CHOICE........we'll, we the taxpayers CHOOSE NOT TO PAY FOR HER GOOD TIMES.

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No comment about my being PRO-CHOICE

regarding choosing NOT to pay for other people's freebies???? Typical. It's only PRO-CHOICE when it's for a liberal and not for a conservative....if a conservative dares to complain, we're the party that denies freebies to poor people, even when they CAN afford what they CHOOSE to do.

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(NT) you're complaining about not getting a comment?
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Pro-Choice I guess is selective with liberals

Liberal Pro-Choice seems to be the only legitimate one......Conservative Pro-Choice is something to be ignored, discounted, or not allowed on the liberal menu. ummmmmmm

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RE: Pro-Choice I guess is selective with liberals

No more so than conservatives

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what worse could Rush say than....

....what she freely admitted. "I'm not married. I have lots of sex. I need birth control. I can afford college but not birth control. My lovers won't pay for birth control. I think Catholics or someone who isn't part of my sexual life should pay for birth control. If I don't get my way I'll get a special invitation to Congress to make the world know the sort of person I am. I will embarass myself publicly. I will then blame Rush and anyone else for noticing how I have portrayed myself publicly. Anyone who notices the sort of person I am is bad, but in spite of what I do, I am good. I am very confused."

Rush called it like she showed it. Just because she, and you, can't handle the truth....

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Despite your use of quotes....

.....she said none of those things, though it is true she isn't married.

No surprise you think anyone who uses birth control is a w***e, but that's your issue, not mine.

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SPEAK louder than words.

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Neither you or any of your friends

had sex before you married and have only had the one partner in your whole life?


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