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ACORN misspent grant money...

Now the government wants them to pay $3.2 million.

I wonder how many lives they endangered.

A government audit says the advocacy group ACORN should reimburse the government $3.2 million for failing to adequately show that lead removal work was performed at a reasonable cost.

The auditors also say some grant money was spent inappropriately, including for political campaigns and fundraising.

Congress already has cut off ACORN's federal funding after allegations of voter registration fraud and embezzlement.

Hey, Crowsfoot... here's something that can be cut! Kooky governmentgrants.

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Reporting: ACORN misspent grant money...
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I wonder how many lives they endangered.

by ACORN? with lead removal? or the defense contractors that got caught in the ACORN Net?

Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are just two among a host of defense contractors under scrutiny in the legal system. In fact, the Project on Government Oversight lists 100 government contractors, defense and otherwise, who have received federal contracts while also involved in court cases.

check these guys out

I think defense contractors cutting corners could endanger more lives than ACORN.

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Isn't this about ACORN?

If someone posted about a hurricane, would you misdirect to a volcano?

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my post is more about ACORN

than your missile post was about Al Quaeda

At least my post has the word ACORN in it.

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Oh, so you know

...who shot that missile or rocket or whatever it was? Anyway, I didn't say it was them, that's why I asked. Wink

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RE: I didn't say it was them,

and neither did the link you provided.

as I've said before

Headline writer for National Enquirer?

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that's just one link I read

No sense in posting the others, which by the way, did ask the same question. See other thread for enlightenment.

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which by the way, did ask the same question

so you have some followers/believers/like thinkers that post on the internet, but I'm not one of them.

You do realize anyone can post anything on the internet.

Got a link to any MSM floating the trial balloon that the missile/rocket was Al Quaeda?

Except for your employer the National Enquirer,

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get over it

you lost the argument. Move on. Quit trying to drag it out further.

Sorry you didn't think of it first, eh? You still don't know who launched the missile, so it could have been anyone, especially someone we are "at war" with. Conjecture is free, and the MSM is NOT the final word on anything.

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you lost the argument.

Says who?

It was an argument?

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And yet some will try to distract andc obfusacate..

in order to let these criminals off the hook.


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It's just that simple?

1 post?

I wish I had THAT power.

ALL your work putting them on the hook, and 1 post takes them off?

Where did anyone say let them off?

Concerned that lead wasn't removed, lives lost and you call it a "kooky government grant"

make up my mind....are you concerned about peoples health or not?

You only want to hang certain groups that are ripping off government money, I want to hang them all. and I gave examples

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(NT) That ws an easy call !!

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