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Acer sold me a Lemon!

I bought Acer Aspire 8940G, thinking that the bigger screen (18.4 inches), and fast processor (core i7), would give me a an edge. Instead, I got a lemon, as soon as I try to watch a video (e.g., Youtube) in the full screen mode, the computer's screen goes blank and there is a loud static sound and the only option is to shut it down because the system goes unresponsive.

Sometimes the proplem would appear after several minutes of watching the video. I told Acer about it, they asked me to send it their workshop, which I did. The laptop came back with the same problem. I called them again, send the laptop to the workshop again ... same problem. I called their tech support dozens of time and have gone over with them over several procedures, including restoring factory setting, cold boots, video codec installations and what not, but the problem persists. Now they charge me for the tech support and say that it's not their fault and I should contact Microsoft or Adobe or Google, etc., as there is problem with their video condecs and not their laptop.

What are my options here? This thing has caused me great misery and suffering. I haven't been able to do any work on the computer ever since I bought it in January, because I don't know how many time I would have to formate and reformate the hard disk and restore factory settings, etc.

Please advise,


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All are lemons then.

I've seen this issue on too many Windows machines. The owner installs a codec and the machine crashes. We "reformate the hard disk and restore factory settings, etc." and the machine comes back.

Many owners are upset about that and will not pay for support on this issue.

The industry doesn't seem to have an answer yet.

Again, if installing video codecs crash a machine, and since Acer didn't write that codec, how can Acer be at fault?

Maybe someday all this will be sorted out.

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Given your new story.

If it fails in factory form then you keep your cool and maintain that out of the box it should be able to play youtube. But if youtube is dismissed as third party problems, reload it to the factory once again and try to play a DVD full screen. If it is their problem it should fail.

HOWEVER I'm running into folk that take such high power machines and place them on a soft surface that blocks the air flow. In fact one owner said the design shouldn't be like that! We are not at the time where the design survives such use. I don't have the answer for such owners. Maybe they deserve all the pain and the makers for not talking with the owners about "how to use."

If you get nowhere contact the credit card company and ask them to intervene to get a full refund but remember that there is no perfect machine. Hit a bad codec, malware or some other item and your story is told again.

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Re: lemon

If such a crash happens with the laptop in its pristine state (no hardware added, the software restored to factory state, no overclocking or other BIOS changes) with a video that you can view on all other PC's, then it's a warranty issue. But such is easy to show, and easy for them to see and check.

If all is fine on such a pristine machine, and only happens after you installed ANY software yourself, it most likely is related to that software.

I've never needed to install any video codec to view Youtube. Why do you?

You're not very clear about the exact situation.


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video crash

Thanks for your reply. The crash would happen even before any software or codecs were installed. The first time it happened, I had only installed Comcast Wireless and Firefox (this happens with IE and Chrome as well).

The codecs were installed by the Acer technician who took remote control of my system. I haven't installed any hardware at all. As I said previously, the it's the Acer techies who insist that it's related with video codecs.

The question is, what are my options because the system is obviously faulty?

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(NT) Retrun it and get your money back.
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video codects

I tried, but Acer would have none of it. They say that I should contact Microsoft for the correct video codecs.

I was wondering if there is a consumer protection system in place to protect consumers from a manufacturer who sells a faulty product and tehn refuses to admit its mistake?

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Your credit card company. Just keep calm, call it defective and get a refund. Mind you if it was your doing you'll only repeat this on the next model. You may know I've seen that happen with one poor soul going through 6 defective machines (hard to believe as the last two worked fine for me.)

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