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Acer Aspire 5920G no post

While working properly, my 2.5 years old Acer Aspire 5920G just cut its power (I wasn't running any major/massive software at that moment; only Winamp, Firefox and XFire) and I can't run it after that incident. A lappy cooler was intact and it wasn't that hot.

Symptoms include powering up after pressing power button, starting up the comp regularly for like 3-5 seconds, running the fan during the time, reading the DVD-rom and then shutting itself off. After shutting itself, it immediately repowers itself and tries to start up again, now fan DOES NOT RUN, tries to read DVD-rom again then cutting the power and retrying start up. It fails, fails and fails constantly, I don't even do anything. During the whole process I can see nothing on the screen (might be because I can never get past the first 3 seconds of startup, but I think it might be related to graphics card). If I plug in an USB lappy cooler it works when computer runs and doesn't work when computer shuts itself off, obviously.

I did try to switch RAM and ram slots, it's not the reason. It might be the mainboard, but as I mentioned it's not hot or anything, I don't think it's overheating (although I may have BURNED it, but I don't think so, well, it doesn't smell like burnt cable, and it was rather cold when it first crashed on me); 5 seconds are not enough for it to get that hot to reboot itself (although, it never boots so, I don't think I can call it a "reboot"). Using a lappy cooler doesn't contribute to the time intervals in any way. Some people on other forums say it's because of RTC battery (it's either misplaced or damaged somehow), but I couldn't FIND it (I only found a battery just behind the keyboard but I don't think it's the RTC battery; it's too small and inconveniently placed).

I have no idea what to do, not to mention no bucks left to buy another lappy for my school so... I would appreciate ANY help to bring it back to life D:

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Try the old reset.

Remove AC, then the battery, press and hold the power button for a full minute (this is noted in this forum's sticky!)

Battery back in, AC, count to 10 and try again.

If fail, measure the CMOS BATTERY and replace if need be. If good, then tthe next part is usually the motherboard. Sadly this may cost as much as the entire machine.

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Reset ain't working

I generally use the lappy only by powering it up with the power cord, and I never use a battery. Even though, I tried every combination to try this "reset" to get a result; having one of the two plugged in while holding the power button for a min, having none of'em, having both of them etc... No difference.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I cannot locate CMOS battery. I checked the mainboard from BOTH sides (I didn't plug out any cords, just opened some screws, but still). It should have been exposed. The only battery I found on the motherboard is a little one that's not possible to be changed by my hands since it's intentionally stuck there. It's relatively small, I can only see it if I take out the keyboard, and its place is titled on the MB as "BATT1". I'm unsure if it's THE CMOS battery. If it is, as I said, it should have been relatively easy to locate and be replaced if necessary. If I can have instructions about where to find this CMOS battery or if the battery I found IS the CMOS battery, my job here will get really easier.

I really want to check the battery as my last chance. Then maybe I can let this blasted thing rest. For 2,5 years it was mostly a pain in the neck with constant BSODs (i had it serviced for 3-4 times during the warranty, its mainboard AND memories were replaced, but still I was getting the same BSODs during approximately 1/20 of all startups, namely NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATION) and some other weird startup error in which the screen starts flickering with weird dotty colors and computer suddenly getting unable to be used. I'll never buy any ACER product again, and the only reason why I held onto is because of my strictly limited budget.

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This is why

I use a Volt Meter to check such batteries. Sorry to hear about the budget but we try the simple things before we write to change the motherboard.

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It's okay, if only this product wasn't such a problematic lump of logic gates and burnt plastic noone would be needed to be forced to think outside of the box.

I don't want to find a way to revive my old Acer turd, I never really liked it even when it was usable, and now I can really let it go and find a better laptop (or a netbook). Yes, budget is still a problem but I'll try to find my way out. Just; anything to escape from this hell's circle namely ACER.

So yeah, thanks for the heads up anyway. It was still kind of helpful.

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At the office we have

Many Dells. Drowning in them. In my office we have a long list with many HP, Acer, Emachine, Lenovo and Toshiba. Only one has me on the phone to get it back to the maker. My bet is HP will claim it's not a bug. If so I'll post how to test for this bug and what else to expect.

Feel free to post in this forum with a simple post like "I'm consider the anditop 503 or the Trevite 1040, which unit have you used and like the best?"

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