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Accessibility help regarding font and display screen size

My Mom purchase an HP Pavilion Slimline PC with an AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor, with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. She connected that to a 19 inch Sony TFT LCD Color Monitor model SDM-HS75P/SDM-HS95P. She wasn't happy after it was connected because she has a vision problem and the letters were to small. I have been able to change the icons and fonts on the destop to a larger size, also the taskbar and toolbar. Apparently, I have also been able to change IE (for some pages) using View - text size - largest. But on the page she uses most the print is tiny and I don't seem to be able to change it. I checked the forums and found control-scroll, but it doesn't seem to work on that page. Also, when she opens a window in IE she wants it to display fully on her screen. It only seems to display on approx. half her screen even after I enlarge. Please help me......before I go CRAZY!!! Thanks. Pam

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Reporting: Accessibility help regarding font and display screen size
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Pam.. It looks as though ...

the print on the investor's page may not enlarge. Or at least that I can tell. I tried it, with no luck. My guess is, because of the charts and numbers, it might not all fit on the page had you been able to make the change. I may be wrong. It's only a guess. I can't even change it to any other size, to include smaller. (I probably should have tried a ''like page'', prior to posting.)

I don't know much about the ''Accesibility Options''. But if you go to Start>Control Panel>Accessibility Options>Display Tab. Then under High Contrast, you should see a box called ''settings''. You will then see a drop down menu. Some of the schemes also change font sizes for greater legibility. I haven't tried it myself, but I think it's worth a try.

Pam, you could also wait a bit, as I think there are member's here, who would probably know exactly what to do. In the meantime..

Maybe this will help..

If it's of any consolation, from what I see, all the information on the page, only covers ? of the page.

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Addition to the above..
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Replay and thanks

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your replay, I took a look at the high contrast and that might work for her. Also have display properties-appearance setting at windows xp style with font set to x-large. Have DPI settings to 120 (large). I played with it yesterday and someplace I found a check box that overrides the IE fonts and uses the x-large size specified. When I did that the ''investors'' page was so HUGE that it was rediculous (spelling), so I changed it back.

Carol, why is it that the IE window doesn't fit your screen size. For example the Cnet window has approx 2 inches of solid yellow on either side of it. My Mom says why would I buy a bigger monitor if the page doesn't fill out the whole screen?

Thanks again for your help, you've helped me before and I really appreciate that you take the time to help out the inexperienced.


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You're welcome, Pam..

Glad to hear you've been able to make some changes for your Mom. Hopefully, you'll be able to find something suitable for her to see.

In regard to the borders on the websites. IE has nothing to do with how the website 'fits'. Firefox displays it in the same way. It's the way the website is layed out. If you'll notice, not all sites have the border you're referring to. For all I know, there may be a reason for it. (It may make the page ''stand out''. Just a guess. I really don't know why.)

When your Mom asks, why buy a bigger monitor if it doesn't fit the whole screen. It really doesn't have anything to do with how it fits the screen. The page is the same no matter what size the screen. The larger the screen, the larger the image. If you were to put a small and large monitor, side by side, I think she'd have her answer. It makes a big difference, depending upon the size of the screens.

I don't know if this helps you any further. And yes.. I do remember you too. It's my pleasure, if I can help in any way possible.


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I did it......

I figured out how to enlarge the size of the IE window.....I lowered the resolution....Went to Display Properties > Settings > lowered screen resolution....and Viola (did I spell that right?) the page fits the whole screen. Now maybe instead of everyone helping me, I can possibly assist someone else.

Thanks again

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That's great, Pam..

And that's the way it works. Wink I like to call it ''paying it forward''. You've learned something and you've passed it on. Thanks for posting back with how you did it.


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