Abusive practice from Microsoft

In your opinion, do you think you can ask Microsoft for damages, having installed, in my PC, W10 without being asked? In fact, I had no intention to install it.
I have an internet key and I have to buy extra gigabytes for their abusive dawnlod and they also have almost consumed the space on my disk C. What will happen when it will be at zero? Thanks

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Reporting: Abusive practice from Microsoft
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Clarification Request
Next time, share that news story.

Otherwise I have to take your word that 10 was installed. Which it was not. That means we lose time on this topic needlessly. It took a lot of posts to find out you are complaining about the download, not the "install."

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Hi Proffitt,

thanks to your answers, and those of the other members, I solved the problem: i found the files abusively installed with Windows Update that have helped Windows Update to abusively download the folder $Windows.~BT of +3GB (that ate up a lot of space in my PC) and used up my GB for interne access, forcing me to purchase new ones. Not to mention the hassles and time lost thanks to those snaking gentlemen.
I do not want to think evil of you, so I suppose, your misunderstanding of the whole post, I think it stems from a hurried reading.
Thanks also to your answers I found that many others are complaining about the deplorable behavior of MS and they are trying to do something about it.
The fact remains that not everyone can do what I did, therefore remaining with less disk space (there must be other files because I also have not recovered the previous space) and losing money.

PS I can not understand the meaning of your post "Now we are getting somewhere. ". Getting where? into a search engine?

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"This just in"

It's a new story. A lot of posts yet Windows 10 was never installed, just downloaded in advance. Some consumers were griping about the long delay after the reservation till it was ready to install. Microsoft fixed that.

And upset a lot of other folk. Just goes to show that you can't please them all.

If 10 was installed, you would have a lot more to complain about. As it stands I see it being downloaded, not installed.

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You would be the first.

I looked around and you may be among the few that are reporting this. So far across what is now just over 100 upgrades not one self installed. About all I've seen is the GWX download and its popup.

As to extra gigabytes, Windows Update on prior windows can be curbed to be monthly rather than more often but here's the rub. More and more folk are unwilling to learn windows. Maybe you need to change to an ipad or such?

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I am among the few who does not want W10. Devil

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There are a lot of articles on how to turn off the GWX offer

That download is not gigabytes. The download of 10 only starts after you reserve your copy.

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Did you click on the button to reserve your copy of 10?

That's the only way I know of for what you describe to happen. MS has said that if you click on that, they "will download and install Windows 10 for you".

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Downloading W10 just in case
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Lawful? Probably, but ethical? I sure don't see how.

MS has really gotten sleazy in the last several years in my opinion. First they sneak this KB8035583 onto Windows 7 & 8 to nag folks into "upgrading", then as if that's not enough, they start sneaking all this onto folk's hard drives. Then when/if you install 10, there're 47 "snoopware" switches you have to turn off to keep them from sending all kinds of info back to MS, gobbling up more bandwidth. Then on top of all that they send out these seemingly technical surveys that start asking all kinds of personal questions about 80% of the way through that are none of their business. Angry They sure aren't the same company they used to be.

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or under the control of US intelligence?
If they can do that, they can do anything in your PC. A trojan horse hard to find.
I do not think Microsoft behavior is lawful but an abuse of power.

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it was bound to happen

In spite of microsoft promises, their past history shows they have done this before with browsers. It was always you don't have to upgrade, then nag you to upgrade, when finally a few months later, they will auto upgrade you in the name of security.

I have a coworker who does not know that much about computers. His home internet access is a verizon wireless card with a 3 gig cap. His bill this past month included an overage charge because of microsoft and their auto downloading. What made it worse is it failed at about 90% a couple hours into the download and it kept restarting until he pulled the card and got help.

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As it began...

it may also end but, unfortunately, i am not in US for a class action.

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By the way 5/10/2015
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This sounds more like the old System Restore space issue.
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In fact,

when I wanted to restore the system, I found that I had no more points of restoration, although System Restore was on. Who deleted them? A $ 1,000,000 question. Or not? Confused

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Malware today.

I run into infected PCs 100% of the time now. But my view is tainted by the fact folk only bring me badly behaving PCs.

Here's the thing. I'm finding many folk running Windows but totally not into the care and how it works. Most run without backup, most lose the restore media or never created it. When a problem happens, they are at the service counters or very upset something brok. (typo intentional.)

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Not exactly but a "MiSware", named:


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So those Windows update logs & files.

There are posts aplenty to clean those up. Most folk never need to do this but in my craft I run into a lot of OCD where folk are examining every folder and file in the system. Good for them but a few won't research these. Some flame out over others that won't write what a file or folder is.

-> Once in a while I'll have to hand them an iPad to try out.

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What's this key thing you had to buy? This is a term I've never heard before.

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Unethical maybe but...

I wouldn't like to hazard a guess whether it is actually illegal or covered by some clause in the W10 EULA (I haven't read it because I don't intend installing W10).

I do know that it has been extremely difficult to avoid all the "enhancement" patches that Microsoft has been pushing - so far, I seem to be winning but for how long before I miss one? I truly believe that this whole process should have been "opt-in" and not "opt-out" but I doubt Microsoft care too much about what I believe!

The reason I opined that the process was unethical, is that they did check what connection was being used before enabling the sharing of networks to download the consolidated updates and didn't enable it for capped broadband users - they could have done this before pushing the W10 upgrade but didn't.

You could ask Microsoft to refund the cost of your wasted broadband usage (good luck with that!) but if you use the word "damages", you are in lawyer land and you who will get rich then! Up to you but personally, I would question whether it's worth the effort.

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not extremely difficult at all

quote -
I do know that it has been extremely difficult to avoid all the "enhancement" patches that Microsoft has been pushing

not difficult at all if running linux Happy

the problem when you start talking about lawyers and damages is you really need to read their eula first. Microsoft made it difficult to sue and you agreed to it by installing their os.

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Win 10 is NOT an automatic update.

I do not know what may have happened to you, but the Win 10 upgrade is not automatic for any device. You either ordered it or some other user did.

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Now we are getting somewhere.
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Install Linux and forget about MS and Windows

That's what I and many others have done since XP end and never have to worry about all that anymore.


Using Mint 17 and Firefox right now to post this. No sweat. There's a great feeling of relief escaping the plantation.

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If you're observant, you can prevent the download

I had this "..just in case" Win10 auto-download occur on my Win7 machine yesterday. It attempted to download Win10 even when I "unchecked"
the option. (under optional downloads) Mr. Softee decided to download it whether I wanted it or not! I never "reserved" a copy and I have no intention to upgrade to Win10 anytime soon. Great business pratice. I immediatley stopped the download. Some Win7 security patches were also downloaded. The Windows10 download files are stored in the temp dir (\Winseven\Temp) on my system. They can gobble up 3gig if you don't cancel the download! After about an hour of searching I found and implemented a solution that will inhibit future downloads and only download Win7 updates.

Of course its a registry hack. So be careful ! Here it is:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> WindowsUpdate> OSUpgrade
Look for the KEY : AllowOSUpgrade
Change it to zero"

I have a strange hunch that Mr. Softee will be getting a boatload
of support calls in the near future, with folks having this identical problem.

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And we pay the price
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"the installer does require human intervention to actually

"the installer does require human intervention to actually proceed, so you won't run the risk of waking up to find your PC running a different operating system."

What price are we paying here? I've read up on the news now and can't see anything but it chewing up some disk space.

Just last week the office picked up a 2TB HDD for under 99 bucks. I see the biggest of the W10 downloads is 3GB so that's 15 cents of HDD space.

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