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About Windows 7 Home Premium?

I've a dell laptop with me which came Windows 7 Home Basic preinstalled.I have Windows 7 Home Premium DVD with me.

My questions is that can I install Windows 7 Home Premium version on my Laptop considering the fact that Home Basic Version is currently installed?

I'm a bit leery about the installation because following message is printed over it:

Reinstallation DVD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

The software is already installed on your computer.Use this DVD only to reinstall the operating system on a Dell PC."

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Are you sure you have Home Basic installed?

Did you get the Home Premium disk with your Dell laptop at the time of purchase? It sounds like the disk you have is for installation of your current OS, should you need to reinstall on your laptop. But, that does not make sense if your laptop came with Home Basic and the disk you have is for Home Premium...


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No I did not get the disc at the time of purchase.In fact I requested Dell people to send me the Disc as they forgot to give me at the time of purchase.

I don't know why they have sent me Home Premium disc.

Why couldn't I install Windows 7 Home Premium despite the fact that my Laptop has Home Basic installed on it?

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to CassandraF_WinTeam

Yes I'm sure that Windows Home Basic is installed on my Laptop.

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Having read the other posts

if you have Home Basic and that's what came with the laptop, your disk should be the same version. I presume you called Dell to get that CD. If so...and should call them to let them know of the mistake. It's possible, however, that the Home Premium was offered on that model at a slightly higher price. In that case, it might just work in the event you needed to do a complete disaster recovery. It's not going to perform an in place upgrade, however. At this point, I guess it's your choice. If I was in your shoes, I'd be giving Dell a call to let them know what you were expecting but what you got instead. Let them handle it. Good luck.

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Where did you get

Where did you get that Home Premium disc?

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Jimmy Greystone

Dell company has officially dispatched the CD.

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In that case

In that case, it will install but it would be an unlicensed copy. If your system shipped with Home Basic, and Dell mistakenly sent you Home Premium, then to be on the legal up and up, you would need to pay the difference between Home Basic and Home Premium or contact Dell about getting the correct media.

I suppose if you contact Dell and they tell you to just keep what you have instead of dispatching the proper media, then you would be in the clear. In such a case, I would interpret it as Dell saying they will pay the license fee for you. However, you would need to make a good faith effort to get the proper media first.

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Probably a restore partition on the harddrive.

Probably a restore partition on the harddrive.

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Please tell me precisely

What is the difference between a genuine Windows DVD and the one which I have ie re installation DVD.

Is it same as a Genuine Windows 7 DVD?

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As best as I can answer anyway

Both could be considered as genuine but could be designed for different purposes. Ones that come with systems with Windows pre-installed (or that you can make yourself with provided software), are for that machine make and model only. They are produced by the PC manufacturer and contain components additional to the Windows OS such as drivers specific for the machine they are installed on. The also have a product ID code that's different from other issues of Windows. These are one OEM type of DVD if we're talking about Windows 7. There is another type of OEM DVD and these are the ones that system builders can get from Microsoft which are basically the same as what you might buy from a retail store. These don't contain special driver sets, however. They also come with a different range of product ID codes. The other type available to the public is the full retail versions. These will come in at least two flavors. One is the "upgrade" type. This means you use it to upgrade and existing installation of Windows. Again, a different range of product ID codes will be needed with these. The other type will be the full retail copy which is for a user to install on his/her own system from scratch. Another range of product ID codes again.

I'm emphasizing and restating that each type will use product ID codes specific for that release type and one is very limited in how these can be shuffled around. OEM types that come pre-installed are the most restrictive. They are designed for a single use one one machine and are valid only as long as the machine is alive. Retail versions can be reused as long as they are only in use on one machine at a time. Hope that helps.

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The snag may come when you

authenticate and validate the OS with M$. Some of this is done during the actual OS installation. If it fails then you have a problem. I have done up grades and had to contact M$ about them to get it cleared. This was not a big deal. M$ might be fussier these days about it. This sounds like an full version/off the shelf version so it should be ok but ...... contact Dell.

Make sure you back up your data before you do anything with it at all.

Now back to the M$ rep.. Happy

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do this..

click start
right click computer click properties and the version of win in your machine is at the top.. i.e. premium, basic ultimate or whatever..

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Dell restore media is

the full version of Windows, nothing added for that specific machine - if you have a Windows 7 Basic key that came with your computer you will not have a key for Windows 7 Home Premium - so you can install the Home Premium on any computer but will not have the key to use it, when installing on the wrong computer it will detect it's not on the machine it's meant for and ask for the key. The Drivers are on a separate DVD and are usually included with the machine along with any CD Burning program. You should have the option to make your own of the OS, Drivers and Applications that came with it unless Dell has done away with this since my last one purchased in Dec.

The only way to do a full factory install on a Dell is to use the restore partition on the hard drive, this will include the OS, drivers and apps that were originally on it. In the event of hard drive failure though you would need the OS, drivers and apps DVD's to restore it.

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