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About to buy an AT&T iPhone? Look here first! Get up to$125!

Dec 2, 2008 7:31AM PST

If you are about to buy an iPhone and sign up for NEW AT&T service, please keep reading.

AT&T has a 'refer-a-friend' program: a friend signs up for service, mentions the referrer's name, you BOTH get a $25 AT&T gift card. As per the program's site, you can use the gift card to buy the phones, accessories, whatever. You can even just use it to pay your AT&T bill.

I was thinking that we could leverage and foster the iPhone Atlas community by instituting a sort of 'pay-it-forward' referral tree to take advantage.

Here's the plan:

Within this topic thread, anyone with EXISTING AT&T service can post their name/email address/forum handle. Those planning to purchase an iPhone from AT&T can look here before buying and contact the person at the top of the list for a referral. Once you've done a referral, you are removed from the top of the list (just edit/delete your initial post to indicate that you've done a referral. You can add yourself to the bottom of the list again, if you'd like. You are able to refer 5 people per year and earn up to $125). Then, the next person in line is up to send a referral and receive the $25 gift along with the buyer, and so on.

The referral program website:

Existing AT&T customers need to register and can then send the referral e-mails from the program management page inside.

Have a look.

Let me know what you think.

I'll start it off...


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