Abandon CNET - installers repeatedly full of malware

It is a sad day for me, as a long time user and huge fan of CNET over the course of many years. I don't know what has happened to the service we once knew, whether it was taken over or just corrupted from the inside. WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT OVER THE PAST YEAR, CNET HAS CONSISTENTLY DETERIORATED UNTIL BY NOW IT IS A MALWARE DISTRIBUTOR.

When the installers full of toolbar "offers" were first introduced, they were annoying to be sure, but at least harmless as long as you didn't click through too quickly or accepted the default installation instructions.

BUT THE LAST TWO TIMES I DOWNLOADED SOFTWARE FROM CNET, THE INSTALLER HAS INJECTED MALWARE INTO MY SYSTEM DESPITE MY CAREFULLY UNCLICKING EVERY TOOLBAR "OFFER" IN THE INSTALLATION PROCESS. The malware has hijacked all of my browsers (start page, default search engine and even new tabs all changed to in an irreversible manner - I have uninstalled the toolbars, purged every registry entry and run virus and malware scans - nothing helps.


This is the last time I will ever touch anything CNET has anything to do with. I am bewildered as to why you have turned into one of the bottom feeders of this world, but whatever the reason I don't care. Goodbye.

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Reporting: Abandon CNET - installers repeatedly full of malware
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Glad you noticed!

I posted the same in two different threads. Any problem with that?

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Junk Downloads

I'm afraid I have to agree with many of you. CNET has gone from a trusted delivery site to a malware and junk ridden problem. Today I tried to download the new 'Easy Recovery System' and the installer was including a load of junk. No option to bypass. I subscribe to lots of CNET newsletters and have done so for years. But I have had enough. I will now cancel all my subscriptions and place CNET on my spam list.

So sorry that you went this way.

You used to be a great source of information..

By the way .... I have been in the IT business .... all my life ...

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More Virus programs from CNET

Today, for Christmas I assume, CNET kindly downloaded (secretly) the TROVI SEarch virus.

Despite me carefully unticking all the silent download options.

That's me finished with them....

All CNET correspondence will now be flagged as spam ....

And I will never use the service again...

Not a way to run a company .... me thinks ...

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Me too with sound no video cant close process

Me too i always avoided Cnet installers anyway its a 1998-200 AD style aggressive toolbar download approach which i dont like at all. But this time the developers of the software i wanted only had a Cnet download on offer, and i was forced to use it. Presto Invisible video unstoppable sound ads with Cnet mentoned it was an Xperia video review, which is now on my Macbook Air and even Avira, Malware Bytes alternatgives such as CC Cleaner etc havent managed to disable, flash deinstalled still goes off!

Cnet is for me some kind of trojan website that is a parasite that distributes other peoples stuff, but not its own. I find its hard approach to hide tickboxes so you oversee them or some people at least, and install crapware along with what you downloaded. Shows what kind of approach they have and what kind of attitude. Time to change Cnet, you are not with the times.

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CNET Virus downloads

I have used CNET for a very long time and subscribe to many newsletters ... and have used it as a source of Downloads. But for the past while every download using their installer has left malware on my system. I would point out that I have made my living in the IT business .... so I know how to avoid junk downloads. But today, despite my ultimate care Trovi Search ended up on my system. Well I am fed up with it. I will now mark all CNET emails as spam and never use CNET Downloader again. I will also cancel all my newsletter subscriptions. Rather sad that a company who were once so respected could decend to such lows.

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Too Bad

Just today, my antivirus detected two malwares from files I downloaded from Cnet. I used to download everything I needed from your site. Not anymore. I don't even want to try to circumvent the installer or anything. You used to be a trustworthy website for downloading software, and you are not anymore; period!

Minesh Parikh

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Just a note.

I have asked the Forum Admin to remove your signature website line.

Sorry, but advertising is not permitted in these forums.


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Re: Just a Note

I find this post about removing an advertisement ironic, considering this whole thread is about programs coming from CNet being terribly laden with AdWare/Malware/Viruses...

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No problems yet

I don't download much software. Apparently I have been lucky with programs I downloaded from CNET.

FWIW I carefully read everything CNET writes about the program with special attention to user reviews. I follow up with a quick Google search and do a backup before installing any software regardless of the source.

From time to time I have tried CNET downloads that did not perform as promised. They were shareware so I can't gripe too much.

My major complaint is that the download pages are so poorly designed due to planning or incompetence it is easy to click the wrong button and download sometime other than what I wanted.

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