There is an Mp3 player in the Samsung A930 but you have to go in thru the programmer's access AKA the back door...

Heres how to get mp3s to play ..

1. Go to Settings/Tools
2. Hit the # key and enter 000000 for the secret code
3. Enter 0 and then enter 8886573982 for the user lock code
4. Select Mp3

I'm on a Mac and just created a new folder on my Memory Card and named it MY_MP3S and just copied my Mp3 files there and the phone recognizes them fine. I had no end of problems trying to convert files into the Windows formatted - WMA files that this phone recognizes ... withouts spending money on conversion software... the free ones only work with Windows... so this is the next best option

Does anyone know if this phone has any software updates that enable the Mp3 player up front?