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Putting new home theater system in new room and will place receiver on built-in bookshelf. Want a high-end receiver but don't have much shelf depth - only 15 inches from front to brick wall behind - that's after extending it. Will be routing cables/wires through brick wall (into garage) and back through to TV to keep wires/cables hidden. Hard to find depth specs for many recommended receivers so thought I'd see if there are any recommended ones that are not more than about 13 inches.

Also planning ceiling mounted speakers for rears - any bad drawbacks?

Thanks in advance!

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That's gonna be very tough

I think standard depth on that kind of stuff is 18 inches or so. AND THEN you will want extra space for ventilation.

It appears you are very concerned with install. Which probably precludes you from using 2 fans, one for intake other for exhaust, which your unit might very well need.

I know of no AV receiver that shallow, and have never seen on on-line or in person. Sorry.

For the rears, if they HAVE to be invisible, in-walls are still better than in-ceiling.

ear-level > in-ceiling > in-wall > nothing

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ear-level > in-wall > in-ceiling > nothing is actually the correct order. Silly

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Shallow Depth Reciever Recommendation

Thanks for the reply. However, I've got an Onkyo in another room and it measures less than 13.5 deep, but I'm looking for something higher quality. Also not concerned about ventilation - plenty of head room to the shelf above - shallow depth shouldn't be an issue.

Anyone else know of high-end A/V receivers that have relatively shallow depth (of course, I'm talking about front to rear, not vertical or horizontal).

Thanks in advance.

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ok, more information please

I actually have found solutions for depth before, and have posted here. But $$$$$$$

First of all, what does higher quality really mean to you anyways? The amp section?

Did you need HDMI?
Do you need internal hi-def decoders?

I ask because many "hi-end" companies have yet to implement HDMI, let alone hi def decoders.

I would maybe look towards receivers with D class amps. They are much more efficient, and therefore can be much smaller and run cooler. One example of a very hi end brand name with an-all-in-receiver including dvd player is the Meridian G95. The two most salient specs:

- Depth 14"
- Msrp $8,945

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Meridian G95 - Holy Crap!

I guess by high end I was thinking in the $800 to $1,700 range. The Meridian G95 is entirely too expensive for me. I'm buying the 52" XBR and can't see paying more for a receiver than the amp. Yes, I do want HDMI, but that's widely available. I appreciate your response. Thanks.

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Please report what you do find

Id be curious. FWIW, the step up brands from your basic big box brands are Rotel and NAD for B&M brands, or Outlaw, Emotiva, for ID brands. I would be very surprised if any of them came that shallow.

Rotel does not have HDMI yet. Neither does Outlaw, maybe at the end of the year. NAD has HDMI, but no internal decoders. So, is HDMI really widely available? Not so much with better brands yet. Anthem has stuff, I beleive no internal decoders, maybe even Krell, but that stuff will blow by $1,700 for sure. I don't think Sunfire, Cambridge, Parasound, etc, have HDMI yet. The brands I've listed above are some of the more common hi end brands. And half of those are considered bang-for-buck. For really hi-end.... HDMI is not widely available.

With basic big box brands, their amps are usually class AB I believe, which means they are large and heavy for anything "high end". Shoot, my mid-line Onkyo 805 is 51 lbs AFAIK.

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Is there any way you can make your HT shelving deeper or add an extension to it? AVRs and amps just keep getting bigger and heavier as wattage goes up, so it probably would be more rewarding to re-design your shelving than try to find an efficient AVR option to fit your somewhat shallow shelving.

What I think you could do is get a mid or entry level Onkyo or Denon AVR with the HD sound codec decoding that has enough HDMI inputs to your liking and if the power output isn't high enough for what you want, you could get a separate amp to drive your speakers and let your AVR be your pre/pro.

One decent combo could be the Onkyo TX-SR605 + the new Emotiva XPA-5 amp (210 watts/channel). The 605 can be had for as low as $400 (I think) and the Emotiva is $800.

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Hey, thanks. I will definitely look into the two products you have listed. For sure in my price range.

As for extending the shelf, I've already planned for that - can't remember now, but I think it can be extended out to 16.5" or so. It is next to a fireplace mantel, so don't want it to go as far, or farther than the mantel protrudes, simply due to appearance. I might just have to cut out some brick behind the shelving to accommodate what I want - was obviously hoping not to have to do that!

Thanks again!

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a couple of things

firstly, the 605 can't access an outboard amp because it does not have pre-outs. You need at least the 705 to do so. The most affordable receiver with pre-outs with internal decoders is the Yamaha 663. However, I have heard a very strange thing about it not being able to pass "full" range hdmi, which as me boggled to say the least. Just one shopper said this.

OK. I assume you do not have Blu ray yet? You do not need hdmi or internal decoders if you don't have one. If you are taking your time on this, many companies will start coming out with dedicated pre/pros with such support. I expect Rotel and Outlaw by the end of the year. Now, that would be nicer stuff than Onkyo for sure. But, they will be pricier... but it seems you have a healthy budget.

It's something I would seriously consider if I was in your shoes... and didn't have a BDP that demanded bitstreamed hi def audio. And even if it did, waiting might not be a bad idea if you're into better stuff. my 2 cents.

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