There was a school he attended before Eton, and one would think that there was, at least, some English taught.:-)

It is apparent that only the very most upper class can afford the tuition. (No mention was made of scholarships being offered, as many of our top private schools here do for promising students.)

To me, that indicates that Eton's student population is similar to a lot of student populations of many you-can-be admitted-if-you-can pay-the-tuition schools- there is going to be a wide range of brain power.

I was struck by the statement that Mrs. Forsythe had no background in teaching.

I don't know if an admission exam is required. if so, I'm sure that prospects can afford tutoring , as students do here for their SATs.

Prince Charles, who once accused his former secretary of 'ideas above her station' Sad comment from who reached his ''station'', not by hard work, monetary inheritance, talent, or marrying ''up'', but strictly by birth.

I did enjoy the article, Rob, especially the writing style.


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