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A thoughtful and well worked out plan. NOT

"It's there in the section dealing with the $5.7 billion requested for the "Iraq Security Force Fund," which notes that the interim Iraqi government, with assistance from coalition nations, has already created a security force of 90 battalions, but then adds:

" 'All but one of these 90 battalions, however, are lightly equipped and armed, and have very limited mobility and sustainment capabilities.'

"In other words, 89 of Iraq's 90 battalions essentially cannot fight.

"The $5.7 billion requested, it adds, will allow the Iraqi government to "begin to train, equip, operate and sustain its own security forces." (Italics added.)

"It makes you wonder: What the hell has been going on here? It's been 18 months since Iraq's insurgency emerged in full force. Yet only now is the Bush administration seeking funds to "begin" training Iraqi security forces to "participate" in the "hard end" of fighting the insurgency."

But don't let this sense of ad hoc, gee, I didn't think of that, spontaneous invention dissuade you from buying a Social Security Reform "Package" from the man, I'm sure its far better thought out than, than, a war !!!!!

Rob Boyter --- A man with a plan, and that plan is to be in some country other than the one George Bush is leading.

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Bush just began training?

You are kidding aren't you? Is there any one thing President George Bush could do that wouldn't upset the Insurgents and the Democrats?

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Resign and return to Connecticut and take his video game collection with him.


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Close ...

... but DK hails from DC Wink

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Umm...did you post is the right spot?


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Yes ...

... I was joking. It is often DK that mentions video games for experience. Wink <-- that's a wink!

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(NT) (NT) Fred Kaplan & Slate are not exactly unagendized sources
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No more so than those cited more often here, like the

Washington Times and the National Review. Just trying to introduce a little balance here, you remember balance, don't you? It's what we had in journalism and politics before Reagan.

Rob Boyter

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From what I understand

the money is to be used to help train NEW forces, equip them ALL as much as possible with modern munitions. body shields, detection devices, communications equipment, etc. Things that are considered to be 'normal' police equipment that they wouldn't have yet (or at least not enough of it) and train them how to use stuff they've never had or known about before.

You aren't considering the fact that the insurgents have been killing on a regular basis Iraqi police that we've already new recruits have to be hired and trained to replace them in addition to adding more to the forces in order for them to be able to take care of their country on their well as be able to communicate throughout the country with other Iraqi police forces.

They have no army.....yet.....and having only a police force isn't going to be enough to handle things alone all over the country. Iraqis come forward to enlist in this police force, careful checking of each one is in order to make sure they aren't hiring on insurgents or native Iraqis that will have inside info to pass on. Security checking takes time and money...18 months may seem like a long time to you, but when you have thousands to screen, and more volunteering for the police force, you have to take into consideration the amount of checking that needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to get the training started.

If you look at our own military, each branch goes through a minimum of 6-8 weeks BASIC training in squads of perhaps 50 each...before they are sent on to a duty port or a school for more training in a specialized field. Two months minimum for each soldier, sailor, marine, air force.....before they are passed on to the next 'department' for further training (and sometimes in times of war that next 'department' to train is 'learn as you go' because it's 'on the job' training on the battlefield.

How many NFG's arrive on the battlefield and have to learn how to survive by instinct immediately and are being trained completely differently than what they had been taught in basic training? The burden of a commmanding officer in the field is tremendous to keep as many of his new guys as safe as possible during this 'on the job' training. Quite a why would you think that 18 months of training Iraqi forces is adequate or time and money wasted when the turnover is greater for them (being blown up or ambushed) than it is for our guys, but has to be done over and over in order to try to increase the numbers as quickly as possible?


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Okay Toni, makes sense to me that those already trained are

taking excessive casualties. It might have been nice if the US admin. could have figured out in advance that they were going to need a large police force immediately, and provided for it's equipment, but the type of equipment needed HAS changed drastically the longer we've been there, so I take your point.


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So your plan ...

... says to me that you claim to be an American when it suits you.

Building an army from scratch in the environment that is Iraq is not an easy task. But, like the elections, it will take time and be successful.

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They had a whole 18 months

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The marine currently being charged with murder ...

... took almost that long to get over to Iraq. And he saw action in Gulf War and had all the "credentials".

Evie Happy

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He is being screwed

It's amazing that this guy was even charged at all. He should be getting a promotion and commendation.

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Yep ...

... I've already visited I see they have exceeded their bandwidth Sad His mother set the site up, hopefully with all the attention someone will donate BW/funds for.

Evie Happy

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The following is a letter from Lt. Pavano's mother, who has founded Defend the Defenders, a legal defense organization for her son and other soldiers:

I was just as saddened to hear the Marine General Mattis thump his chest and cavalierly talk about killing the enemy and leaving a message, while my son, a Marine Infantry Officer who fought in Falluja for his revered General Mattis, has been charged with murder after shooting two Iraqi terrorists in self-defense. It seems that even a Marine General is not exempt from forgetting about the men and women who follow his orders. Alas no organization is exempt from the hypocrisy of the "talkers" not supporting the "doers" when the rubber meets the road.

I don't know about the spelling of his name but
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My plan is that when you invade a country the first thing

you do is set up a police force to prevent all those things that happened like looting and destruction and the stockpiling of weapons. You co-opt the opposition, disarm the military, sort out the Ba'athists from the police force and give the remainder the tools to do the job and start training on day one of replacements and additions to the police force. You don't wait 2 years.


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