Step 7. Heat shrinking the tint.

If the tint is coming away from the window at this point you can remove it and re-apply some more soapy water to the window then lay the tint back over it. Take your heat gun and clean rag and starting from the top briefly heat the tint and push any bubbles toward the bottom. As you do this you may see air pockets (fingers) appear, this is fine, continue working these toward the bottom of the window. Be sure not to leave the heat gun over the tint for too long as this will cause the tint to crease and burn. Once you’ve finished using the heat gun on the tint take your hard card, wrapped in a rag or paper towel, and smooth out the tint so it’s flush to the window.

Step 8. Applying the tint

Leave the tint stuck to the outside of the window and go to the inside. Roll the window down a small amount and spray the window with your soapy water again. Once applied take your squeegee and clean the window again by pulling the water from the window toward the right seal (don’t worry about all the water, cars drain water from behind this seal. Once cleaned apply another good layer of soapy water

Go back to your tint and remove the top half of the backing to expose the adhesive. Be sure only to peel away the top half to make the tint easier to work with. Take your spray bottle and apply a good layer of soapy water to the exposed adhesive, this will allow you to move the tint around as you apply it.

With your window rolled down about half an inch take your tint from the outside of the window and go ahead and line up the exposed sticky side of the tint with the top of the window. Once you’re happy with how the tint is lined up with the top of the window use one hand to lift the seals on the right and left enough to allow for the tint to slide underneath.

Once again spray your soapy water over the top of the tint (the part that has been stuck to the window) and use your squeegee or hard card to push the water to the side or out of the top (avoid the bottom which hasn’t been applied yet. Whilst performing this use one hand to keep the tint from moving, if the tint moves during this process it can be difficult to move back as the water has been squeegeed out.

Now roll the window back up, lift the tint that hasn’t yet been stuck down and spray a good layer of soapy water on the window (be sure to use a good amount otherwise fitment can be difficult). Use one hand to keep the stuck tint in place and the other to remove the remaining release layer film exposing the rest of the adhesive.

Spray more soapy water over the now exposed adhesive and then with one hand pull the bottom window seal away slightly and use the other to bend the tint very slightly allowing you to tuck it into the bottom seal, it is important you do not fold the tint too much here. Once the tint is happily tucked into the seals, spray over the top of the tint once more and take your squeegee or hard card to work the water out towards the sides and bottom of the window. Your tint should become fully flush with the window once dried. Should the tint still have air bubbles, respray it with your water and squeegee it down again. Be sure to never scrimp on the soapy water as this is what stops the tint from ripping.