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A simple phone to travel with for emergencies

I think it's time for me to buy a cell phone and I've seen so many and there are so many's impossible...ugh

I need a phone if I go by train and need some one to pick me up. I have a land phone and laptop at home.

I don't travel that much any more as I'm retired and the economy is such that we are home a lot more.

I need a phone with rollover minutes and I'll pay for more when I need them.

Any suggestions would be good and appreciated.

Sincerely, mueller336

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Regarding rollover minutes & paying for more

Rollover minutes are limited to ATT postpaid wireless plans ($$). If you are looking for getting by on the cheap, you might want to consider prepaid instead of postpaid since you have already stated you are home most of the time, using your landline presumably. Why enter into a 2 year contract if you don't need to use so many minutes(?). Prepaid would be cheaper, and would let you refill for up to one year 12 months in advance @ $100. Luckily there are a whole slew of prepaid options, and also phones to match. First figure out what carriers give the best service at your location. If you can't get a signal even prepaid is useless.
If your budget permits and you want to pull the trigger, then I'd first look at how much per month you can afford to pay for a post-paid plan that does include rollover minutes. It will be in the neighbor hood of $39.95 + taxes and fees, plus the cost of the handset.

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My cell phone to be!!

Many thanks for your input Pepe. I went to Radio Shack this am and saw the "GO" cell phone which I think you were talking about. You just by the phone and then add minutes when you need them, but you must do it before the minutes run out! Not hard t do. It is made by AT&T....You can also call the people from your house to put more minutes on the phone. With this phone you can put n $100 that covers a year before you need more minutes. Is this the phone you were talking about? Many thanks Pepe for your input

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Yup. That was it ;)

Glad you found a cheap option to suit your needs. My folks already switched one of their lines to prepaid ATT and have complained a lot less about their bills Wink

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Charlotte's quest! lol

You just made my day Pepe, I'm so glad I do my homework. Many thanks for all your help and input! Sincerely, Charlotte

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Choice of new phone

hi Charlotte i think "Pepe7" was very accurate. if i had to get a new phone/carrier, i would definitely do as you did, post on cnet. "Pepe7's" one statement was key info; "First figure out what carriers give the best service at your location. If you can't get a signal even prepaid is useless." That is why i may try another carrier next time. Even tho my current cell co. has the lowest rates, i have bad cell connection from inside my house, and it is aggravating to have to go outside every time i need to make an LD call. I also kept my landline for the same reason, incoming LD calls are perfect on century Link. Thanks for your posts. MrsG60.

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Charlotte's fishing expedition!!
Thanks for all your input. I just went in to see what T mobile have, but there is no clarity in Northeast Pennsylvania and you CANNOT hear anything. The AT&T I think will be my choice, but I'm checking everything. There were NO cell phones when we were going to college! I found the AT&T at Radio Shack....I'm still going to check, as I'm not in a rush. When I find something I will tell you what I got! lol, thanks, Charlotte
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Charlotte's fishing expedition is OVER!!

I looked and looked and kept going back to Verizon and picked the Gusto, for $19.95 you buy the phone, for $25.00 it is activated and they give you $10.00 for starting off, after that you have to put more money on it. The ONLY phone that has roll over minutes is AT&T, but the service is lousy and if and when I go to Pa., the service is good, therefore Gusto is good enough for my purposes. Thank you all for your input which I noted and used. This site is very useful and I'm glad you were there to help. Happy Mother's Day to all, truly, Charlotte Mueller

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Choice choice choice!

There's so much choice out there and it's not a one size fits all either. I'd recommend dropping into as many phone shops as possible, trawl the web, and ask friends - collect as much information as possible!

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