A problem with flash player

Hey bro, I got a problem with flash player standalone with my game

When i want to play in standalone servers i can´t it lets me into the game but when i press play or enter to the game it just keeps crashing before the loading end. i can play in web browser firefox with no problems but in standalone this thing occurs always anyday

Things i have done :

Refreshing reinstalling flashplayer ; flashplayer_sa tried different servers cleared the cache and so on so on.... there was some kind of ping problem that someone had and i made same test i traced in cmd result was this :

1 3 ms 2 ms 1 ms Inteno.lan []

2 14 ms 8 ms 8 ms []
3 55 ms 8 ms 9 ms []
4 9 ms 10 ms 10 ms []
5 11 ms 9 ms 9 ms []
6 10 ms 11 ms 10 ms []
7 27 ms 19 ms 24 ms []
8 31 ms 30 ms 30 ms [
9 38 ms 42 ms 38 ms []
10 38 ms 38 ms 40 ms []
11 39 ms 40 ms 39 ms []
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 40 ms 41 ms 40 ms []
14 41 ms 39 ms 39 ms

as you see the 12 and with every test its same what can i do ? i need help fast Thank You

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Reporting: A problem with flash player
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I don't see the problem.

The trace points out the flash app is calling to a server and if it can't get there it fails.

Nothing seems broke here. And here's a thing. You wrote "my game" so is that code you wrote or just something you need to recant?

Since almost all Flash is meant to run in a browser, well, there again I don't see why this is an issue. Then again I can't tell if you tried it on VLC Player.

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Nah, I play a game on Flash player, btw, I play an online game and Flash Game on Flash Player

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Since it appears to work in a browser..

It's not broken. The "Flash Player" is broken. Talk to the author/company of the "Flash Player" app.

I can't guess why you don't go with what works. Also, I am a programmer so when you wrote "my game" I may think you wrote the game.

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u can't even get what i mean .-. plz read up

i mean by my game "that game I play in it" nothing more than that .-.

Also, it's broken, i can't play with this game I play, cant never. Help pls

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You wrote

" i can play in web browser firefox with no problems "

So keep doing that. I can't imagine why you write you can't play with this game I play, can't never when you wrote above it worked in firefox.

Just play it in firefox. Done.

---> Let me share that if I have a .SWF file I can open it with firefox. You should be able to do that too.

And again, your post proved that "Flash Player" is broke, not the game. And no where did I read you tried this in VLC Player. I know folk that get so hung up on "Flash Player" they can't be helped. Here your posts are not agreeing with one another.

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Lag on Firefox

When I try to play in Firefox I go to lag over 999 ping. and I can't even play in firefox, that's why i want to play in flash play to not lag.

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And we have Chrome, IE and what else?

If it lags in all the major browsers, well then we check other issues.

Again, you are not working with others here. I noted another player and you didn't write back about it. Not that I expect it to work but I have ideas to try.

-> Stop hiding details. Tell what this "Flash Player" is and more. But again, all this just proves that "Flash Player" is not working. You take that up with it's maker/author/company.

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Still you can't help me well!

And I feel good when I use standalone flash player

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You are not helping folk help you.

So if you don't share details and post conflicting information, then not try an idea, it's going to be a roll of the dice if anyone can help.

Why not get out of the car and help push?

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quit changing your story

first you said you can play it in firefox browser with no problems then you say you cant even play it in firefox. All you are doing is confusing those who want to help by changing your story.

online games are meant to be played in your browsers. Flash Player is not a stand alone player. It is a plugin for browsers. If you are not talking about adobe flash player, then you need to be specific as to what flash player you are talking about.

One other thing, if you really are having browser problems, try disabling all of your addons and toolbars.

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Re: flash problem

- What exactly is "flash player"? I get the impression it isn't what one usually downloads from , version
- What servers did you try, and why? I never use a server to play a flash game.
- What is the relevance of a ping problem somebody had?
- What is "this thing" that happens?
- What site did you ping and why, when it timed out. Leaseweb, by the way, is a reputable Dutch hoster.
- Why don't you play that game in the browser, but in the "standalone thing"?
- Does no flash file at all run in that standalone thing, or do most run and some not?


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Men, girls, Flash Player is Standalone Flash Player -__________________-

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You proved it isn't working for this game.

So for you it's a dead end. If you want to stay in the dead zone, well, I can't see how folk can help you.

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Re: standalone flash player

Yes, I thought so already.

If a program doesn't work you complain with the maker. We can't do anything about it, but most makers are willing to correct errors in their program.

Until this issue is solved, you can't play that game in that program on your PC.

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For kees

Kees - please stop quesing

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Is this from


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I would add ..

After reading the entire thread, another question comes to mind ......

- Who's on First? .. Silly


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ROFL , I had to do it !

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Dafydd. Devil

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Queue music for "The Stripper".

Spell edit by mod.

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LOL ..

I changed it without reporting it, or noting it in Digger's post.

In fact, I was just about to submit the following when I saw your post.

"Digger, I hope you don't mind my edit.

IF you DO "roll on the laughing floor" (ROLF) in your part of town and IF you DO mind, let me know and I'll gladly change it . Happy


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You got the gist of it.
Feel free to fix my typos anytime Cool

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Mods are trolling me. As they can't help us.

First time I see these mods are trolling me on this topic. That's rude from Mods. Helping people better than trolling them anywhere, YOU all should know that trolling will make people angry and don't agree with that. If you are a kid please let us know you're a kid. So no one will join this site "NEVER"

I got angry, I can't even say my problem. Well, I'll try to report to admins

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I doubt it

You just don't make any sense. You keep changing the story of what's happening .
Stop whining and ask whatever flash player it is maker's fix it

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If your story changes

There's that.

I asked you to try VLC Player but never heard back. You seem to think folk know how to fix your player. That's almost true. That is and I'm repeating you take that up with the standalone player's author or company. You've proven this doesn't work with their player so back to them.

Here we'll look at other players and work with you to see why in the browser is not up to speed. You have conflicting posts and should try harder.

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you gotta help us to help you

1. You changed your story
2. You don't try suggestions,
3. You do not answer questions

As far as I know, nobody here has esp. You got to help us to help you. We are not sitting in front of your computer. We cannot run certain utilities, we cannot check logs - it is something you must do. There is no magic pill that will solve your problem. Sometimes you are asked to try things that may not seemed to help or may have anything to do with the problem, but for those who are helping, the results can provide clues as to what is wrong.

Remember you came to this forum for help. Let us help you without all the dialogue. Let us help you by you answering specific questions, and Finally, let us help you by you sticking to the facts without changing them in midstream.

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Can I re-say my problem?

Would it be good?

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Re: re-say problem

Of course you can. If it helps getting other answers than "contact the author" and "don't use it" is unsure, ot course.


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let me example

When i want to play in standalone flash player "servers on the game" i can´t it lets me into the game but when i press play or enter to the game it just keeps crashing before the loading end. i can play in web browser firefox with no problems but in standalone this thing occurs always anyday
^ old one I posted it in the first post of mine.

There is nothing new clear cache reinstall ... already done these. I can't play using Flash Player.

Be careful, this game can be played using Flash Player, see < this is flash player

now when I enter the server of the game, it doesn't load - lags

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