1) yes, because I have a lot of spare time on my hands so I would like to use it up playing games like pool instead of using my phone all of the time.
2) maybe by making the legs detachable so they can be put away and stood against the wall
3) I would use it in the evenings when I am not at work
4) yes, (including myself) I think that people need to move away from always using phones because it is bad for eyesight
5) definitely pool because I enjoy that most, maybe table football but this might be a bit hard to put both of these games on one table because they both take up a lot of space, also maybe a chess section or other board games.
6) I don't have one, just as long as it isn't too over the top on colours
7) maybe between £100 and £150
Cool the quality of the end product. as this is an A-level project I understand that the quality may not be as good as a professionally made table so I wouldn't pay as much money.
9) definitely full size because there will not be any younger people using it.