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a good a/v receiver with the panasonic dmp-bd30 blu ray???

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Quite a few pleasing choices. Take a look at the C/NET list

In reply to: a good a/v receiver with the panasonic dmp-bd30 blu ray???

of best new receivers, for instance. Nice alternatives such as selecting from among Onkyos, Denons, & Sonys. Others not just out can be excellent.

Yeah, as an old sound/music junkie this sort of stuff is fun & games to me.

Importantly, for good feedback, you need to establish your best, honest budget. Also whatever sort of things you want to maximize or accomplish with this piece of equipment as an integral part. Goals can be comprehensive with ambitions for a very pleasing set of speakers to support the sound experience whether accurate & musical for music or imposing impact of home theater surround.

Please let us know a bit more.

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Quite a few pleasing choices. Take a look at the C/NET list

In reply to: Quite a few pleasing choices. Take a look at the C/NET list

thanks for your prompt reply. i am by NO MEANS an av expert and certainly am not building a super home theatre but would like to have a nice set of components that we can all enjoy. i have a sharp aquos 46" lcd hdtv and along with the blu ray am looking to set something up that is of good terms of budget, i would like to stay around $500-750.

thanks for your help!!

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mmsalmon, great that you have a very nice new TV & want to

In reply to: Quite a few pleasing choices. Take a look at the C/NET list

enjoy BluRay. Your budget is, thankfully, adequate & realistic. The referred to receivers are, pleasingly, more than adequate. Todays mid price range receivers are great values wihle more capable than ever.

Do a quick online look at two prime candidates: Onkyo 605 was the first HDMI 1.3 compliant receiver out the gate. It is a feature packed outstanding value. Look at online price for it from I think their price is about $430 delivered.

Then look as the new Denon 2308. Denon is rated even higher by C/NET. I have & am happy with Denon. Their price is a bit higher as they are number one in in sales in the mid price range because of the rock solide performing products they ahve been delivering for a decade or so. Their reputation for sound quality & reliability is even a bit higher than Onkyo.

Well, that's the most prominent two to take a serious look at.

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and then of course speakers which i am sure you...

In reply to: mmsalmon, great that you have a very nice new TV & want to

have an opinion on....

Thank you again!!!!

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But of course. And we here want you to dismiss overbuying

In reply to: and then of course speakers which i am sure you...

a receiver in order to maximize the speaker budget because speakers is where the most difference is sound lies. They all sound different, whereas receivers baiscally are supposed to sound neutral so a $200 & $2000 receiver are more the same than day & night .

I must break now for pressing family duties as we had the death of a child yesterday by my wifes sister. But I like this subject & will get back to you, perhaps later today.

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but of course!!! my sincerest apologies!!

In reply to: But of course. And we here want you to dismiss overbuying

i look forward to picking up our "conversation" at your convenience....

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Open box

In reply to: but of course!!! my sincerest apologies!!

Check open box items at the stores. You can save lots of money and still get the same warranty. I got a Denon,two years ago already for a third of one in the box. My speakers are from Ebay. I got Duals inwall on all five channels. I'm not an effectionado but they do alright by me. If you're not in a hurry to put your system together Ebay is a good outlet.

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Hi, let me try to pitch some of ours hopes.

In reply to: and then of course speakers which i am sure you...

We really encourage getting an external sound system - that'll provide much more satisfying sound experience than typical afterthought speakers built in the TV.

Sure, for quality there is sort of an entry level cost involved. We think it very worthwhile as well selected sound will give speakers you can pleasently here for many years. A basic power source, usually a receiver, is needed to drive the sound system. Speakers can be selected from good speaker specialist makers, starting with just two then adding on all the way up to 9.1 if desired.

My friend jostenmeat s personally concerned with state of the art codex abilities. Nice idea, yes, but not a startling difference for average users. His fine system is over ten grand, I think & he is now adding on/improving. Contemporary receivers are very much better than any of those 20 years ago & of great value. Getting just what is needed, $200-250 allows more budget for where the biggest & most personal difference is - speakers. Maximize budget for them.

We want you to commit to a bit of work - getting out there to audition speaker selection.
The big box stores, initials BB & CC have common brands you can start with. I suggest forgetting about component makers brand speakers such as Pioneer, Sony, Yamaha, etc. They do have specialist brands such as JBL, Klipsch, Polk, Boston Acoustics, etc. that are very worthwhile. Like JBL is so stable that one can add on within the same series of JBL, often for perhaps 20 years. Let me mention Bose, highly marketed brand as OK, but not best value.

Look beyond big boxes to experienced independents. I can't guarantee their perfection, but they have already survived invasin o the big box stores. Their staff is more consistently knowledgable. When not in mid rush, they are most always eager to serve as guidance for modest buyers - not just multi thousand system purchasers. They tend to not have a wide array of speaker brands, but a few good ones they can better know & represent.

Please seek out brands such a these to audition with your own CD which you are intimately familiar with. It must have significant vocal content. Rock music is rarely the best to use as sound engineers mix them strangely. So, maybe light classical or traditional pop standard bearers like Sinatra. Vocal is mid-range, but that is surprisingly difficult to reproduce well. Trust your instincts. If you think something may have been distortion - it was. Most common is sibilance which sounds sort of like a lisp or voice breaking up into distortion. If a speaker can't handle this well; forget about proceding to judging highs & lows.

One posted saying to listen in order from least expensive & when extra bucks don't bring better sound to your ears, you are done. Nice idea; tough to do.

More subtle than component progress, speakers nonetheless have improved capabilities over time without nearly so much obsolescence & replacement. Affordable ones can now have an enviable
sound. Look or brands such as Paradigm Atom Monitor @ $249/pr; PSB Alpha B1 @ $279/pr; Epos ELS3 @ $329/pr; Monitor Audio Bronze B@ @ $399/pr; Usher S520 @ $400/pr; or NHT Zero @ $500/pr.

Less specifically, seek out to hear Infinity, Wharfedale, KEF, Quad, & Definitive Technology as good targets. My list does not pretend to be perfect & certainly not complete. There are many brands. Well, this is a quickie version of my pitch.

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took you ardvice and went to....

In reply to: Hi, let me try to pitch some of ours hopes.

a local independent dealer who carries paradigm as well as some of the other's you recommended. i loved the paradigm and enjoyed 2 of the others as well..also was offered a nice discount (likely to compete with the bb right across the street) to purchase speakers and either the onkyo 605 and/or the denon. i have to be honest and say that i am mostly concerned with what will sound/perform to my ears/eyes and know that by no means am i an "expert" who can "really" hear everything!!! my sense is that there is no going really wrong here and that the ability to expand in the fuiture is still available...

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Glad to hear it, mmsalmon

In reply to: took you ardvice and went to....

Lots of speakers out there, perhpas hard to find within so many available.

Our fellow poster jostenmeat is a classically trained musician, so him hearing the speakers is different from you & me. Your ears are the only ones important to please.

Confusion comes so easily & a second trip for a re-hearing is a very good idea. Did you take a CD or two that you are intimately familiar with? Go when they are not rushed & sit down for a nice casual. They will allow you access to the switches so you can switch back & forth between speakers A & B.

I don't keep up on speakers by any means, but a few years back, when getting the first big screen I had been out of touch with audio for some years. I ran across Denon receivers & Paradigm speakers & am glad I did. I have Paradigm in the living room or a little touch of home theater.

For music alone I made a big slash, for me, & got into self-indulgent B&W 804s. Being retired, they are to be my final speakers. See, B&W (Bowers & Wilkens) of England is the high end speaker company that does as much business volume as all the other high end speaker makers combined. Quite an accomplishment. Some say, for that reason , they are the only high end speaker maker who can & does gives you the benefit of economies of volume. When being the big boy, they is usually a group dedicated to criticising them. Always a matter of taking ones own choice.

Not giong too far wrong? Absolutely, I listed a few of the contemporary best value makes. Not any single one is essential to the elimination of the others except that the selection process puts the final say up to you. The object is long term pleasure. Don't foolishly overbuy, but get them to enjoy. Really nice sound is worthwhile bumping up the initial budget, as it will last for many years.

The time is getting tight to Christmas, but set your own plan & timing. Keep us informed of how it's going, as we really enjoy it too. I've been getting speakers & sound equipment for about 50 years, but it's your turn.

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Honestly, IMO, this is the easiest rec Ive made...

In reply to: Quite a few pleasing choices. Take a look at the C/NET list a long time. There is only one choice, really, IMO. Its not like with $500 for sub, or $1000 for speakers, or $2500 for tv, but 1. with that particular BD player, 2. combined with this budget, 3. with a need for an amp section (unlike myself), "drum roll please" the complete no-brainer, IMO, is the:

Onkyo 805.

$700 as refurbed from Shop Onkyo. $780 new from amazon/6ave. Probably around $900 from CC.

Go with the refurbed. A couple of folks even go so far to say that the refurbed will probably work even better since the techs now know what they need to be checking in those units. Others say that refurbed could simply have meant just a scratched faceplate, and that was the only thing replaced. Still a 1 yr warranty, IIRC. (please scroll to bottom, both silver and black available)

The Denon 2308 is from an older generation. It cannot unpack the bitstreamed formats of DD+, TrueHD, Dts-MA, etc. Your BD player is the same unit that will arrive at my place probably this coming Monday for me. I jumped on it due to great opportunity, and more importantly, because finally there is a player that can handle, whether internally or bitstreamed, ALL of the new audio codecs. (There are now one or two other BD players that can bitstream them all, I believe, but the Panny is the only one of those with BD 1.1 profile spec). Anyways, the best audio codec that Denon will ever get you with that BD player is standard old DD or DTS.

The jump to the 805 from the 605 will afford you (and perhaps listed in order of importance according to my own opinion):
-almost twice the current (60amps vs 36amps)
-Audyssey MultEQ XT Room Acoustics Correction (big jump from 2EQ)
-7.1 preouts if you ever add an outboard amp (some say this is the most important future proofing of a receiver. Generally speaking, its the amp section that is the weakest link in most receivers).
-Top of the line Burr Brown DAC's. (605 & 705 use Cirrus Logic, IIRC)
-THX Select Ultra2 Certified

Your Panasonic BD player, unbeknownst to you or not, can only bistream the new formats (requires receiver to unpack/decode), but it does so for all of the formats, including DTS Master Audio. Please take advantage of it. I am not sure how you chose this player, but Panasonic has definitely been taking a bit of the audiophile route, ever since the earlier models were the first/only players to come out with 7.1 decoded analog multi channel outputs. Sorry to get techy on you. I just want to be comprehensive for the moment.


Bill, I am very sorry for you and your family. We wish you our support.

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now thats a recommendation, but now for the...

In reply to: Honestly, IMO, this is the easiest rec Ive made...



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more info please

In reply to: now thats a recommendation, but now for the...

budget, volume of room, distance from speakers, bookshelves, towers, beautiful looks, wood, black, rosewood, size constraints, volumes normally obtained, how many viewers, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, willing to build slowly over time, HT only or mostly, is 2-ch of any significance, many other aspects I am missing....

try searching my posts. I have posted literally hundreds of times with recs or ideas. There are a good # of others here who like to do the same time to time. Try searching Bill's posts too.

my latest speaker related diarrhea attack:

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Thanks, Things do happen & what we here can do is very

In reply to: Honestly, IMO, this is the easiest rec Ive made...

limited. I was just taking a little feel sorry for myself time to commiserate with some friends old & new. We will survive & be supported with love. We do have strength, just the human frailities to go with it.

Thanks for expressions of support. Obviously the hurt from losing a child is very tender.

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