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The pixelation you noted could be a number of things. For SD channels, some pixelation is normal, since it's upconverting a 480 resolution signal to a 1080 resolution. Think of zooming in too far on a computer picture, and in essence, that's what happens when you're watching SD content on an HDTV. There is some processing that improves the picture already in play, and there's just not much that can be done. That's across all manufacturers, too.

If you're getting the same problem with HD, it could be that you don't have an HD box, or your settings IN the HD box aren't set to 720 resolutions or higher.

You don't have to wait to change the settings. In fact, C|Net has a HDTV Picture Settings Forum, and your particular model has some suggested settings here:;search-results#3174553

It's a great starting point, and then you can change subtle settings to your taste.

For 4x3 pictures that are NOT sent as a 16x9 aspect from the broadcaster, there may be options in the cable box to automatically fill the screen. Otherwise, it may be something you have to choose, as different signals have different aspect ratios being broadcast. A 4.3 signal could be inside of a 16x9 transmission. (For instance, ESPN can have that 4x3 picture between the ESPN logo on the sides - many broadcasters just leave it blank).

Try changing the cable box setting, and the box may also have an auto feature. But you'll want it to be on widescreen. Here's an example of the option in a cable/sat box:

Set your TV in a 16x9 setting, and then adjust the cable box. From there, see if the options work better for you. If not, it may be necessary to manually switch.

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