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A disappointing concert experience

Just wanted to gripe amongst friends about our recent concert experience.

The hubby and I went to see Tom Petty (and the Black Crowes opening) on Friday night at the Meadows in Hartford, CT. It was a terrific night for an outdoor concert for which we had purchased lawn seats off of a work colleague of the hubby.

Well, this was the first and LAST time I will ever go to a concert at this venue. The tickets included free parking that was like a mile away. OK, maybe I need the exercise, but this was ridiculous. As a venue, it was pretty nice and the acoustics for lawn seats were pretty good. Very much like Foxboro (now Tweeter center) near Boston that we have gone too for a number of concerts over the years.

Security was extremely tight going in. We were told no duffles, etc. so just brought a blanket to sit on. I guess you could bring a lot more in if you wanted cuz the couple sitting in front of us had a freakin' meal and a whole lot more stuff with them! Not wanting to spend $7 for a beer or drive impaired, we opted for $4 sodas. Venue policy was that we get the soda but they open it up THEN and keep the cap! What security objective does this further???????? Especially when had we could have brought "factory sealed" sodas with us apparently Sad The security getting in was pretty amazing for a relatively small venue. Everything but drug sniffing dogs.

Speaking of which .... that's what they needed IMO. For all the security and measures to make sure nobody with less than a small disposable family fortune gets drunk, or God forbid I suppose smoke cigarettes (not sure about that actually, but I know at Tweeter the rules are absurd), there was NO security presence regarding the rampant and blatant use of MJ. The air stunk of weed the entire night and several folks in our plain view were lighting up. It was enough to where both of us felt a bit stoned leaving the concert and I can't imagine it was much different for the many and several families with kids sitting there (there is a "family section" -- presumably where the security doesn't look the other way about pot smoking?). Grrrrrrr. If they're going to be so strict on the alcohol, maybe they could do the same for MJ so those of us that aren't pot heads can enjoy the concert or, at least, allow us to bring in alcohol and get too drunk to notice the idiots smoking Devil

Ahh but it made for interesting people watching as usual. We were entertained by Mr. No Rythm dancing, the couple that were clearly stoned before lighting up that managed to get the use of the lawn chairs of the two women sitting in front of them by sharing a few tokes. One of those women looked vaguely like Paris Hilton and was dancing ... uh ... interestingly ... most of the time. Hubby dubbed her Paris Comfort Inn.

All of this would have been fine had Tom Petty been any good that night. For starters, the Crowes played too long, but a couple of their numbers were quite well performed. My hubby noticed Petty flubbing the words on the second or third song and he was clearly blasted on something. Later in the show he was staggering and holding his hands over his mouth while singing -- thing is the side angle shots put on the monitors for us lawn seat folks clearly showed he wasn't singing. There were more long musical solos than I recall ever hearing at a Petty concert. We've been to at least eight different Petty concerts between us and they have always been great shows -- which is why we spent the money to go again! Still, he could have lip synced I suppose if at LEAST he had a decent song selection. Sadly it wasn't to be, and this will probably be the last Petty concert we attend unless we hear rave reviews about some future tour. Sniffle.

OK, lament over. LOL

Evie Happy with eyes finally recovering from all the smoke!

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(NT) I'm still laughing over "Paris Comfort Inn"

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

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Me too :-)

In reply to: I'm still laughing over "Paris Comfort Inn"

I just showed your post to the hubby and we both started laughing again.

That there's funny ... I don't care who you are!

Evie Happy

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Lots of MJ ?

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

Maybe you were really at a medical conference and these were glaucoma patients.

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(NT) (NT) LOL!

In reply to: Lots of MJ ?

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I know the feeling....

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

Our last Aerosmith concert was pretty much the same way. Then there was Bruce Springsteen with 6.00 buck beer and the final straw was the Hank Jr., concert. I haven't been to a live concert since Hank Jr.

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Recently, I've started culturing my love of good music with some of the new country artists and I would like to catch a Blake Shelton, or Dierks Bently concert one day. Happy Some of today's country music has bled into what used to be called southern rock and I'm finding that I like the new tunes. However, you'll never find at a Vince Gill concert unless I've been bound and tied and forced against my will. Happy

(hmmm Vince Gill & Guitmo, now there's a thought) <eg>

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Country ...

In reply to: I know the feeling....

... has been growing on me lately. Hubby is a bit more into it than I am but if he leaves a country station on or has a CD in the car, I'm often moving along with the music before I realize it.

Costs ... sigh! It's a real bummer that we'll probably be going less if even at all to concerts. We're not movie goers. Don't do plays or dinner theater or orchestra or opera.

That leaves sports. Getting good tickets to a UConn Men's Basketball game has been darned near impossible for several years now. Last games we saw were at Gampel Pavilion when they only made the NIT tournament. Those games weren't even sold out and they had to let folks filter down to the ''good seats'' as most season ticket holders didn't show and they needed the ''crowd''.

Then there's the Yankees. Since 9/11 you can't bring anything in like a back pack which is a real PITA. We used to ''bite the bullet'' on the ticket prices and pretty much bring our own refreshments. Can't do that anymore. Only way we go see them now is when we visit the folks and we take a chance taking the subway down to the stadium and purchase tickets from scalpers. We've had good luck getting better seats this way. But there's never a guarantee of a good game and it really sucks if your team is losing really badly! I honestly don't know how families do it.

So we sort of count on certain bands for ''safe'' entertainment despite the prices. Few of the bands I would like to hear are together anymore (or even alive -- as a teenager I saw Queen in concert and always wanted to see them again as an adult) or touring at all. Now I gotta scratch another name off the short list Sad

I honestly don't understand why the concessions have to be SO darned expensive. And considering that we were sitting on a sloping lawn, why couldn't we have our sodas with the CAPS???? My sneakers made decent cup holders, but I lost count of how many times I had to avert a person cutting through from knocking them over. Sheesh Sad I guess lawn concerts just aren't for us.

Evie Happy

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In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

Pity that some concert-goers think that being turned on by the music isn't enough.

I know who Tom Petty is, but not the others you mentioned. As you and your hubby have enjoyed them in the past, I know they must be good.

I mentioned in an earlier thread that I watched a re-run of "Paul McCartney in Moscow" last weekend. It hit me how he didn't have to wear a shirt opened to below his navel, or no shirt, leap about the stage like a (I'd best not say it), tear up a guitar, be obviously stoned, and other stuff I have seen from other performers.

My kids used to complain about going to concerts and having people standing on chairs in front of them so they could not see. *before they had those big screens on the sides.)

I dunno, Evie. maybe some think that they have paid for their space, and don't care others have, as well.

Sorry it was a disappointment.

Speakeasy Moderator
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Standing on chairs :-)

In reply to: Pity!

I'll never forget one time with an ex-boyfriend (he was a music freak and I think I saw no less than 30 concerts with him during the 8 months or so we dated) going to see the Grateful Dead at Hartford Civic Center. It's your usual larger sized indoor arena. We had 10th row floor seats. I wasn't too much into the Dead at the time, but heck ... ''free'' tickets and it sounded like fun. The faithful were already visible off the first exit with ''I need a Miracle'' signs (tickets!) and on lining the streets as we approached the parking lot. (My guy woulda probably accused me of blasphemy or worse had I voiced my desire to scalp my tickets! Heck, I was a poor grad student at the time ]:)) Anyway, apparently being in the 9th row wasn't enough for the group in front of us, so to see we were forced to stand on the seats as well. It's one thing to stand up for a good song, etc. But we basically remained standing ON the chairs to even see a bit the entire show. We did get to sit down during an infamous drum solo (endless). This was when Garcia was still alive ... apparently it was ''funny'' that he forgot more lyrics than he got right, and somehow there is an allure to a band getting on stage and not interacting with the audience whatsoever -- just playing songs in sequence. (SHOULD have scalped those tickets!! LOL)

There should be a law protecting consumers of music since there are laws for everything else! Tom Petty usually has nice theme sets with decent effects (nothing over the top) and plays old and new. Last time we saw him and the time before we were impressed by the diversity of the crowd. That was similar this time -- lots of young kids, folks our age, and much older folks (he's been around for quite a while and had older and more recent hits). He plays the new stuff that any band on tour has to promote, but he has so many old favorites to satisfy anyone. He chose not one, but two, songs off his worst album ever :(, did two new songs and even tried (???) acoustic/slow versions of old faves I just wanted to hear the rockin' versions of. We left before the predictable encore (American Girl -- one of hubby's favorites) because of the logistics and the fact he wasn't playing live anyway Sad

I feel like a fuddity dutty complaining about the pot, but let's face it, it's not my cuppa tea and given all the security I was agast that the pot smoking was so prevalent and obvious (ignored entirely by security).

I feel worse, in the end, for the folks that bought chair seats under the overhang. That's where we've seen him in past outdoor performances. They paid much more than we did for the lawn seats and really got the short end with Petty's being off in the ozone somewhere.

Evie Happy

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I'll bet there was a LOT more pot in the air for the Dead!

In reply to: Standing on chairs :-)

Hi, Evie.

I never got to see them live, but did get to see the Doors (before Morrison OD'd), and will never forget a three-hour set with the Jefferson Airplane at the Unicorn Coffeehouse in Boston -- $2 cover for us and about 30 others. This was about two weeks before the single release of "Somebody to Love" (a friend had recommended the album a month earlier, so we already knew and loved their music).

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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Actually ...

In reply to: I'll bet there was a LOT more pot in the air for the Dead!

... there was quite the whiff out in the parking lot, but there wasn't any that I could detect in the concert itself. I guess it is a lot easier to police in an indoor arena like this where smoking is also prohibited and security can spot folks lighting up from a distance.

But considering that it was a slightly breezy and not particularly humid night, there was a LOT of pot smoking going on for it to be stenching the air as much as it did. Folks didn't even have to be discrete nor make any attempt. All that would have been needed was a few security folks meandering through the lawn -- it wouldn't have been any more disruptive than folks walking around and ''cutting through'' our ''seats'' all through the concert! Clearly this venue has a look-the-other-way attitude, and given the parking disaster it's probably the way they can get potheads to part with their money for a show there!

Evie Happy

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(NT) (NT) And I'm sure the tickets weren't cheap -- a real shame

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

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What REALLY irritates me

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

For a concert last summer I drove 30 minutes to buy tickets at the venue in order to escape the Ticktmaster "convenience" fee. Bloody ******** at Ticketmaster have bullied the venues into charging the "convenience" fee also. I paid an extra 6 bucks per ticket for the "convenience" of buying it at the actual venue. Greedy scumbags.

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Yep, those extra fees ...

In reply to: What REALLY irritates me

... add up too. Just looked at Yankee tickets online. The $45 seats actually cost $51.50. Sad It's one reason that we no longer plan to go to Yankee games. If it's a nice day and we can find tickets on the street, we take the subway down and take our chances. If we have no luck, we are only out subway fare each way. The tickets we got were actually printed out with barcode and all from the internet. My ink even (well actually the collegue that purchased them but you get the point) to print the ticket and still there were charges included. As for the crappy parking, it was stated on our tickets that the price INCLUDED $4.50 for parking so parking wasn't "free" after all, you just paid to park there or paid more to park elsewhere. I felt sorry for the poor souls that fell for the $4 parking even farther away to avoid the long wait getting out! We got out rather easily which was the only saving grace!

Evie Happy

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Update of sorts ...

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

... was just telling my Mom about the concert and she said it was on the news that Petty was late for a concert because he was drunk or something. Can't find anything in Google and not sure if it was my show, but that would explain the extra long Crowes set and Petty's behavior. IMO everyone should get refunds when this kind of crap happens. Maybe that's why the venue was so lax on the pot smoking -- figured stoned fans wouldn't notice he wasn't "there" and complain!

Evie Happy

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You might start watching for Tom P

In reply to: Update of sorts ...

to spill his guts and voluntarily enter rehab...especially if he gets arrested for something. Certain people become heros doing this but others will be condemned. Maybe he will return and give a concert with a new cleaner image and the air there will be easier for you to breathe.:)

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Reminds me of Dr Hook and The Medicine Man

In reply to: A disappointing concert experience

Dr Hook was fine, but The Medicine Man I guess was on a little too much 'medicine'. People started walking out. My date and I didnt care too much for it, either, and didnt stick around.

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