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A cell phone without GPS yes NO GPS

Mar 20, 2008 11:02AM PDT

I need another cell phone, but this phone is wanted
without GPS. An older dependable unit with few features
is fine, my present phone is with Verizon so it is CDMA.
I probably want to get three of these. Need any more
details ask me and i will answer. Thanks everyone.

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Reporting: A cell phone without GPS yes NO GPS
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Hit ebay
Mar 20, 2008 11:28AM PDT

Hit ebay or craigslist, because you're probably not going to find any new phones being sold without that feature.

Of course it's supposed to be that such a feature isn't used to track your location, except for 911/emergency services. Wireless carriers don't really need to use that, they can track which tower you're using, they know the radius of the range on that tower, and can triangulate your position pretty easily... IF they want to.

Either way, just make sure whatever phone you get is at least digital, since all analog service was discontinued a couple of weeks ago in the US, and I think almost every other country had done away with analog signals long ago.

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Mar 22, 2008 4:21AM PDT

try morse code

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Thanks for this answer-- on track ,but dealing with stalker!
Mar 25, 2008 1:21PM PDT

Thanks for this correct and on-track answer.
Am looking for a specfic phone without the GPS chip.
By law 5% dont have to have this GPS chip, some where there must by some out there. Having a problem with a real annoying and skilled stalker, who is very phone wise, but not into computers. Have used phone menu to only use the GPS for 911. Next step a phone without this feature. Thanks in advance PaulRx4

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I have to say
Mar 26, 2008 7:56AM PDT

I have to say, that if this person is able to track your phone's GPS, then they are probably skilled enough to track you even without the GPS. With a little basic trig and knowledge of where a couple of cell phone towers are, you can pinpoint someone's exact location. That's actually how GPS works, but that's another subject.

Stalkers are generally the sort who aren't going to be deterred by the fact that you use a phone without GPS. They'll just find some other way to track you. I just hope you aren't expecting this to be some miracle cure that will solve your stalker problems, because it's highly unlikely that will happen.

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Personally, I'm a criminal...
Sep 7, 2012 10:34AM PDT

and I have no interest in handing the cops a map of where I've been, nor of with whom I've been in contact. The FCC says this is about 911 services. Yet, the cops get millions of records from cell carriers every year without benefit of a warrant. Guess I'll have to get a throwaway phone when the old ones go kaput. Yes, I'm an evil pot person and I think the narcs ought to have to work their sorry asses off for every bust they make. F*** the police state.

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get a tracfone
May 7, 2015 1:50AM PDT

leave it off unless you need to use it, and move location immediately after or while using it.

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same interest, different reason
May 7, 2015 1:01AM PDT

I've chased the latest and greatest for a number of years now, but I'm about to take the same tack. I really like some of the apps on my Smartphone, but I've started deleting many of them because they ask for far too much access to personal information. The only app that truly needs to know my location is a Nav app. And no application needs access to my call logs, personal files, media, identity, etc. All these companies are gathering far too much information on me and I've had enough. So, my next step is to go back to something basic that allows me phone calls and text messages and not much else. It's just my way of pushing back on all these companies who have over-reached.
So - if anyone can recommend a phone without GPS that works on the AT&T network (an unlocked GSM phone?), I'd be interested.

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No GPS does not hide your location.
May 7, 2015 1:23AM PDT
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good info; not hiding from gov't
May 7, 2015 4:37AM PDT

Thanks! That was good info. I had never heard of Stingray, so that was an interesting read. I should note, however, that I'm not too worried about hiding from the government. I'm more concerned about the corporate world and all the data they're acquiring on me. I rather like my privacy.

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ATT is collecting data.
May 7, 2015 6:30AM PDT

There are tomes on the web about no-GPS location tracking and data collection.

"Carrier based location data is collected by obtaining historical call detail records for a
particular phone from the cellular carrier along with a listing of the cell tower locations for
that carrier. This data is then analyzed for the purpose of generally placing a cell phone in a
location on a map." (google that!)

No GPS required. This data is collected all the time by the carriers. The only way to opt out is to remove the phone battery. The moment you power up, they have a rough idea where you are.

That's why a non-USA sat phone may be the only way to get away from such logging.

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check them all out
May 7, 2015 1:49AM PDT
here. This is the cheapie I use and leave off most of the time, and in my van all the time.My other phone is Magic Jack and no surprise if it's on all the time at home, more than any landline.

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