A call from the technical department of Microsoft

I received a call on my husband's landline from Microsoft Technical Department. The caller identified himself as Peter Jones. He had an Indian accent. He wanted me to go on the internet with my computer, because there were many corrupt files downloaded on my computer every time I go online. He had to help me to remove it.

I thought it sounded strange, because how would he link the landline to my computer? in any case, I asked him to call me on Saturday, because my laptop was not with me. I gave him my mobile number. He gave me a code: 05.

I did not trust this, and Googled Microsoft Technical department. I found interesting information there, and could not wait for Peter to call back.

Today, Friday, I received another call from my friend. He called from the number +1 516-342-5264. It said New York on my phone. He said he wanted more information from me. I asked him how on earth he would know that my computer has problems if he wanted info from me. He should know certain information. I also told him that I contacted Microsoft, and they said they don't do things this way. (I did not)

When I told him that he was a fraud, he put the phone down. Just an alert that this is still continuing. I live in South Africa.

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Reporting: A call from the technical department of Microsoft
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It's a scam to get into your computer
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I've had them too.

Fortunately I have a phone that plays music if you put it on hold. I make an excuse like somebody at the door, press the button and give them 20 mins of the William Tell overture. Strangely, when I pick the phone back up there's nobody there.

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Are you sure it's not the music you have playing that....

makes them hang up? Grin

For one of the calls, I stalled them until they hung up by saying my computer is booting up so please hold on... tease them a little with, I don't know why my computer is taking forever... and keep teasing them until they give up!

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I had one supposedly by my ISP.

Wife answered the phone, said it's your ISP. I picked it up some and some guy with a thick Indian accent said, "Hi, this is your ISP, you have viruses on your computer". I said no, don't think so, "run a tight ship". Now my computer wasn't even on, hint?
He insisted that I had malware and could remove it, I said "no thanks", and then the conversation changed. He said, "I suppose you think you know everything about computers"? I said no, but I do a bit of modding on a well known computer help site.
Next thing I heard was..... Click. Made my day. Silly

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(NT) Haha! Nice one Dafydd!
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Scam MS Tecnicians

In OZ we get frequent calls from these sorts of people. When everyone is home there could be 5 computers on-line, so I keep them going for a while about which one has the viruses. Then I tell them some reason why I have to go and ask for a number and I'll call them back. I get some interesting numbers all irrelevant. Many are International or Private on CND and they get the full run around to use their time (if I have the time and feel malicious). I have found that hanging up only makes them phone back. Friends in the UK were getting so many the have bars on International Calls or they don't answer.
Useless peasants for being a pain.

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I love it when that happens

I love it when they fall to the "So you think you know all about computers" thing. I have been a computer professional all my working life, both the hardware and software ends of the business. I was part of the team that developed the first anti-malware software (ViruSafe, which morphed into McAfee and now Intel Security) and have built many computers from scratch. I helped fully eradicate a bad and very widespread infection of Unix machines by the Morris Worm back in the olden days, and won many awards for it and toured the country giving presentations about how to do it.

Nobody knows "ALL" about computers, but I do have fun with these guys when they take that tone with me.

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I just tell them I have a Linux box.

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We have them in Switzerland too !

I usually play the dumb user, with plenty of problems understanding the caller. The longest I kept them on line was just over half an hour, and when I'm tired to play, I say "it's strange, because my nephew told me that my computer runs Linux, can you tell me what is this program and for which task is it intended". I don't really use Linux, but the effect is immediate...

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Keep bugging them with questions

I also, like a lot of other folks have gotten repeated calls from this type ofscammer. I keep asking them which computer is bugged since I own 2 laptops, a tablet plus a pc, some of which are in a home in another state. Of course they have no answer other than my computer is bugged. Again I persist in trying to find out which one of my units is bugged, knowing full well the type of human garbage I am dealing with and the repetitive answer I will get. Finally I tell them I have a call coming in and hit flash on the phone and promptly hang up the phone. I had one scammer so frustrated at me he called a motherf'er. I just smiled and said I feel exactly the same about you.

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Keep questioning them

I frequently have these guys call me. They are always from the Micrsoft Technical Department and they all have Indian accents. The last time was 2 days ago. I started out by saying that since he could see hat my computer had viruses then he must be able to see what OS I was using so he should tell me what it is. He ignored my request and continued to tell me I had viruses and they could do great harm to my computer if I didn't let him remove them. I repeated the same request. He said he didn't know. I asked him how he could know I had viruses if he couldn't tell which OS I was using. Every time he started to say something I would just repeat my request for the OS ver. Finally he told me XP to which I replied "Nope". That would have been my answer to any ver he named. Finally, he said let me get my supervisor. I figured he would hang up, but no he got some one else to talk to me. He then repeated the you've got a virus mantra. To which I replied, which virus. Since you can see that I have a virus which virus am I infected with. After a total of about 20 minutes of all this I had begun to tire and figured done my good deed for the day by preventing them from calling several other people. I just love it when I can keep a telemarketer on the phone and thus interfere with them being able to call others.

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They really prey on the elderly

A little old lady I have helped as "friend geek" for years began to lose her mind. She really thought they were Microsoft. She didn't call me immediately instead, as she has done when they called in the past. She obeyed them (she wouldn't obey me!) . These people not only conned her out of something like $225 to begin with, plus giving them full control over her system via Teamviewer, for weeks before I knew. They read her emails, called again and again. They knew what she cared about. She gave them THOUSANDS and they shared her number and email with their friends, with phony scams and charities of one thing after another. They called day and night, literally, like 3:00 AM. This is so, so dangerous. And she wouldn't let me fix it - they told her not to trust me. They were sophisticated: after a while, they changed her system login password and she couldn't log in unless they did it for her. She called me finally because she couldn't log in, but when I arrived she said "Oh, it's okay now." I looked and they were running her system. I disconnected the USB wifi and it logged out immediately! She had no idea what their password was: she was locked out. At least then she let me take it, doing a fresh install.

She shouldn't have a computer at all, but she's so lonely: I compromised and set her up as if she was a child, with no admin rights. I still don't sleep well. I've talked to "adult protective services" in my county, and her bank is watching for her, as are all the money-wiring services in the area. There should be a special place in HELL.

Keep after your moms and dads and grandparents! The police can do very little if the victim doesn't cooperate. These people are slick.

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It happened to a good friend of mine.

I was shocked when a friend of mine told me about her computer problems, and she's NOT an elderly lady! She'd received the call a year or so ago, and to make a long story short, she spent about $300, and had to get a new computer. She actually sent them her laptop.....I couldn't believe it. She did notify law enforcement, which of course, didn't help much, although they zeroed in on a company I believe in Arizona or somewhere (because of the address she sent her computer to). When the scammers got around to calling me about 6 months later, I was prepared. I played dumb, but apparently am not much of an actress.....they hung up. I was truly disappointed!

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I find it amazing how young people can fall for a scam like this! I am a senior citizen and recognized it right away. Called the local sheriff and he said there wasn't much he could do even with the phone number. I see now when they call it is a spoof number. My husband got tired of the calls and got on the line about the fourth call of one day and yelled at them. The calls stopped for a few months, but now they are back! Think I'll try the whistle or air horn.....sounds like a plan.

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Having fun with scam artists

I got these a long time ago and realized it was a scam right away. About a week ago I got another one. I told the guy I knew who he was, that he wasn't from Microsoft, and that he belonged in prison. Then he asked me if I wanted to buy his dog. I asked him what kind. He said a sheepdog. I told him I only adopt Rottweilers. Then he asked me if I wanted to buy his car. I asked him what kind. He said a 1990 Mercedes Benz. I asked him how much he wanted for it. He said $900. I asked him if it was in running condition. He said no. I suggested that he could always use it as a doghouse for his sheepdog......Happy And this really happened.

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How to Stop the Microsoft Scam Callers

Whenever I answer my phone, I simply say, "Hello," but I say it in kind of an unclear voice. Then, when they tell me that they're a Microsoft rep, calling to let me know that I have problems with my computer, I begin speaking either Russian, German, or Spanish. They usually just hang up, but a couple of times they have asked me to please speak English, to which I simply repeat what I just said, again in Russian, German, or Spanish. It usually only takes a couple of those back-and-forth verbal exchanges, before they simply hang up.

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I just love this idea!

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microsoft 'support' scam

With all the complaints about Windows10 it is no wonder the scammers are starting up again. Desperate, inexperienced people who are having issues will actually fall for the scam. When I got one of those call, I put on my best Russian accent (sounded just like my mom) and told the caller 'vait, vait, I get dotter. you vait, yes?' Then I laid down the phone and walked away. Figure the longer I keep the caller on the line the fewer people he can bother.

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(NT) What can I do?
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Holy hell, I fell for it!! I WAS having issues when they called and let them in! What can I do? HELP! !!

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Get defensive

Others may answer better than I do but this is what I'd tell you.
First, cut off their access to your computer. If they used teamviewer and are still using it you can change the unattended access password (click on the pencil). Or if you don't use Teamviewer except with them, uninstall. If they phone you immediately, you know they were intending to be back.

You have issues to address.
Passwords to change.
Credit card: I'd call the number on the back of my credit card, tell them it got into scammers hands, cancel and review recent charges.
System: Undoing damage on the computer system. If it was days ago, system restore is a great help. The forum thread on Lee Koo's first reply at the top of this discussion is a good place to go.

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Quick! install Linux

Abandon Windows.

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Just do what I do

I just say that we don't have a computer. They always hang up without any more discussion.

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can air horn

that is what those air horns that you can find in sporting goods stores are for. unwanted callers.

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That's just mean! I wouldn't do it, but I love it Devil .

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Fight mean with mean, I guess. I wish I could create a convincing "on-hold" recording that says something to the order of "Welcome to the FBI Data Center! Our agents will answer your call shortly..."

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Mean? That's just LOVELY!

I've heard (just gossip mind you) that some people who toy with them end up with subscriptions to many different magazines with subscription invoices "Just bill me later."

I ask them how the get to sleep at night , say good day and hang up.

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Police Whistle, too!

A loud police whistle (coach's whistle, boating whistle, etc.) is really earsplitting. It, too, works great!.

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Police Whistle, too!

A thunder whistle is better yet. They used to be issued to Drill Sergeants.

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or a police whistle

Any whistle will do if you haven't got an old police or ARP whistle. Blow it really hard. If they've got cans on, it will hurt.

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