Sky News using a questionable editorial data filter.

Granny is probably in the early phase of Alzheimer's. Any way, don't all 11 of the Chinese language dialects (Mandarin, Jin, Huanin, Hunanese, Gan, Shanghiaese, Cantonese, Hakka, Pinghua N. Min & Taiwanese) all use the same vocabulary and roots, more or less, for "the basics." Wouldn't "I need go potty" be the same in all 11? And how about the phrase, "Granny Quan Yin need go Home."

They understood E.T., why couldn't the Shanghiaese understand Granny Yin?

Of course, on my last trip to Shanghai the hotel room rates took my breath away. Maybe Granny Yin thought the park was a bit more affordable than the Grand Hyatt.

Granny go home, now!!!