A anti GOP,fear mongering video from the

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Reporting: A anti GOP,fear mongering video from the
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she should have fallen out of the wheelchair

AS SOON AS she got suspicious.

At least make him work to kill her.

312 viewers counting me.

311 potential voters, that'll bring 'em to their knees.

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Played by Richard Widmark?

Was he giggling?

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No baby?

No bathwater? They're slipping!

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I think the Republicans should sue.....

...for copyright infringement. After all, they used the term "the Kill Grandma bill" long before this ad was made.

I think they have a good case.

(And yes, I think the ad is in extremely bad taste so don't try to go there)

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However the Democrats have been fear-mongering for decades..

along these lines, claiming the GOP was out to kill grandma, starve the poor, etc. I remember it from the 70s.

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Let's face it

Both sides have been fear-mongering for hundreds of year (maybe thousands - I wonder what the candidates said about each other in ancient Rome?).

I read a story that I loved. People still had to pay taxes but they were given a list of programs and they could put their tax money into the programs they cared about. The aim of the story was that people had some left over and they created a new program called "Peace". I just loved the part of chosing which programs to fund. Definitely democratic.


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Agreed,they should sue or at least

raise holy hell about it.

It's one thing if you claim humor and have the Benny Hill theme playing in the background but to play America The Beautiful while depicting what is meant to be Paul Ryan commiting murder is sick.

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If the parties were reversed...

the mainstream media would be raising holy hell, for sure. So far, not a peep.

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There should be a copyright infringement due to stealing the

idea from a Peter Cook movie Whoops, Apocalypse! (198Cool, where British unemployment was solved by Conservative British Prime Minister Sir Mortimer Chris (played by Peter Cook) by having all the unemployed line up on the Cliffs of Dover where they shake hands with the Prime Minister just before he pushes them off the cliff. And they do it all with typical British sang froid, and gratitude for the attention of the upper classes. There are even people in Wheelchairs in the line. In another scene, The Prime Minister addresses the staff of a factory explaining that Unemployment was caused by Pixies, which does make as much sense as anything that the GOP have been able to come up with.


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