I have done all of the suggested fixes....and I do mean all! None of which fixed the stalling problem. I found a guy with a computer to check the diagnostics on Sunday and found the source of my nightmare...crankshaft sensor! I cringed at the thought due to it being in a spot that I can't get my hand in nor do I have the tools to get in that little space. However, the guy with the computer agreed to install if I bought the part, (sensor-$60.00, his labor $60.00). I couldn't get that lucky again if I tried! This guy worked for jeep and said that any little piece of metal or anything else getting on the sensor would make it stall randomly and had seen it many times. His first run through of the diagnostics showed everything that I had replaced still bad, I told him what had been replaced, he cleared the computer, ran it again and all that was left was the crankshaft sensor! Although it was aggrivating in the process of elimination, all of the trivial parts that I replaced was most likely due anyway and hurt nothing. The entire cost of everything will be in the neighborhood of 200-250.00 and my time. Off to the mechanic I go this morning to have him replace that sensor, hope this fixes my problem!!! Eveyone cross your fingers.......PLEASE!