93 Holden Barina won't start

Feb 11, 2018 9:53AM PST

My daughter has a 93 Holden Barina, 1.3 lt manual with about 300k on the clock, and it will start time and time again at home but as soon as she takes it for a drive then turns it off it won't start again for another 5 to 10 minutes, I just don't want to spend anymore money on this car but can't afford another one, any ideas? RACQ said it was the battery, so bought a new battery, then they said it was the alternator then the starter so they obviously have no clue, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Reporting: 93 Holden Barina won't start
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Remember, it has 300K of miles or kilometers.
Feb 11, 2018 10:58AM PST

I don't see any mention of maintenance over the years. Sometimes I see such a machine and the owner has skipped all the usual work for years. Just last year one that they had even skipping oil changes for over 20 thousand miles. It was a very sad case. It needed all the usual work before it worked right. I'm not there to check on all it could be but from carb, gas supply system to ignition you have to catch up with the work and may just fix it. There are too many reasons for this but let me cover one area that paid off more than once. Ready?

Vacuum lines. At this age these get brittle and broken. It may work or not but I like to clear that off the list since lines are cheap. I just get the box of tubing and replace what breaks when I bent the line.

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Not sure about services
Feb 11, 2018 11:27PM PST

Thank you I will try to lines, 300 kilometers. So this could be because of the carbi? I know she was having some problems with that at one stage. Couldn't tell you about previous services mainly bought it for my daughter to learn how to drive a manual and then she was going to get something newer but she has since lost her job, it wasn't meant to be a long term car but I would like it to last until she gets another job so she can buy her own car.

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That's what we see a lot.
Feb 12, 2018 8:57AM PST

The car gets older and the owner stops letting their mechanic go over the machine. The lines I noted were because of what I see on old machines. It's cheap and can be a do it yourself.

But I get the feeling you don't want to try but want a solid "this is it" answer. Sorry but without it being in the shop and even then, you usually get it fixed half the time. Annoying to many but not unusual for old machines that have been neglected.

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Clean the battery cables of scale at battery
Feb 12, 2018 8:46AM PST

Clean till only shiny lead metal is seen. Electrical resistance grows with heat, which may be why it starts at home, then after driving awhile it won't.

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No start
Feb 12, 2018 11:14AM PST

Hi, Makushla; You mentioned that it wouldn't start after a warm engine shut down (for another 5-10 mins). Does the engine crank over normally, just won't start? Or, the engine won't crank over? Starters are at their worst when hot. You can have the cranking amps tested to verify. If this is electronic ignition, could be a faulty ignition control module having to cool off. Check to see if you have spark at the spark plugs when this happens. Is this fuel injected or carbureted? Could it be flooding after shut down?
Good luck.

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