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71% of Tweets are Ignored

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Reporting: 71% of Tweets are Ignored
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I'll take an RSS feed anyday over a some twitter post

with a string of hash tags and other gibberish hieroglyphics. I don't get people who claim Twitter can become the primary source of news. RSS is simple, to the point, and gives me exactly the kind of information I'm looking for while stripping away the self-indulgent navel gazing of so much on Twitter.

I love my tech shows and podcasts but I'm not interested in being involved in all the incestuous back patting and self-promotion that goes on when most of these tech celebrities get on Twitter.

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While I never use twitter for news

Its good for discussing the news with people. And some things, power failures, disasters. It's faster and more up to date than the news. If theres a forest fire heading towards you, you'll wanna check twitter for tweets in your area.

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Lucky for me, forest fires and tornados are rare.

Otherwise Facebook is better for discussing current events and RSS is better for finding out news.

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Not quite. Trending topics is better IMO.

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So 29% arent ignored?

That's pretty good more than I expected.

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The truth?

The other 29 percent are read by those who tweeted them. "Wow, look at what I just said! That's down right profound if I do say so myself!". They make time for reading their own tweets after self-Googling, lol. I'm just joking, of course. But I'm totally with minimalist on this one.

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Knew It

Twitter hasn't really taken off as a friend/family social network. Most people haven't found their loved ones on Twitter. It remains for bloggers, celebrities, and businesses.

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Twitter is mostly full of people who want to discuss things. Like say, same reason people are on this forum. I don't know if congress is this twitter happy, but many Australian members of parliament have personal twitter accounts that they use, not just their staff. I've had arguments with politicians over twitter, without twitter you're limited to... a few people in forums.

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Shameless twittering by politicians..

You'r right, Nicholas.
Over here in The Netherlands the members of parliament were even twittering each other ( and Lord knows who else?) continually during offical debats so much it was a shameful sight and disrespecting the speaker at that moment ! As if he/she was speaking to empty chairs! Almost all 175 members were just looking at their cell phones and the only thing that moved was their thumb !
The chairlady now "politely asked" to stop the gentlemen and ladies twittering while in the plenair room of parliament. (read: "with firm words" she forbid it ! Good for her, I say!)

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Better question:

What other medium can you possibly imagine whereby a politician would be quite limited in the length of their response?! Happy

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I wonder how long before

they hand this stuff off to their staff the way e-mail gets handled? Sure, It's a nice little club right now but sooner or later the number of tweets will become overwhelming.

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They sign posts they write themselves with their initials. Posts by their staff are marked as such, that's the current convention Australian politicians are using.

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The foreign minister is a big twitter

i would leave the "ter" off the last word

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Leo would be happy Happy

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