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3D TVs: Samsung vs. LG with new updates

I think 3D technology is an interesting technology TV and I'd like to buy one but I'm quite indifferent about active vs. passive 3D TVs. I know the debate between active vs. passive is pretty hot here and on other forum sites as well... Some people say that active 3D TVs (Samsung is the most popular one I think.. I've read many negative reviews about Panasonic so it's not an option for me.) have better image quality and higher resolution while some others say that passive 3D TVs (I'm mostly looking at LG Cinema 3D—it seems like most people who like passive TV are going for LG over Toshiba or Vizio) are flicker free, crosstalk free and better in terms of the 3D glasses (battery free) . I mean, obviously different products have pros and cons but comfort and image quality are both important especially with 3D TVs. Interestingly, LG has recently made an announcement saying that they've updated the firmware and software on LG Cinema 3D series to improve the picture quality and resolution. Instead of showing 2 frames in 1/200 seconds, now LG's Cinema 3D series shows 4 frames in the same time period to create a 1080p (almost twice the resolution than before) picture. After this update, I'm kind of leaning towards LG Cinema 3D, but it's obvious that 3D technology arms race between LG and Samsung is pretty intense and I wonder what Samsung will come up with next. Right now, LG is obviously a step ahead with LG Cinema 3D being a flicker free, crosstalk free passive 3D TV that doesn't sacrifice the high image quality.

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Reporting: 3D TVs: Samsung vs. LG with new updates
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You're right about LG being a step ahead with its update on
the Cinema 3D series. I also agree with you that there's a 3D technology arms
race between LG and Samsung. The next big thing people are anticipating for is
glasses-free 3D. Samsung, however, officially stated that such technology
wouldn't be possible. But I've read somewhere on the forum that there're
already a couple glasses-free 3D TVs out in Asia (there are only a couple of
them out and they're super expensive) (Maybe Samsung meant it's impossible to
have glasses-free 3D that's also affordable to regular people?). On the other
hand, LG is being pretty positive about the development of glasses-free 3D
technology. If LG comes up with glasses-free 3D technology that's not crazy
expensive, LG will definitely be THE brand to go with even more than it is now.
I'm on the same page as you and look forward to what LG and Samsung will do
next to firm its ground.

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Thanks for the info!

The picture quality and resolution was only thing that I have been worried about LG Cinema 3D TV because people kept saying it only gives half resolution. I was going to buy it anyway though after I read several posts on Cnet and learned that LG actually displays full HD images and was certified from a European institute, VDE. Cinema 3D TV is best option for me because it has comfortable 3D glasses that is affordable, flicker free and lightweight. Now they updated the firmware and software so I get better picture quality and resolution so this is even better Happy

Collinsandrew516, Do you have any more info on how to update the firmware/software for the people who already have the TV? So those people can update theirs too.

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Very interesting post..

I heard Samsung is developing a 3D technology that is not an active. It is more likely a passive but slightly different from LG's Cinema 3D technology which utilizes polarized passive 3D technology. I think Samsung couldn't deny the advantage of passive technology because so many people have complained about Samsung (actually not just samsung's but all the manufacturers who make active sets) for the heavy and uncomfortable glasses which is also very expensive.

This "arms race" between LG and Samsung is very interesting and I am kind of excited about the competition of these two companies. I am very curious what kind of improvement on 3D technology this competition will bring. However, I have no doubt the consumers will be the greatest beneficiary.

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Glasses-free 3D

I'm curious what Samsung will come up with next to catch up with LG.
I didn't know Samsung was trying to come up with a technology similar to passive 3D TV. That sure is interesting but I'm just not sure how good that would be. LG Cinema 3D is certified flicker free and it uses original technology. On the other hand, other passive 3D TVs like Toshiba and Vizio initially borrowed from LG's technology and they're not that great.
A lot of people are anticipating for glasses-free 3D TV to come out (I heard there're already a couple out in Asia but they are very expensive and not available in regular market). While LG is being positive about the development of the technology, Samsung officially stated that such technology is impossible. If LG comes up with glasses-free 3D technology, LG will probably undefeatable in the 3D market. I agree with you that consumers will be the greatest beneficiary in this "race".

I'm not too sure about that and I've been tryin to find that out too. I'm sure you can get upgrades from LG. I'll definitely post it if I find out.

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I don't have any detailed information either such as how the Samsung will come up with their passive 3D TV or how good would it be. All I know for now is that there has been a words Samsung will team up with RealD and develop the passive technology to stand against LG and other passive TV manufacturers. I guess we will soon enough find out more about this issue so let's wait til then. However, I sort of agree that Samsung would have to put in a lot of effort to catch up on LG's certified flicker free passive technology.

I am also aware of that many TV manufacturers have been working hard for development of glasses free 3D TV from the stage of prototype to production. I don't think it is impossible, but I think it is not an easy task so I am very skeptical and I think it won't happen near in the future. Although, I have no doubt that anyone who succeed in development of glasses free 3D technology will dominate the 3D TV market.

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You kidding me right?

Samsung getting into passive this late into the game? They're wayyyyy behind. Even Sony is out ahead of them. The passive market is LG's market and they continue to impress me with every new model they release, their most recent one being the LW9800. Their firmware updates are also constantly reconfiguring the 3D algorithm to optimize performance which I'm sure active makers cannot do. They should just worry about shaving off more plastic off their glasses to keep them under 20 grams.

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