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3D TVs discontinued, what do I do now?

Hi, I am writing as I, like millions of others around the world, bought into the 3D phenomena and have a 3D TV and many 3D movies which I enjoy.

I started with an active glasses-type 3D TV but as I wore glasses this turned out to be an uncomfortable system to use (albeit better). I then went to the passive system which I currently use. My question though is what to do if my TV breaks down and cannot be repaired, as most manufacturers if not all have stopped supporting the (3D) manufacture. What avenue is left to be able to watch these movies in a big-screen format, and why are we still being offered this format if it is no longer hardware-supported? You can still buy players and recorders that will show the movie but what option today or in the near future is there going to be to continue to allow this experience to be had? Thanks!

--Submitted by Don R.

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Reporting: 3D TVs discontinued, what do I do now?
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VR headsets

Someone has already posted about PSVR. I've never tried it, but all reviews I've read suggest that Oculus Rift is better (if your PC has the specs to run it). It's not easy for a technophobe to get working, but I'm no technophobe. I am able to watch 3D Blue Rays on my PC, as well as downloaded video files that are 3d. I must say that watching a 3D movie through the Rift is AMAZING! VR isn't going anywhere, so you won't have to worry about a way to watch.
Also, there are usually people selling parts on
Amazon. Assuming you didn't break the LCD/Glass/Whatever, changing the main board out will usually get a TV up and running again. My 3D Sony got fried once and I just Googled the model number and "parts" or "mainboard" or something to that effect. Cost me less than $70 to get the part, and it was a piece of cake to swap out.

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Still buying 3D movies at home

3D is still huge. I still make my way to the theatre for the big movies and invariably see them in 3D. I like them for the depth, not the screen-pop-outs. And I love my 3D Sony projector with my 120" screen and have learned it's not too hard to find content - if you're willing to look for it. Most of the big blockbusters (Disney/Marvel/etc.) are still releasing these movies in 3D blu-ray, but just not in the US. Luckily these blu-rays are region-free so I still get the films I want. Biggest issue with 3D is the active glasses. My wife refuses to wear them (too heavy, hurts her face, headaches, etc.) so I'm usually watching alone. When a projector comes out that offers passive 3D for a decent price, I'm there and I bet the format will be even bigger.

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You will be stuck with a system no longer supported but...

What you need to remember is that when it comes to new technology, you will have to wait to see the potential future of the product.

If you want to know what will happen look at these previous people.
HD-DVD's, Mini Discs, Laser Disc, Betamax, Atari ST, Microsoft Zune, BeOS plus many more. When the tech died on all of these products, there was no sympathy in where am I going to get support from. All the Blu-Rays that you invested in will be the last of what your system will see.

You made a potential investment, the masses didn't want it and they are finally phasing it out. It sucks but that is usually what happens. Now if you would still like to push the tech you can purchase the TV's when they go on sale since they will eventually try to get rid of their inventory on them.

What you do now is pay attention before pouring a lot of money into a tech product. 8K TV's yet not one supports it, no one is really streaming it yet its products like this that you don't purchase. Wait until it becomes a standard then jump on it. 4K has been out for some time yet it is only until recently that the internet speeds to support 4k downloading was recently introduced. Certain companies are supporting it but that is mostly for metropolitan areas. High speed downloading hasn't been pushed in all areas so how can TV companies support it if they are not all in.

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3d streaming?

How about 3d streaming service? Do you know if any streaming service that support 3d?

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3D streaming.

PlayStation Store used to allow 3D streaming on the PS3 on some titles. Also YouTube on some videos. Not sure about movies on YouTube though.

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3D Over 4K , EVERYDAY !!!!!

I Had Two 3D ( Both LG )TV's And ONE 4K ! I DOZENS of 4K Movies & Nearly 100, 3D Movies And the 3D LOOKS Much Better !!!!!

I LUV How RICH And DEEP the COLORS are in 3D MOVIES ( MOST My 3D Movies, are from AMZ. UK & Deep Disc. ) And the OVERALL Video Quality !!!

BETTER ????? 3D Is AWESOME And Has LOTS Of SUPPORT !!! I KNOW, Many Continue to BUY 3D Movies

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I prefer 3D

Same thoughts here. I have a Sony 3D tv from a few years ago. It's a 4k without HDR but it's pretty decent. I was thinking about upgrading soon and noticed no one is making 3D tvs anymore. What a shame. I have multiple movies in 3D and prefer it over UHD. I still buy every movie I like with a 3D option if it's available. I recently purchased Alita: Battle Angel and it looks spectacular in 3D. I think many people get turned off by bad 3D that many times in theaters doesn't look as good as on home displays. Friends of mine were shocked when they tried it out on my tv because they had bad blurry experiences in the theater. I wish companies wouldn't give up on it and make 3D a default option on all tvs. I don't think it costs much extra to add it in the technology. Lets keep letting the companies know what we want and hopefully someone will care enough to give us this experience we prefer.

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