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3D TVs discontinued, what do I do now?

Jun 7, 2019 3:59PM PDT

Hi, I am writing as I, like millions of others around the world, bought into the 3D phenomena and have a 3D TV and many 3D movies which I enjoy.

I started with an active glasses-type 3D TV but as I wore glasses this turned out to be an uncomfortable system to use (albeit better). I then went to the passive system which I currently use. My question though is what to do if my TV breaks down and cannot be repaired, as most manufacturers if not all have stopped supporting the (3D) manufacture. What avenue is left to be able to watch these movies in a big-screen format, and why are we still being offered this format if it is no longer hardware-supported? You can still buy players and recorders that will show the movie but what option today or in the near future is there going to be to continue to allow this experience to be had? Thanks!

--Submitted by Don R.

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just like users who got stuck with betamax
Jun 7, 2019 4:14PM PDT

didn't the dvds that had 3d movies also included regular movie formats? as far as repair, it is difficult to repair a regular smarttv these days or even find someone locally to do it so it would be near impossible to find someone for a 3d one. it is usually cheaper just to get a new one.

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2D glasses for sale Cheap.
Jun 7, 2019 4:59PM PDT

Any takers?

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That's the issue...
Jun 14, 2019 10:00AM PDT

He can get a new one, but 3D TVs are harder to get as each year passes. Probably some old stock sitting around but most manufacturer have stopped producing them for a few years already. I saw a couple of Amazon, but slim pickings if any. Sad

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I have 2 models available
Jan 25, 2020 10:16AM PST

Brand new in the box. Will be available to ship out around the 2/16/20
3D sets

OLED65G6P & 65EF9500

Will be in stock around 2/16

contact for details

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Still available?
Feb 13, 2020 4:59PM PST
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3d tv
Feb 19, 2020 3:14PM PST

Just wondering if these TVs were still available? Thanks.

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2 Models available
Apr 26, 2020 4:50AM PDT

I believe I saw you mentioned you had 2 3D tv’s for sale.

Can you email me more info me what price your looking to sell them ? You where waiting till February or March I believe .

Thank You, stay happy & healthy.

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2 models available
May 8, 2020 12:52AM PDT

Do you have those models available still?

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Jun 8, 2019 12:24AM PDT

I am in the same situation - but that doesn't help either of us! However, I seem to remember that, many years ago, I heard or read that 3D TV was based on 2 streams, L+R, rather like stereo music. As a result, the L stream can be isolated and played in an equivalent of 'mono', ie: 2D. How do you do that? I suppose it depends on your TV's make and some hard-to-find, deep-in-the-menu item. If anyone else can help point the way ... ? (My main TV is LG's last, very expensive in the day, OLED passive 3D, but in another room I have a smaller, other make active 3D, so, if anyone knows ...).

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check your tv settings
Jun 8, 2019 12:43AM PDT

I read that all 3d tvs can be used as 2d. might want to check your tv manual.

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Button on remote?
Jun 14, 2019 8:42PM PDT

Samsung's have a button on the remote, which may be unique. It converts 3d content to 2d, as well as tries to do the reverse, and does a decent job of it on the fly.

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Aug 30, 2019 5:47AM PDT

But then it's not 3D anymore.

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3D Projectors are an option
Jun 8, 2019 2:46AM PDT

I have had the same experience when my LG OLED 3D panel had to be replaced and there was no 3D panel available. I have had a couple of demo's of mid-range 3D projectors from Optima but I think the picture quality was poor when compared with the OLED and you would have to spend a lot of money to get anywhere close to the picture quality. I have even considered the option of the VR headsets that are available but only 1 person can view the movie at a time.
So until someone can develop a system where 2 or more headsets can be linked up from a single source, all us 3D fans will be left with the 2D discs which have accompanied the 3D discs.

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Live Long and Prosper
Jun 8, 2019 6:52AM PDT

First off, the expected service life of most TV brands is longer than pretty much any other electronic device you might own, so while the "What will I do if it breaks down" question may be a concern, it isn't much of a concern because your current set will probably enjoy a long life.

Secondly, every 3D movie I own came with a 2D version included, so while the 3D effect may be lost the content will still be viewable.

Third, 3D is a fad that goes in and out of fashion. It is currently out of fashion, but within the life of your current set it is quite possible that it will come back in vogue and your problem will solve itself. When (not "if") they figure out a way to provide a credible 3D effect without those clunky glasses, it will come back with a vengeance and players will be able to decode existing 3D formats suitably for whatever display makes that possible.

I love the scene in "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" in 3D when they are dealing with Beorn's bees, and also the scene when Bilbo and the dwarves escaped from the Elvenking's dungeons and are careening down the river.

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3D Movies are in demand
Jun 8, 2019 11:04AM PDT

It seems that the lull in 3D TV's does not exist with the Movie studios, and we know that the studios always look for the extra buck and pin their hopes that once the 3D movie goes to dvd's. They keep making those video game movies in 3D. who is going to buy them, if 3D tv's aren't made anymore?

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the people who still own 3D TVs like Ron
Jun 14, 2019 4:39PM PDT

They still make them but probably very few. Sad

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Be patient I am told
Jun 14, 2019 5:46PM PDT

I am friendly with a top level manager who works for one of the major change that handles all brands. He stated that 3-D comes and goes in stages or increments of five years, give or take a few. It’s been phased out before and brought back. Poor marketing by charging so much for glasses doomed the platform. There is a petition on the web to ask the big players to support the platform again and suggest you seek it out and sign your name. It’s a shame bc the passive glasses are fairly inexpensive and work far better than active glasses. The studios continue to support it with discs as they are inexpensive to make and command a higher shelf price due to the premium experience. And iMax continues to support it even though - and you may not like this - most people don’t care one way or another about 3-D, BUT close to 20% of the viewing public is averse to the platform and experience dizziness or headache upon viewing.

I have not found a single manufacturer who has built out a 3-D television since late 2016. LG and Sony, are you listening? The ONLY reason I am not spending 3K + or even up to 5K for a new set that would upgrade me to DolbyVision and better picture processing is bc I don’t want to give up my 3-D OLED! And I won’t until it dies. But if the TV makers only provided a set to support 3D, they’d sell thousands more!

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From Your Mouth . . .
Jun 14, 2019 5:58PM PDT

Nice to know there's a possibility it'll re-emerge.
I KNOW most 3-D disks can be viewed in standard 2-D. However, I'm a sucker for old movies shot in 3-D and was delighted to be able to acquire and watch these titles "as shot." I have no interest in trying to convert standard 2-D content to fake 3-D--I just want to watch my BRDs in 3-D.

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3D films
Jun 14, 2019 7:29PM PDT

In the early 1950's, (yes, I have lived tht long!) , 3D films made their appearance at the cinema. The consensus of opinion was that they were a great improvement on the existing film experience but having to wear 3D glasses to watch them was too uncomfortable and the populace would have to wait until the problem of wearing of 3D glasses was solved. 3D films again made their appearance some ten years ago and again the consensus was the same. The more things change, the more they remain the same!

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3D films
Jun 14, 2019 7:41PM PDT

On a slightly different note. In the early 1980's, I bought a Commodore computer. As there were no programs available for my speciality, I wrote my own in BASIC. In the following years, through the many iterations of DOS and Windows, I continued to use these programs in BASIC on a daily basis. i am still using them today on a daily basis running Win 32 bit.

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Aug 30, 2019 5:51AM PDT

Changhong still makes 3D tv.

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3D dizziness
May 28, 2020 3:39PM PDT

I was intruiged by your statement about some people experiencing diziness with 3D... when we bought our set several years ago, we found the Panasonic TV made us feel dizzy, the picture was very jumpy ... but the LG was perfect, so that's what we went with. We dread the day it dies on us, as we love 3D! Avatar is one of our favourites. Yes, the glasses can be awkward if you wear glasses (we do) but it's not that bad. I do hope it makes a comeback.

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Jul 31, 2020 12:19PM PDT

My daughter wears glasses and as we have passive 3D is was able to get clip-ons which look like the sunglasses for spectacle wearers.

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distinguishing availability;viability.
Nov 22, 2020 2:44PM PST

re content still being watchable;some background/context.
Watching a 3d movie is not like watching one in 2d.,it will watch as if another,but also won't!.,the experience IS that different!..which is why,imo understandably,folk are curious about panel/tv replacement.
i think it is mainly folk who haven't taken to the in-home 3d format who say about the formats all-round clunkiness.Am not going to even attempt to persuade here in this thread.,as the format really has to be seen to be believed-I as u may've gathered am a believer!
..while i appreciate ur comment was supportive, ..prosper, think u have whitewashed the intent of the original post-like saying jam is jam regardless of the flavour.,that even the teeth rot equal- BUT key is the flavour of the particular rot.,the industry should take note that all jam is NOT jam:0)
..basically thinking out a-loud here in this thread, looking for available 3d brands myself..sharing the sentiment in the original posting.Am frustrated by those who say the movies can still be watched!
The industry has left 'us' in a mess.,getting those who did.,hooked!!.,potentially without supply!!! ..arghhh. The 3d format really that unique an experience..outweighing any agro caused by clunky glasses.,where u,'live long and prosper',got ''credible'' from is beyond me..the lower jaw drops & the eyes remain wide open without blinking for minutes at a time when immersed in a movie which has been authored correctly, imo, not to be sniggered! But like i said earlier..i won't try to persuade;0)
About fads in fashion.,we have the Avatar sequels on the horizon..I giggle!.,will THEY initiate resurgence?.. is the intent of them purely for 'bums-on-seats' purposes & that alone??(..surely these sequels won't suddenly force manufacturers to re-open their factory's?.. or will they?) Would James Cameron be happy for there NOT to be a 3d bd release for them?( can a disc be released commercially if there are no new tv's/panels?) With the current trend of streaming totally destroying disc sales unable to see ANYTHING forcing the manufacturer's hand.,yet anticipate Cameron wanting his sequels seen in 3d.,4k/UHD or no 4k/UHD!
..those scenes/segments u mention from, ..Smaug, prove the point of 3d's uniqueness,yes-agreed, but can ONLY assume u, ..prosper, never paid for ur 3d set-up! (clunky,credible etc) ~DISCUSS~

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Movie studios want the 3D experience only in theaters?
Jun 14, 2019 5:45PM PDT

Maybe there's a back room reason 3D is disappearing as a consumer option for home theaters...It's just a theory but possibly they want to keep movie goers coming back to the Cinemas for something they can't get at home. Like those massaging chairs and movie popcorn! Grin

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Theaters May Be A Problem...
May 28, 2020 3:43PM PDT

With Covid19 on the loose, I'm not sure confining anything to theaters is a good idea... can't see me going to one anytime soon, maybe never again if it can't be eradicated.... and I bet I'm not alone.

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It likely died out because people did not see any value!
Jun 14, 2019 5:46PM PDT

I never had a 3D set, but did buy into Laser discs when they were out and had the player. I have had one bad eye for the past 10 years and would not have gotten any value out of it. I have had a big screen TV since 1999. My first one was 55 inches with a CRT, my second was 70 inches with a DLP system. My third which I am still using is a 65 inch curved screen Samsung Smart TV. Love this one since it is really easy to connect to streaming services and have dropped Direct TV and do not have any cable service and just have Netflix and You Tube Premium and that gives my all I could want. When I was 10 years old back in 1943, we didn't have any TV at all. We got a TV a couple of years later and we didn't have any TV services. Only OTA channels. Since then I have gone through quite a few cable services and about 4 years ago switched to Direct TV which I had for 2 years and then dropped them about 2 years ago, and now I am back to OTA service with the 2 streaming services. I will never go back to Cable TV. since I spend about $100 a month for Cox internet and the 2 streaming services cost about $25 a month total. I live alone so that was an easy decision.

My Interest in 3D TV was pretty short lived as was my interest in buying a 4K  TV Player. I have never been money constrained in buying electronic equipment since I have been single for 34 years. I do have an A/V amplifier for better quality sound and I bought a DVD Player which I don't use very often anymore due to You Tube Streaming.

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Jun 14, 2019 6:33PM PDT

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Jun 15, 2019 8:03AM PDT

I go a bit further...i post, troll and etc and etc and i am 90 1/ you hope, doesn't it? LOL

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For some reason I think this would be nice to share here.
Jun 15, 2019 8:24AM PDT