and any camcorder can do a fine job. SInce product reviews are more staged than many other video capture events, use some of your budget for lighting. Learn about "three point lighting"

and use the camcorder's white balance.

Also, be sure your computer and video editing software you decide to use can deal with the high compression AVCHD (MTS, TOD) files created by consumer-grade camcorder. Many times the computer hardware is underpowered resulting in the software being a frustrating experience. Even if you plan "only a little editing" like titles and a couple of cuts, that is still editing. AFter editing, the video file will be rendered to a file YouTube can deal with. This render step can take a frustratingly long time if the computer is underpowered.

You will also want a tripod or some other steadying device. Personally, I would suggest something in the Canon HF M range. The manual audio control is better and the lenses are bigger. You will probably also want some sort of external mic (attaches to the 1/8" (3.5mm) mic jack. Audio Technica make some decent consumer-grade mics.