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3 PCs sharing, one keeps asking for a password

by crdiscoverer / January 25, 2006 10:31 PM PST

I had two pcs (Win XP Professional SP2) connected through a hub, with file and printer sharing enabled, then I recently added a laptop (same OS) and enabled sharing, but it keeps asking for a password when trying to access it from any of the other pcs (from the laptop, the network is working fine). I usually get around this by enabling simple file sharing, or activating the guest account for networking, but nothing seems to work with this laptop, and I have no idea what to use as a password because the user account is not password protected. I need direct access as with the other two pcs. ''Server'' and all other networking related services are active, also I've disabled the firewalls in all 3 pcs. I don't know, I'm out of ideas... help please.

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by Darton Fury / January 26, 2006 3:50 AM PST

Create the same user account and password on all computers.

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Home network asks for guest account password - solution
by belucey / June 6, 2006 7:17 AM PDT

I know this post is a few months old now, but just in case there are others with the same problem as this and are using all their Google searching skills like nothing else, here is a probable solution.

First of all - DO make sure all the PCs on the home network are on the same workgroup. (Right click My Computer - Properties - Computer Name - Change.)

Second - change any firewall settings (windows and/or anti-virus) that are blocking any file sharing.

If this doesn't work type in "net user guest" into command prompt. If it shows that the password has expired, the following should solve the problem:

Thirdly - and the end to weeks of my own problems - (Start- Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Local users and Group (from Left Hand Column) - Double click Users - Right Click Guest - Properties - and make sure that the "Password never expires" box is checked and the "Account is disabled" is unchecked.

Hope this Helps.

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Try this here
by slick62 / June 6, 2006 7:23 AM PDT

Get the laptop and Click Start/ Run and type "control userpasswords2" without quotes. Unckeck Users must type a password to login in this computer. Make sure to select the Username you wnat this option to be applied. Type the password when prompt or leave it empty if no passwrd is set for that account and click OK.

Restart the laptop and now you should be able to get into it from the network without enering any password at all...

Hope this help

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Cscript echo:"SCHOOL IS IN SESSION."_ "& _.NETworking 101."
by ask4anu / June 6, 2006 2:05 PM PDT

if you are NOT BEHIND A ROUTER (with hardware firewall)EXAMPLE (linksys befsx41) (only cisco name routers are better) (LINKSYS WAS SMaRT AND JUMPED on cisco's coatails for a trouble free NETWORING time)PARTS AND TECH USED there are other manufactures u can use to to help lower price and i do not recommed anything say BELKIN in my opinion CISCO is the best But will pay for the best as well but LINKSYS is a low price solution to which you can still get CISCO tech INSIDE for under one bill.I_AM_THINKING_WIERLESS_OR_WIRED depending on your computer set up arrangement EXP LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION (3 pcs)HEY LISTEN TO ME YOUNG GUYs OR GALs WHEN I AM TALKING TO U ABOUT SERIOUS MATTERS frist and foremost you didnt even say what kind of connection you have your TROUBLED NETWORK hook to CABLE\DSL as /\Y/\ would i ask that becuse the wrong mistake here can cost you your network protection performance security who is in control of your network there ARE 7 LAYERS TO INTERNET SECURITY and if you are turning on A MICROSOFT FILE AND PRINTER SHARING NETWORK your STUFF BETTER BE LOCKED UP TIGHTER THEN FORT KNOX As if it was the last MONEY on EARTH and if you do not know how to do this PROPERLEY you may as well CALL HACK UP AND SAY OK BRO ITs ON and ITs YOURS PLEASE MAY I USE MY OWN NETWORK THAT U NOW OWN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Cscript echo:".Mr.HACK.MY.NEW "&.MASTER" Wscript echo: TEACHERS TIP you can go to http:\\ for teaching aid at site set back and watch JAVA in all its scripting GLORY At how to HOOK UP A WIRED or WIRLESS NETWORK i my self have watched it 22 times just because it is good scripting) class passes go!!!! you get no money WA WA WA WAaaaaaaaaa:( hey u did get knowledge.....a linksys router with built in HARDWARE (means there is a chip built into the router just for firewall so that it MAY NOT BE COAXED INTO A WAIT STATE _just long enough for hack to WORM HIS WAY IN SOFTWARE firewall ON XP OS (basicily they trick the software firewall into making it think it is still running WHEN IN FACT hack just OPENED UP A SLICK WHOLE in your weak software BECAUE YOUR CPU CAN BE MINIPULATED into to thinking that the firewall(SOFTWARE) is running smoothly UNLESS U HAVE A DEDICATED CHIP(HARDWARE FIREWALLL) and the only other thing that i am at LIBERTY to tell you BEFORE I HAVE TO SEND THE GEEK SQUAD AFTER YOU (TRUST ME IT AINT A PRETTY SITE TO SEE ALL THOSE NERDS ROLL OUT OF ONE LITTLE VW LIKE CIRCUS CLOWNS AND STORM TROOP YOUR HOUSE with NOTEBOOKS and POCKET PROTECTORS and THIS WEIRD JIBBERISH LANGUAGE (WERE THEY TALKING IN BINARY)??????any how you get the idea THEN OUT OF ALL THAT GOING ON your WALLET HOLLERS RAPEEEEEEEEEEEE one of my freinds spent $300 just for them to low level FORMAT HIS FREAKING PC FROM A VIRUS and when he found out what all i knew he was pissed LOL a router ($100)maybe a little higher where you live or lower(each computer will require a nic card built in or add in most pc have them now for about 3-5 years some sooner then that TURN SHARING OFF ON ALL PCs AND DONT TURN IT BACK ON TILL YOU GET ONE as someone has accessed your network U know HOW now I know all that just from reading the forms that yall have written y in fact the 2 replies where close nice try guys yall are headed in the right direction I kNOW What you are waiting for well go pee and get you a drink smoke i cig if ya gotum or even use them because yall all have some reading to do WINDOWS XP IS A VERY COMPLEX PC OS KERNELL and you have to know all the right ways and wrong ways that you can SCREWUP in setting up the MICROSOFT KERNELL 32 bit SCREAMING DATA CRUNCHING INTERUPPT PASSING HALT GO GET PUT SET get the idea I AM ABOUT TO ENBARK you on why this could even fill up a whole networked form SERVER that you COULD BE RUNNING RIGHT NOW AND NOT KNOW IT ON YOUR NETWORK EVERY ISP ON THE NET SWEARS TO GOD THAT THERE NETWORK is the MOST SECURE ISP ON THE INTERNET WELL IN FACT I THINK THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WOULD say NOT if you play games you have already done half the hackers work for him \ her BUY CONNECTING TO THERE SERVER\SERVERS\BOTS\COMPROMIZED COMPUTERS\ if you are not s.e.c.u.r.=(e)and well guys i can tell neither 3 of you have KNOWLEDGE of MICROSOFT SECURITY BECUASE YOU WERE well i am sorry guys OFF IN LEFT FEILD LOOKING FOR THE BALL IT WAS A HOME RUN GRAND SLAM AND AND SCORE IS HACKER 1 UNSECURED NETWORK 0 Cscript echo :"10 seconds i can hack your network with a an 8 lined SCRIPT PULLING DOWN ALL KINDS OF INFO YOU DIDNT EVEN KNEW EXISTED about any DATA U HAVE SAVE ON YOUR COMPRIMISED PC."(INCLUDING any and all websites you have visted PORN INCLUDED)providing all the right conditions are in order MY SCRIPINTING ABILITY YOUR WEAK SECURITY AND YOU NOT KNOWING THAT WHEN connect to the A server internet,gaming ,ftp ,tftp, sql ,APACHE, LINUX, MICROSOFT 2000, microsoft SERVER PLATFORM, TERMINAL SERVICES CLEINT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS that if you dont have COM,\\ROOT\CIMV2 and good ole DCOM SECURED TCP\IP is a part of this as well but TO THINK HOW A COMPUTER USE,s PORTALS to talk over the internet then we would know (a)that if we closed all them portals up(FIREWALL OF HARDWARE or SOFTWARE)WE WOULD INFACT BE SHUTING OUR PC,s FROM THE NET and then the WHOLE INTERNET CONCEPT would be CRAP RIGHT ( BECUSE NO OPEN PORTS NO COOKIES FOR U MISTER OR MISS GETTING A LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING AT THIS SECURITY THING)_(I HOPE) or all this wiriting i have DONE so far is JUST GOING THUR ONE EAR OUT THE OTHER WITH A LIGHT SUMMER BREEZE BLOWING THRU the two better be wide open spaces for what used to be were your brain was before i tried to over load it WITH INFO if you really thought about it for a second (hey hes hes hes PING FLOODING MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW AND MY UNDERSTANDING RESPONDER IS JAMING UP no stop stop stop there for we we only close off the ones we arent using Wscript echo:"TEACHER TIP" _"&BET CLASS IS PAYING ATTENTION NOW" you pass go you colllected (KNOWLEDGE)+ (A GET OUT OFF MY SYSTEM U BIG GEEKY NERD FREE CARD)ARE U WANTING IT ALL RIGHT NOW CLASS(lol)ok ok ok DO I SMELL BURNING BRAINS EEEEEK!!!(CALL 911!!!!!)one of my STUDENTS just spontainousily COMBUSTED FROM INFORMATION OVERLOAD just hose him off and prop him back up in his seat he may be dead( AND A LITTLE CRISPY) but he wont want to miss this at all so i bet i have said some thing that made you SAY W00T well just how do i do all those you have been going on an on an on an on an on about HERE IT COMES CLASS
do a search for the rest of my replies to people here in the fourms and you will learn the LATEST IN XP SECURITY and guess what my brain is as big as microsoft technet SERVERS (HMMMM)theres that server word again and there are subject you guys havent even THOUGHT ABOUT ASKING YET as for securing XP NETWORKING BROS IT ALL STARTS WITH (SAFEMODE)one word HAS ALL THAT POWER TO STOP A NOOB IN HIS TRACKS WHERE HE BECOME .m.r.h.a.***.c.k (NOTICE HOW TINY HIS LETTERS ARE)CAUSE HES GETTING SMALLER how did that noob i was hacking yesterday LOCK ME OUT TODAY AND *** WHY WONT MY SPECIAL CRAFTED SCRIPT GET BACK IN ON HIS STILL WEAK COMPUTER(NETWORKED)(computers)use MY COMPUTER RIGHT CLICK PROPERTY on THE SHARED NETWORK FOLDER FOR MACHINE YOU ARE ON (NOT THE CONNECTION FROM ANY OTHER MACHINE (THE CLIENT) because when you turn on F&P\\SHARE\MYNETWORK you did not know about this new stuff omg THIS GUY IS RIGHT ALL MY SETTINGS ARE set for a hackers ease of entry (if your was samrt enough to PASSWORD SECURE YOUR USER ACCOUNT AND ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS U HAVE CREATED AND IN SAFEMODE USE A BIG LONG PASSWORD on hey WHAT IS THAT ADMIN ACCOUNT you may be ask IN SAFEMODE well that is the deualt ADMIN ACCOUNT IF IT HAS BEEN COMPRIMISED A EVEN NEWBIE HACKER KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT ACCOUNT AND HOW TO ACCESS IT USING SCRIPTS while you are FIRING AWAY AT THAT GUY YOU CAN NEVER QUITE KILL CAUSE HE ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE RUNNING FASTER THEN EVERYBODY ELSE I WHISH I KILL THAT GUY JUST ONCE ONLINE (well guys there was in fact ME BECAUSE MY NETWORKED MACHINES ARE SECURE AND I USE HARDWARE(MAIN)security protects the outside isp world from my INSIDE NODE that i have set up tucks away my isp address collecting FROM THE WAN(WIDE AREA NETWORK) to distribute it to my NETWORK (LAN)LOCAL AREA NET WORK( WATCH THE DAM MOVIE AT LINKSYS (MOVIE ITs SO MUCH BETTER THE my ENDLESS TEXT) as it has the ability to SHOW U TO KNOW U TO FLOW U ON A NETWORK OF DATA MOVING SPEED (HEYYYYYYY MY INTERNET SEEMS TO RUN WAY FASTER NOW YEAHHHHH!!!!!! OMG 100MBPS @less then 2 minutes more like 45 - 50 secs IN REALTIME what it will go {at<=@} I AM HERE 100 MBPS (@) ?(NOT)that stupid hackers love to prey PHISH what ever you NOOBS CALL IT {for now} FULL DUPLEX is a word that means your nic card is running in a mode it {"Is->Jr."} IT thinking NOW!!!!!! sending and Receiving signal at the same time meaning = DATA FLOWS BOTH WAYS AT THE SAME TIME thus GIVEN YOUR CARD SPEED 100{{{X}}}\10tbase 100tbase tbase = there PARENT NAMES which hold such things such as suffix ,subnet {might even tie to you DHCP lease} i will have to look in CIM{you have to learn it to ANOTHER DAY too (INFORMATION OVERLOAD) } (10 = HALF DUPLEX MODE only sending signal in one direction at a time one after the other and may be your ticket to running better dsl (could decrease too) but for cable you want FULL and what the heck try it for dsl anyway did i mention there ARE ROUTERS FOR DSL TOO if you u look at it from a programers point of veiw what was assigned buy the standard {{RFc1213_MIB}}admin stuff really neat tell you all about your *NEW TOY * known as a *ROUTER* kinda tool to a *BE BIG BROTHER FOR YOUR NETWORK* {later DATE}guys and gals you can do searches at technet to find out more on your own buy the way did i mention you as for putting your nic card in full duplex EASY start\control panel\networking\right click properities\then look for any setting and if you can afford the router it will #1 DEFFENSIVE FORCE AT SECURITY for your network SAEE AS NOW if you dont have these tools needed for REALTIME NETWORKING see i will bet already you have learned new things about microsoft SECURITY and so much more i just cant type for now when you set permissions for accounts there will be unkown accounts in there they are defualt account that you created PLAY MY FREINDS SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO you can add accounts take away accounts EVERYONE ACCOUNT MUST STAY IN ORDER FOR and also on the frist page change that 10 down to 1 for each of your computers and at the very least default everyone accounts TO just read only file PERMISSIONS ONLY what this will do is lock out the f&P SHARING acconut to any and all users but your 3 pcs now you have to do a Right little tricky in order to copy files to all computer open the documents folders for all three computers AND MR 3 pc's networking guy you need toDO ALL 3 pc's with what your learned fron here at the same time THATS WERE WMI AND SCRIPTS COME IN VERY HANDY GOOD THING ADMIN ALL PCS because buy now the remote reg keys are gone you will no longer be able to remote connect any of your pcs to one another this is better broke and unuseable as it is useable you dont need it you can just go from pc to pc to admin things F&Psharing to work properily why you could even format your pc and really make sure hack is out THEN U securing xp before you go ONLINE also turn off terminal services if you dont know UNIX you dont need TERMINAL SERVICES if you dont want your CIM to show turn OFF WMI then go to contorl panel \admin tool\services and applications\SERVICES to turn off terminal service and why you are there go ahead for now and turn off WMI we will comback to this this at a latter date and teach you more about CIMV and how WMI is A TOOL for ADMIN OF YOUR PC and before you go out of safemode make sure you go into ADMIN account if there is a password there and you didnt put it there BAD BAD BAD BAD NEWS if not you may be alright then you make sure you password that sucker with the longest hardest password EVER i think is 22 chars long is maxiumum before you would run the numbers into what is known as a overbuffer of data you have used in your life do this in control panel users and make sure you click make these files and folders PRIVATE the will slow hack down to crawling pace providing you have not already been breached HACKER WIL ONCE THEY PULL your info get back and the frist place they go for is the REMOTE REG KEY other wise known as SECURE PIPE SERVER where they will began to disperse BACK DOOR AFTER BACK DOOR AFTER BACK DOOR till there are so many back doors you will never find them all cause they hide them deep in the registry got and search remote reg hack fallow instructions go on now guys and girls you can do it now back to CONTROLpanel\ADMIN TOOLS\now this time we go into computer managementBUY NOW YOU SHOULD BE OUT OF SAFE MODE AND BACK AT YOUR DESK TOP for this procedure in your user account now make sure you password it and make it private too THIS HAS NO EFFECT ON ANY NETSHRE ACCOUNTs the everyone account go in to last thing you have to go into networkplace (if that icon is not on in programs bar easy fix right click tool bars choose propertys chose start menus\customize\ advanced\tick network place you will see it now back to MY NETWORK PLACES if you open that folder to your computer in there you can copy and write and what you want but you wont be able to write any file to any of the other computers you can only ctrl c and ctrl v files in an out of the folders to put a file on 2nd machine you frist put in your doc folder in the folder with no network thing under neath and go look on your other machine and folder that is the one with no network symbol under neath it now go look on 2nd pc you should see the file you put in your folder on your pc now on 2nd pc notice you can not do nothing with this file on 2nd pc as you can only read the permissons we set up but teacher tip you can ctrl c ctrl v to any palce on 2nd pc you want which is a secure way to use f&p sharingif for any reason you have troubles connect to any pc CHANGE THE NETWORK NAME of you DOMAIN frist safty caution then go backinto safemode ad sett wehere you changeds from 10 to 1 and use 3 on all comouters change network names on all computers to match NETWORK NAME what ever you want under 15 chars teh nreboot and try node again HINT id you use safemode with networking it is much easier to trouble shoot as all pc's will have that network connection and you can test everything before you reboot to desktop enviroment you will learn to love networking cause well it makes you feel LEET = L33T 133t speak if you do not like the crtl c crtl v file passing method you can always give back write permissions to everyone wee will go into account when you are comfy with what you have learned here but do not change to full control dangerous being HEY DAMIT i am going to whoop this PC after all that you should feel for you user enviroment paly paly paly make one change at a time in safemodenetworking then test it out right there in sfe modentwrkingyou will find things become more easy after you do them for a while there many accounts there to play with while i DENIED PERMISSIONS FOR MOST OF THEM and you can even change the account buy unticking dont inherrit parent permissions and then changeing the account to the admin sigle acconut one with 2 heads is meaning more the one the single means only one admin U make sure any and all admin acconut maintain FULL CONTROL status now YOU CRUNCH ON THAT INFO FOR A DAY I WILL BE BACK YOU NOW KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME and read all my replies too everyone LOTs OF LUCK NETWORKING my arms are so tired i have been here over 24 hours typing help for people BREAK TIME hope all that helped have fun

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by ask4anu / June 7, 2006 4:23 AM PDT

I WAS SO SLEEPY WHEN I WROTE THAT REPLY i had been up at cnet writing help text for over 28 hours solid so if at any where i lost you in that reply post a question about it and i will try again i will be putting my info on my web site so i can give you gives a link that will (A)help me not to have to write give me spell check as well(sorry about mispelled words)
(b) be a better all around way to do things please for give my tired self i have read and i see where i may have lost some of you so SORRY

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